Monday, June 30, 2008

Kieffer's paint job

I guess I wasn't supposed to tell anyone they were spray painted! He wants it to look like custom parts... Oh brother...  "Ya like all my friends are going to run out and spray paint their motocross bikes Kieffer, give me a break!"

Today I have my very first eye appointment! I want to know why I can't read anymore... I know I am getting older but sheesh I always had perfect vision WTH?
I guess Sam and I are a perfect pair... He can't see far away and I can't read up close!

I guess you could say 'we are the blind leading the blind over here' LOL



lanurseprn said...

Tell him his bike looks great! I would have believed it was custom parts. The pic of you and Keiffer looks great! I love it!
So you're getting your FIRST eye exam! WOW...I had to get mine in my mid 30's. I couldn't read my nursing books!! LOL!  In fact, it's time again. UGH...I hate gettin' older. Notice I did NOT say OLD! <wink>
Hugs..Pam xoxox

candlejmr said...

Yep, one day, I was trying to read a medicine bottle and I asked Cecil...when did they make this writing so darn small????  And he just laughed and laughed and said "thats the way they ALWAYS are, you old woman!!!' Which he LOVES to say because I am a whopping 18 months older than him.....(lol)

And YES....I would have thought those parts were original.  Don't look painted AT ALL!!!


ktchu9 said...

Oh i can't wait to hear what the eye doc says!.........and tell Keiffer i already went to the looped and told everyone that he just spray painted it all!!...........just kidding ha looks very nice Keiffer! Oh btw Keiffer take very good care of Corey(my grandson) while hes out with you and your posse........he loves to hang with his cousins!!

Love you all,

Glam Pam

voliball4me said...

Kieffer's bike looks really good... I wouldnt have thought the parts were painted at all~~ I love YOU! MISS YOU!

eml625 said...

I cant read either without some glasses ! Sucks... The bike looks great, believe me, I cant tell the difference !

queeniemart said...

I've been a 4 eyed ugly for all my life. Rick has perfect vision too. He is 46.
Tell Kieffer us women can't tell the difference between spray painted and custom. They still look awesome.