Friday, June 6, 2008

TGIF and Ranked Clothing

 TGIF everybody... We are heading to the high desert to FINALLY drop off the Willy's Jeep today... The wind prevented us from doing that exponentially [LOL]

I try really hard to see the wind as Mother Nature's way of cleaning house... Cleaning up the trees etc... but it sure makes a mess of my house when she decides to sweep like that!  The birds love it afterwards... twigs everywhere for building nests... one poor little bird was so busy yesterday not paying attention... GiGi got her...

Don't be sad... its the great circle of life!
My 'bird' dogs have been teaching Kameron's pit bull how to be a bird dog... Now she stands really still when one is on the grass and then begins stalking it like a pro! After GiGi killed that bird yesterday...
[bird dogs squeeze the air out of prey and then drop them, they do NOT mangle and eat them... that is why you take them bird hunting with you... they will retrieve them and bring them back to you with hardly a mark on them] 
Got that? Ok so, Gi Gi kills the bird and drops it... Then poor Bolts was confused... So she guarded it like a treasure between her front legs... I guess this is why you don't take pit bulls bird hunting with you because they wouldn't let you have it afterwards!
Anyway... I am getting the famous... "C'mon Babe lets go, before it gets too hot" 
[What Hot? It has been PERFECT here! We went swimming yesterday... the pool is all better now... Might be 100 today... that is NOTHING! I wish it would stay 100 all summer long or even 105... that would be PERFECT! Hot is 113 to 123... now that is HOT...]
We are coming back later today... 


candlejmr said...

Don't you look lovely in your son made shirt!!!  He does a nice job, that Cameron!

And my girlfriend's dog (lab) kills cats in a similar way.  Doesn't eat them...they just die of "shaken cat syndrome."  I have never witnessed this event....and I would like to keep it that way....(lol)  So don't go posting any dead bird (or cat) pics!  (lol)

You and your damn DRY HEAT....(lol)


ktchu9 said...

I sure wish i was going to the Hi-D house too! But i will be coming out tomorrow....WOO HOO, Pam's coming to the springs!! You know I am so lucky to have this family, who i truly wouldn't know what to do without them!! Hey i hope Ranked is going strong!! Do they make something in my size?? well anyway gtg and drop off some more stuff for a garage sale at my friends house, (the remnants frome my last garage sale) but hey i'll make something off that stuff.....See you all tomorrow!

Love you,


imgr8phil said...

There was a song in the fifties named Bird Dog.  Hope you have yourself a good weekend.


eml625 said...

Now you know I'm digging those shirts, I could be a great walking advertisement for his business!!!
Poor birdie, that's all I'm gonna say
Love ya

lanurseprn said...

I love those shirts! You look SO GOOD!!!  
I'm sure there are enough birds to keep all of your dogs busy out there. Have a great day!

queeniemart said...

It is HOT here.....i hope you all had a safe trip going to the HD house....well, at least your dogs aren't eating their own poop as they kill the birds. I have a shit eating beagle that is going to be sold to the highest bidder if he doesn't stop it!
i love you, you are beautiful.