Thursday, May 24, 2007

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Porch visits...

I have a few minutes to write... Sam went to the Newport house and the boys are not here... I have sooo much to tell you but I never find the time to get it all out on paper, or email or whatever..... you know what I mean!
Soooo lets see where shall I begin...
I should be taking a chapter quiz for my real estate exam coming up or going over some loan docs to make sure they are not charging us outrageous fees but I don't wanna be a grown up right now ;) 
That loan process has been making me crazy...
get this situation... 
growing up my mother and my father got me a social security number
[Different numbers - same time frame because the numbers are very close] Anyway, when my father passed away leaving me some money... my Mom was 'Guardian of the Estate of Kendra Rose" etc... [I was 15 at the time.]  So my Mom realizes there are two numbers and cancels one - only she kept using the canceled one and not the valid one...  I filed my taxes, opened Credit Cards, Home Loans, you can imagine... I used that number my whole life and then during my last birthday...I had to renew my D. L. so I head to the DMV "What is your SS number" so I tell her... "Sorry that is not your number, we now need it to be verified by the Social Security office... come back when you have a card or verification of your correct number" Grrrrr..... So I head down there and explain the situation and the lady is floored "It should have been caught before now" [28 years later] I leave there with my other number...  Now, try getting a loan and explain that situation... uh huh... So I had to write to all three credit places to get ALL my GREAT credit put on my other number...  [too bad it didn't happen 25 years ago when I had really bad credit! I would have loved to start over with a new number!] anyway it has been loads of fun as you can imagine...  I am surprised the lady who's number I have been using didn't turn me in for fraud!
OK enough responsible grown up stuff ick....
I want to tell you about a 96 year old lady at Glen Helen Raceway... Her son owns it and she lives there in this little brown house with a wrap around porch, she sells t-shirts from.  She is the info place when you come in and dont know where to go.
I have known her for about 6 years and we click!  I just love Betty... she's a kick...
What is with me and old people who scare others,but make me smile at their grouchiness...?  One of the first things Betty said to me ...after deciding she liked me...  "Which one is your husband so I dont yell at him?"  She cracks me up...
Every year during the pro national I work the info center for her.  Helping people find where they are going etc... If she did it no one would return... she is so snappy! ;)  I do it for the 'all access staff pass'... he he I get to go anywhere... other people are behind the gates but not me... I can go in the pits whenever I want... see my favorite pros...  I love that...
I got Kameron one too... He says I could get in anywhere... "Mom, go work your magic"
that made me laugh... Sam would never do half the stuff I do... He is Mr. up and up... now... I am not Mrs. Underhanded... maybe... Mrs. I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine, or Maybe Mrs. Name dropper to get in the gate and behind the scenes... but never Mrs. Underhanded or Mrs. Illegal...  Defiantly Mrs. Figure how to get around the rules without breaking them... or who do I need to know to get in...
Wow! I guess you could call me Mrs. Sidetracked from the subject right now!
Ok... So where was I... Oh ya Betty... I haven't seen her in awhile because the boys were not racing... I knew her Hubby Dan was sick but I hadn't heard anything else... Dan always rides around in a Gator with a safari hat on [the metal kind] he is so easy going and happy to see you... I didnt see him anywhere...So I asked around  he had passed away a year and a half ago...  I told Sam I was heading up tosee Betty... and there she was on the porch, with her hat that she loves...  it is shaped like a fishing hat-the kind with lures and says'Moto Girls'... She is a pleasantly plump woman with a round face, blue eyes and a smile that lights up my soul!
"Hi Betty! How've you been"
"Where have YOU been I have been worried about you"
"You have?" How funny I thought then remembered how ill I had been 6 years ago when I first met her [I'll tell ya about it later]
"Wondered if you had gotten sick again"
"Nope, I'm fine now... all healed up... I'm so sorry to hear about Dan,  I just found out" I grab her hand and sit next to her.
"That was about 17 months ago,  Did you hear about my great - grandbaby?" she said softly
[Died of SIDS]
"Yes, I'm so sorry it must be hard with both of them going"  
"the day I heard I broke out in Shingles, I can't get rid of it...been a year now... I been in and out of the hospital, Dr.'s are stumped dont know what to do with me... Only time I am not in pain is when I lay perfectly still ...or when you come around..." and she smiles... I smile back... we talk... I get a feeling she is ready to go... she seems tired and without her Dan life just isn't the same... so I ask her!  [Everyone tip toes around a subject like that but not ME I jump right in feet first]
"Betty, you seem tired... are you ready to go..."
she takes a big sigh thinking
"Yes.... I got a couple of things to do first but yes I'm ready" she starts telling me about some property in Washington she owns and how she needs to get up there and go through some stuff but I get the feeling she knows she wont do it..."and I need to get a hair cut and perm first"    she states firmly and I know she will get that done...!
I suddenly realize I don't know very much about her... So I ask where she was born
"Walla Walla, Washington" and I laugh at the way she says it...
We talk and talk and then she makes my day she says
"My sister and I were suppose to grow old together... both our husbands had passed away but she had breast cancer and passed too... you remind me alot of my sister... she was just like matter where we went we always had fun... didn't matter what we were doing... we were laughing and having a good time" she smiles at me and I almost start crying... that same morning I was IM'ing with Phil and he said something like that about me too...  I am amazed to see me through their eyes...  if that makes sense to you...
sometimes I only see that kid who could do nothing right... then you see you thru another persons eyes and its an amazing gift they give you... did ya get that?
Well anyway... someone came to Betty's to go over some money from the Raceway so I excused myself... I could tell she was disappointed our visit was over... so I said as I left "I'll be back next weekend... so don't GO anywhere okay"  she laughed "Ok... I'm not GOing anywhere... bye Honey" she got what I meant and thru it right back at me ;)  Sometimes just visiting on a porch is the best thing in the world...

