Saturday, June 14, 2008

I wanna a baby too Emma!

Kameron just got home from a 6 hour class on screen printing [he has a tshirt company named Ranked clothing - you know... like Ranked #1]
besides his t-shirt thing he has going on... Kameron goes to school two days a week to learn welding fabrication
[Sam taught him to weld when he was younger and he was really good at it]
Last night we are sitting around the dinner table in the backyard... everyone [Pam, Sam, Kameron, Kam's friend Travis, Kieffer and Kieff's friend Joe]
had finished eating... Then Bolts walked by me and I put her on my lap [ever since we went to Texas, Bolts will let me hold her like a baby... I am weird I know]
So I am sitting there holding Bolts [mostly because I don't want her to get into it with Rider... Just so you know Candice]
then Kieffer says "Jeez Mom, are you ready for a Grandbaby or what?"
"Ya, actually I am... any offers?"  dead silence  "Ok... for now I will hold Bolts...   Besides if you make a baby Kieffer it might come out with metal in it" [Kieffer has two metal rods in both his legs] he laughed "Ya it probably would" then Kameron chimes in
"If your baby ever gets broken Kieffer I could weld it back together..." we all laughed...


crayzawhitegirl said...

Lol too funny ... if you ever have the urge I will be more than willing to fly out and soak in your pool while you play with Connor !!

My dog Lila who weighs 60 lbs think she is still a puppy and loves to lay in my lap ...although not much lap for her to lay in right now ... so we just spoon at bed time instead ...(lol I know crayza !!)


voliball4me said...

I love you guys... I miss my little brothers humor. Have fun racing 2morro~!!! MONDAY Mom!! U know what it means!! LOVE YOU!

xxroxymamaxx said...

LOL....weld it back together!! That's too much.  But yeah, I want grandbabies too. lol  Love, Shelly

ktchu9 said...

Yeah how did that class go for him? I hope it helped alot............Ok, i know were taking bets on whos going to have your first one...........we know who, but were hoping for the soon to be married omg, i didn't say that........just kidding Kendra........

Love you all,

Glam Pam

queeniemart said...

You are funny.....i know when you are a grandma you'll be the best!

imgr8phil said...

You will be a Grannie before you know it Chickie.  LOL


nay0114 said...

That is too funny. I was laughing because my great niece made a comment that her and her brother were the only grandkids then all of a suuden her uncles got married and six more grandkids came along and one set isn't done yet. She said she doesn't like sharing HER grandma LOL. Just think when all your kids start going you'll have more grandkids than dogs.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie