Monday, June 23, 2008

Like every other married couple...

Good Monday morning ya'all,
Sam just left to go to our office building to meet a Commercial Real Estate person... We are thinking of selling the office building.  Depending on the market.  We rent part of the property to a Pilates studio, I wish she would just buy it, that would be sweet! 
Kieffer is going to meet with my old trainer at the gym... Remember when I USE to go to the gym and have a trainer?  Maybe he will have better luck with Kieffer...  It kinda ticked me off he never weighed me, never measured me...  Kameron and Kieffer's trainer did all that and did a body fat count on them... WTH?  Mind you... I worked out with the OWNER!!!  That is who Kieffer is training with today... How could I see a difference if he didn't weigh me or measure me? [Okay, so what if you could bounce a quarter off my butt... LOL]  Just kidding! He also pissed me off about changing work out times [he was going through a nasty separation and divorce... found her cheating on] I didn't care if he changed the times but then he would act like I was the ONLY one changing the times... whatever... 
[Ignore all those excuses... I am just upset with myself for not going to the gym like I should...  I just needed to say its not my fault... you know... even though it is]
Oh... I had to laugh at some of your comments about yesterday! 
You two are so's sickening.../(ROFL)
Sam is the perfect husband.
We might have fun together but when we fight, the neighbors open their garages, get out the lawn chairs and start selling tickets! If you don't believe me... Ask Gram Pam! 
Remember when she was here a couple of weeks ago and we went to the movies to see Sex in the City?  Well, like I told you... I LOVE movie popcorn!
Half way through my popcorn bag I turned to Gram Pam and said "Take this away from me" and she laughed and said "No" [maybe she didn't want it near her or she would eat it... I don't know] so I kept the bag... and kept eating it, and eating it, and eating it... Like a dumb ass!  After the movie, we went to Sizzler for a double Malibu chicken... mmmm yummy!  I had been craving one for a while... When her and I went to town at the high desert, we went to Sizzler to have one but it was their graduation day and the place was packed so we left...
So anyway, we get home from the 'movies' [we didn't tell anyone we went to Sizzler too!] and Sam wants us to go to the grocery store to get steaks to bar b que for dinner... OMG... I had eaten WAY to much popcorn and a double Malibu Chicken and the LAST thing I wanted to do was go to the grocery store and buy stuff for ANOTHER meal... I could barely MOVE as it was! 
I kept telling him stuff like "Its Friday Sam, the kids won't be home for dinner anyway" blah blah blah...
An hour later, Pam and I reluctantly went to the grocery store for some steaks... when we got home... all hell broke lose!  We got in the biggest fight... 
[he ended up apologizing... when in reality I should have apologized... he STILL doesn't know about us going to Sizzler... Shhhhh!!!!!]
So you see...  I just wanted you guys to know... we have fun but we also have... door slamming fights like every other married couple does... only my neighbors sell tickets and start taking bets on who will win... LOL


lanurseprn said...

LMAO I could just see the neighbors dropping everything and getting out the lawn chairs placing bets LOL!
The thing about you two is that you forgive and forget and go on with life. My friend (or EX friend) Joey hasn't even been able to call me to discuss what happened. And he won't. Sad, huh?
Have a great day!
Pam xoxox

crayzawhitegirl said...

Glad to know oyur not perfect .... haha!!

eml625 said...

I love movie popcorn too ! I hate sharing with anyone !
I tend not to fight, I just let Barry do it on his own.

frankandmary said...

I would not go so far as to say you 2 are like the average married couple, because you tend to be pretty self-aware as far as your marriage goes, & both of you seem affectionate long after the honeymoon is over. 2 things I don't see in a lot of longstanding marriages. 2 things it is indeed great to have & keep on nurturing. ~Mary

queeniemart said...

It is obvious you have a good marriage and both love and respect each other and that in itself is a blessing!
I can just see you having ate that food and then trying to eat even more. I hope someone wants to buy that building!

nay0114 said...

Thats why you have a good marriage because you can do all that and still make up and realize you love each other faults and all.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

ktchu9 said...

OMG she's right on the fight thing, I have never seen Sam so angry in my life! And believe me i've known the man ALL of my as anyone else i just had to go outside, and didn't say a word!...........well you left out the part at the dinner table Kendra..............he had a few cocktails and we had a few, but I wasn't drunk like Sam, and all he wanted to talk about was my peanut............and kept wanting to kiss me, he so embarrassed me, you don't even know, and i don't embarrass easily but he did i finally kissed him on the cheek and said go ahead Sam kiss me back, on the as soon as he did, i turned that cheek quickly so he would get me on the lips and yup got him back!! I tell you all that we have such the greatest family and i love them all so dearly.

Glam Pam