Thursday, May 17, 2007


My Artie the day he was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame  as a Trainer...  Fran Tarkington was too that day...

Artie and Bart star look on as a linebacker gets weighed

Artie and Jim Taylor on the sidelines of Green Bay Packers

the Movie Litho was signed by Montgomery on the back!

Its a Litho not a poster! woo hoo Cha Ching


Above picture says in 1997 it was worth $400

See the 41 out of 53

Going to Artie's

God I miss that old man... I am heading over to his house to meet with his wife Doloris... I am going to ebay some stuff for her... or find her the best price...

She has some really neat stuff...

Today, I will take pictures of stuff like a George Montgomery Litho from the movie Gun Belt with Tab Hunter also... Dinah Shore gave it to Artie... She always told Doloris "You better treat him right or I'm gonna marry him!" this was after George Montgomery died of course... A lot of people thought she was a lesbian but nope she wasnt...

Gotta go

Ta Ta

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back from Newport...

OMG I do not like the new photo thing... UGH... I can't write under the pics... Grrr.... Ok well I am showing Lisa Jo the gas prices there, the place needs a good clean up, and a few houses on the block with white roses... These homes are worth 1 and 1/2 million dollars!  That is crazy to me....but that is Newport Beach, Ca   Ever seen Real Stories of the Housewives of Orange County ?  15 minutes from here is where they live...

Anyway... Sam is still sleeping and my typing will wake him so more later... ;]

Oh ya... opps tell ya later

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Heading to Newport

Ill take tons of pics to show because the drywall is done... or sheet rock for Ellen, Chrissie, Mary and Lisa Jo... ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Prom and Good eggs ;)

Happy Saturday ya'all... We are busy little beavers around here getting ready for a race tonight... I like evening races.. much better waking up later than 5:30am like all the other races.. Sunday's race is another 6am race ewwww.... Kameron won't be racing because he is going to the prom...  His girlfriend is a Senior this year, he graduated last year...  I wont be here for pics...  Sam and I dont 'get' the new girlfriend...  I am nice to her and all but everytime I get close to them, then he gets another one and I have to start all over again... His old girlfriend Rachel works for us in the office 2 days a week [she also plays college volleyball! she is in college because I helped her fill out all the forms and pushed her to go... I am proud of her... She is also the one who babysat the dogs for us while we were in Vegas... She is a good egg despite having the worst family life... Dad was on heroin, Mother served time for child neglect and alcoholism, Rachel is kinda like the Marilyn of the Munsters, the only normal one... Remember when I got those kids busted for stealing around my town?  One of them was her brother, but she didnt care, she gave me all the info anyway...
"Kendra the stolen stuff is outside in a garbage can, cash register, etc...:" which I passed on to the police and they were all busted... best thing that ever happened to her brother because he is thriving in a structured environment!"  Anyway... she is a good egg... ;)  Maybe that is why I can't get into the new one!  I dont know.. she is just not like us I guess... She is into waterpolo and swimming but way to clingy for me... When Kam goes over there, she cries when he has to come home!! Give me a break! WTH?  What is going to happen when she goes off to college?
I still havent called Kris... I hear his girlfriend is breaking up with him... Well his 'stock' is pretty low right now if you ask me... No car, in debt for atleast a year, and needs rides to 4 classes a week, and almost loses his job... Ohhh dontcha wish your daughter could date someone like that?
Anyway gotta go do goggles and get ready to race.. Jared Kams friend will be racing in Kieffers class tonight. I sure hope he does well ;)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Thinking out loud

