Friday, June 13, 2008

Sex in the City in MY City...

First I have to say... if I didn't know I live in Gay-ville California... I would have quickly realized it at the movie Sex in the City! 

Gram Pam and I counted 4 male couples in the theatre... Not young guys either... guys in their 50's and 60's...+

Now that may not seem like a lot to you... but considering it was 1pm on a Friday afternoon wouldn't you say that was a lot?

Could have been a bunch of Gay woman too but how can you really tell that? 


I am so happy Sam didn't go... He would have hated that movie... Its a chick flick for sure!

I knew that... so when Gram Pam came down I thought 'Cool someone to go with!' but instead of just saying "See ya Honey, Me and Gram Pam are going to the movies" I did it like this...

"Honey, I want to go see that movie Sex in the City"

Sam groans "I am NOT going to that movie, why don't you go with Pam"

I smiled "Ok Honey"

Sam squinted at me "You just set me up didn't you?"

batting my eyelashes "No I would never set you up"

"Yes you Did!

You just played me like a fiddle... didn't you..."

"No... Honey... I would never do something like that..."


Hhhhmmm or would I?


imgr8phil said...

Hey there's nothing wrong with Sex and the City.  I've watched plenty of episodes in my day.  And you are a woman that knows what she is doing.  Have a good weekend.


candlejmr said...

So was it any good?  I haven't seen it.  Did you have to watch the show to "get it?"  Because I didn't.....(lol)


crayzawhitegirl said...

lol I knew I loved you for reason ...


voliball4me said...

I LOVE That you went and saw that movie..... I watch a whole documentary thing on the costume... the warehouse for shoes and accessories alone was HUUUGGEE. Man oh Man... I cant wait to see it with Jeanice, even if Dad went he would have been miserable and it would have made it hard for you to enjoy becuase you love him. Remember the movie Chicago???? I love that I am your daughter- that is sooo something I would do to him. I wonder if he has caught on. There are times that he laughs at me and says that I remind him of you. (I think its when I do silly dances....and you know Things that Kieffer-embarrassing-esq things) LOVE YOU!!

eml625 said...

I really want to go see this, but alas, I'm stuck in Vegas !!  LOL
Love ya

frankandmary said...

I love that I am your daughter   How cool is it that she wrote that?  :-)

lanurseprn said...

LOL you are so funny. They say the man is the head of the house...but the woman turns that head any way she wants! LOL! I hope you and Pam liked the movie.
I can't wait to see it!

ktchu9 said...

Oh Ladies, you all have to go and see it!! I don't go to the movies at all, but i would go and see it again!

Love You,


queeniemart said...

weird that a bunch of gays would go see a chick flick....maybe for the clothes?
Glad you went and had a good time!