Thursday, June 26, 2008

When ya coming home?

Hey ya'all,
Sam and I are back from the Hi Des house... I know you missed us huh?  Kameron missed us for sure!  Tuesday after he got home from school we got a call...
"Hey where are you guys?"
"We are at the high desert house"
"Oh... Nobody told me you were going up there"
"You didn't get the memo?  Maybe you should attend family meetings more often!"
"Ha Ha... when you coming back?"
"When we do..."
"No really, when are you coming home?"
"why you throwing a party?"
Sam hung up laughing...
"I thought we were supposed to be looking for the kids asking when THEY are coming home... not the other way around!"


ktchu9 said...

Damn it i missed it by 2 days!........thats if we go watch my son race dune buggies on saturda...... then sunday come back our way and watch my grandeson Corey race in Lake Elsinore...........or as the locals call it "Lake Smell Somemore" and it has that for obvious reasons!!!!!!!!!! But know you had go leave today........but thats ok we might still see each other...........yeah never know about me!...........Aww poor Kami was he missing his mommy??????

Love you and hope to see you this w/e!

Glam Pam

queeniemart said...

Well, did you two have wild old people sex since everyone had left? Do it on the doggy beds.
I think Kam missed you two! Gi Gi is such a cutie....XOOX

imgr8phil said...

You are always missed.  Welcome back to J-land.  Have a great weekend.