I was thinking about Mother's Day 20 years ago...  I had applied for a job as a waitress and lied on the application... Well, sort of, you see my Aunt had a restaurant in Texas [a steak house] and I pretty much knew what to do... I mean how much more was there right? 
I started on Mother's Day!  Talk about learning quickly...  at night... with drink, salad, all you could eat menu with dessert!  uh huh...  I think I was pretty good... well after a week or so...  I'll NEVER forget that Mother's Day!  I will also NEVER forget dumping a coke on a lady... She was good about it.  Well, it was more of a spilled not dumped...  I remember having to talley up the totals with a calculator and then looking on the tax chart. Oh ya and at the end of the month getting all my sales back with red marks on where I was wrong... sigh...  I am terrible at math but I keep trying... Sam on the other hand is a whiz but I guess you better be as a contractor....
Thinking about having to write out the amounts with tax makes me wonder what are we going to do in this country when somehow all the electronics do not work?  I went to a Walgreens a couple of years ago to buy a wrist brace for Kameron [football] realized it was the wrong hand and went back to switch it.  Doors were shut and the place was dark... the employees were in the front... "Sorry electricity is out so we had to close"... no one knew the price of anything, the scanning machine did it, yikes!
I can rememeber going to McDonalds as a kid and everything was handwritten too... remember?  Hamburgers were 10 cents sometimes... but you could get a whole meal for about a $1.49... Remember those Big Macs came in those styrofoam boxes? 
I'm rambling...
Anyway... hope ya all have a great Mother's Day weekend... I will if my present gets here ;)
Its a lens for my camera.. woo hoo...
Oh and I still haven't called Kris back...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

He called

I haven't called him back yet... Sam said yesterday at work when he made him sign his 'written up' paper. Kris said he realizes he has a problem because everyone keeps telling him he does and then he started crying... so we will see... Ill let ya kniow what happens in our phone conversation today  Maybe there is hope

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

your excused today...

Hey... morning...  I have to vent about something and Ellen you do not need to read this since I called ya and vented a few days ago...
so your excused from class today ;)
I told ya Kris was supposed to call on Sunday and let Sam know if he would commit to anger management classes... 
So Sunday about 2pm Kris chirps Sams Nextel and Sam says back "Kris we are racing at Glen Helen call me back in a few hours when we are home"  he says OK... fast forward... we get home and Sam plugs in his Nextel upstairs to charge and we bar b que and go swimming, have dinner, watch sopranos, and head upstairs because Sam is exhausted [up at 5:30am both days for racing]  I asked Sam if Kris called he looks and says nope, and falls asleep.  I start studying in the office off of our bedroom.  Sam's phone starts ringing...
Sam says "Honey will you call Kris and tell him I am asleep and I will talk to him in the morning"
I say "OK".
Kris answers "Hello" in a crappy tone
"Hey Kris its Mom... listen Dad is asleep and..."
"What? I have been calling all day!"
"Ya I know Kris but we were racing"
"I talked to him at Glen Helen and he said to call later so I did..."
"Well, he didn't get those calls later.... but listen he said.."
"Hey, Hey, Hey Kris... Dont get an attitude with me, I am not the enemy... I thought Dad and told you to make a decision anyway.."
"Hey... you know what Kris... this is a perfect example of why you need anger management."
CLICK he hung up on me...
I call him back and say "The next time I see you I expect an apology Kristofer, I was trying to be nice and tell you Dad is sleeping and all you give me is attitude.  I dont deserve that, you have a problem Kris"
So poor Candice... I call her the next day...
"Candice, you need to call your brother and tell him to get his head out of his ass"
"what happened?" so I tell her what happened...
"Well if its any consolation, no one is telling Kris he had a reason to go off at the jobsite... everyone is telling him he was wrong"
"Well good... I dont think Kris realizes Dad has to now MAKE UP something for him to do at work because the only job we have going at the moment is Newport Beach, and he should have had enough respect for Dad to just get along with Greg"
"Mom... come on... we are talking about Kris here... you know how he is..."
"I know..."
 big sigh...
"well at least now he will get help for it... he never would have gotten that DUI if he hadn't gotten all pissed off and drove the truck"
"I know... hey listen Mom... I need a ride back home I am at my boyfriends and his truck broke down and my car isn't here can you come get me?"
"Where does he live?"
"Uh... the La Quinta Cove" [its pronounced La keen-ta not La quin-ta ]
"Are you kidding me?"
"No, I promised Kris I would drive him to his DUI class tonight"
"Ok... ugh"
"Thanks Mom, Oh and Mom dont tell Dad how pissed you are at Kris... its a Mom thing"
"You better tell him, he owes me an apology"
"I will, thanks Mom"
Its about a 35 minute drive....  Grrrrr but I did it....  ICK...
"So what did your brother say?"
"He said you started in on him about anger management"
"OMG! No I didn't Candice"
"Mom I know... Its Kris... dont you think I know"
So that was two days ago and I am still upset about it!
He has to go to anger management Wednesday and Thursday nights for 16 weeks so I feel better now...  Hopefully he'll get it!  We'll see...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Do I or Don't I

I really want to post this on my other journal but I am asking your opinion first... 
I am upset at the moment... Guess where my husband is right now... at our attorneys...
Why?... because some people in this town don't pay their bills...  We had a job a few months back, remember the one with the missing boxes at the jobsite?  [The homeowner  decided to have boxes shipped to the 'empty' home being remodeled. I guess they were brand new dishes or something like that... I don't know exactly... well Sam had the guys put them in a hall closet.  A few weeks later... they disappeared... We believe it was the closet installers...  there must have been 50 guys going in and out of that custom remodel and the owner is trusting every one of them?  Think about it... most construction guys have been to jail for one reason or another...  some are on probation... [not our guys but some] anyway... the boxes disappear.  The owner is FURIOUS and understandably so... but my husband steps up to the plate and says I'm sorry it happened, but lets split the cost 3 ways, owner, interior designer, and us...  I feel it was his negligence they disappeared in the first place, but whatever, he is an attorney and was threatening to sue us!  This was towards the end of the job...  This client Pete Wucetich, was really upset with the designer I guess he feels like he was ripped off however he can't hold any money back from him because his fees are paid up front [wish we could do that] so instead he is jerking us around... Owes us $17,000 and is playing attorney games... so we had to get our attorney involved... I have a feeling this is the way Mr. Pete Wucetich esq., gets everything at discount...  My husband has bent over backwards trying to resolve this and get paid but he can't see anything through his anger at the interior designer...
Grrrr....  We also have another client Joel Cohen, who had some kind of damage at his home [I think it was a flood] anyway Mr. Joel Cohen owes quite a bit more... $45,000! It was $65,000 but he made a couple of payments... He ACTUALLY didn't believe he owed us the money!  Thought his insurance paid it... OMG and this guy is a real estate broker here in Rancho Mirage... I believe he should be able to understand that insurance pays a low ball amount for things and when you want the best it is quite a bit more... Grrrr.... your probably thinking how did the amount get so high?  Well, when checks are coming in for other invoices and you hear he has a good reputation then you keep doing what the client wants...  Personally, I would never give him a good recommendation after what he has put our company through... [Prove I owe it and then wait a year while I dangle "I'm in escrow"  over you]
My husband bends over backwards for these clients... for example we did a remodel for a client and they had HUGE glass folding doors in the back of the house. Each panel cost over $10,000...  One night Sam noticed a chip in one of the panels, so he ordered a new panel, we didn't know if a Gardner did it, or the homeowner... but he paid it without being asked because they pay for the best remodel and they will get it.  His reputation means everything to him!  A few weeks ago he got a call from a former client asking him to come over and check on something. He did free of charge!  He is a good man and I hate it when people like Pete Wucetich, esq., and Joel Cohen take advantage of that... 
We need that money to finish our remodel in Newport...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sam and Kendra's Home for Stray Kids

I should hang that sign over my door... I am not kidding... some kids bring home stray puppies Kieffer brings home stray kids...  I could go into a list of them.. the current one is named Lance... Kameron calls him "Lance a Little"...  he was on the football team but got kicked off for his GPA... he reminds me of Babarino in 'welcome back cotter or Kotter' something like that.  He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but he is a sweet kid...  In 2 years I have met one parent one time...  then they moved an hour away... only it seems they forgot their kid!  Lance says he wants to finish out the year here...  So he is here I swear 4 out of 7 days a week...  Sam and I thought maybe he ran away or something... nope...  just hobo-in' I guess... Strange... I could never imagine just letting my kid roam like that... I do know this...
They need to buck up with some rent tho jeez!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Call anytime ;)

First I want to say thank you to Mary for babysitting me while the boys were riding!  I had so much fun talking to you... Do you want me to make you a security sign  ;) wink...

Secondly, I have to tell ya all about Kris getting fired... I wont go into details but if he wants his job back, he has to go to anger management classes.  He will not be working on the Newport house anymore.  Became enraged at another employee the other day because he told him his corner bead was crooked!  It was out of line and he has a problem I wish I would have dealt with long ago... I simply thought I was the problem at the time...  So sad he had come so far...  He would never had gotten the DUI if he had his anger under control...

Sam told Kris to let him know this weekend if he wishes to continue with the company and accept the anger management classes... so we will see...

boys racing in the morning... ya all are welcome to call and babysit me ;)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Boys are off riding and I am suppose to be studying... uh huh

Came across these the other day...

Here are the pictures of the people in my story...