Monday, April 28, 2008

a comment from my daughter about the burial

You forgot to mention about the lecture about "our own impending deaths" and how there was a man who thought he would conquer death and the priest read about him in the obituary??? (really that kinda joke at a funeral?) Then about how our own deaths are as certain as breathing and eating.... and how it is normal to think about how we will die... and then repeat the top of this paragraph again - and start going on and on about how we will all will die over and over and over again... forgetting all about Granpa... for a good fifteen minutes. Aunt Tina said that it was the oddest thing ever - and he probably had issues about how he was old and going to pass soon and was projecting it onto us??? I dunno - He was a monk back in the day and you could tell he for sure did NOT have people skills.
Love YOU
OMG...  your right! I guess I was so distracted by the black lady... and
Becky telling me the coffin was open and the flowers hitting the ground I forgot the actual words... the way he talked was so distracting... I just kept thinking this poor priest has been banished to the cemetery because his reading is so aweful...

The burial that was or wasnt?

After the funeral Mass we headed over to the reception hall at the church... the Knights of Columbus had an unbelievable food spread going... including beer and Harveys Bristol Cream LOL... they paid for it all... wouldnt let us pay for anything!  Tina's SIL made all these fabulous cookies! Italians always make great food for whatever event!  I don't think they can attend anything without bringing food... its in the birth contract or something!  I took a bunch home, plus the Knights of Columbus gave me a vegetable tray that was never opened!  There was a bunch of sandwiches left over too... So we took them in the limo, with a bunch of water also...
We then headed into the limo, with Sam's two sisters and their spouses...
My brother in law Ciro [Bruce Springstein] gave us a couple of huge compliments he said "I sure missed you guys at World Mini after we had so much fun in Texas!"  then later he said "I am amazed at how good Kameron and Kieffer get along, it is so cool they are that close.  I really liked watching them cheer each other on in Texas"  Wow... that was pretty nice to hear! 
Now remember we are in the limo crawling along in Friday traffic... [which is horrible] I guess the guy driving the hearse forgot his 'fast trak' thing...
[Fast Trak is an area you can go into if you want to pass up traffic but you have to pay every time you do it.. Sometimes its cheap, sometimes it can go as high as $9 but you have to have this clicker thing on your car]  I was thinking... why can't we go in the car pool lane anyway?  Does Grampa count as a second person? or do you have to be alive for the carpool lane? No one seemed to know...
Anyway, so we got stuck intraffic and we were late 20 minutes for the burial, but hey we were following the hearse and you can't have a burial without a body...
When we pull up to the cemetery there is black lady with a walkie talkie going... she says "You missed your window of opportunity"  we were thinking WTH does that mean... we have to take Grampa back or something? Then she says "We have to hurry!" 
So we pull up to this 'area' they do the burial ceremony at... [at a government cemetery they do not do graveside services, they do them in a certain area, then they go bury the body] 
so we are rushed by this black lady like you wouldnt believe...
They take the casket out, do the 21 gun salute, hand Sam the flag, then boom the color guard is gone!
We are thinking they had another burial to do... Ok whatever we are thinking...  Then this Catholic priest came to do the services and I swear I was tripping on this man...  Have you ever been around someone who's words don't flow?  example  If I said "Happy Birthday to you" this priest would have said "Happy - Birthday to- you" and that is how he was doing the reading for Grampa... except he lost his way once and said the same thing over again! Meanwhile, on the side area we have the impatient black lady pacing back and forth looking at her watch, checking her radio...  I finally looked around... is anyone else tripping on this scene or is it just me? I caught Candice's eye... her eyebrows went up... as if to say "What the hell is going on?"  I swear I was waiting for this woman to yell "Time's up, you have to move along now"
Finally Pam's sister Mary Ann said "Excuse me, you need to take your fidgeting to the back" and the lady said "But" and Mary Ann cut her off "Right Now, go to the back" and we never saw the lady ever again...  Next thing we know... the priest can't find his holy water [even tho it was in his front left pocket] finally he found it and starts sprinkling it on Grampa's casket... then Becky turns to me and says the casket is not closed... I said "What?"  she pointed... I looked and little bit of the bedding was sticking out.....the next thing we know, a vase with flowers falls off a table by the casket.. oooo eee oooo.....  I swear to you...  This had to be the STRANGEST burial I have ever been too!
After the priest was done... they whisked Grampa away in a special van... and pointed to where he was going to be buried!  Uh... Ok... by now... the people who got stuck in traffic were showing up, so we visited for awhile...
Sam and the absentminded priest
Next thing ya know we drive over to where he was supposed to be buried... Sure enough, his name was there on a paper plaque thing... but we couldnt figure out if he was in the ground or not... I kid you not! As we are trying to figure it out, someone broke out the left over sandwiches and beer!  I was trippin out, you don't even know!  Catering graveside! The whole scene was the weirdest thing I'd ever seen!  We finally gave up, wondering if Grampa was in the ground or not... and one by one headed to our cars to leave... the cemetery was closed by then and we couldn't ask anyone anyway...
Can you believe that! Wow...  I still think about it and laugh... did that really happen? Ya it did... 
I came home, stripped off the good clothes and got drunk with Pam on Amaretto shots [we were out of Orange Juice]  I made a toast "Here's to those we bury well, and all the rest can go to hell!"  that was a play on our famous toast  "Here's to those who know us well, and all the rest can go to hell"
and that is all I have to say about that!
Pam and her sister Mary Ann
My kids Kris and Candice
Pam and her grandson Blake
Sam and his cousin Pam
Me and Sam
Collin is in the back ground to the right
everyone looking for Grampa?
Is he in or not?
Tina looks like a reporter

We can't figure it out?

Maybe he is over there? hmmm?

oh well break out the sandwiches and beer


We are still looking

Kieffer gives up and starts to take off his 'good' clothes

throws on his athletic shorts... nice look Kieffer

Kameron and Uncle Chris [a family friend]

"Your a Lion in the jungle, work it work it"

My hunk a hunk o burning love who looked so damn sexy in that suit I gotta tell ya!

Tina and Ciro... someone broke out the beers... I never got one...

Its okay I was waiting for Pam to have Ameretto...






Time to tell you about Grampa's funeral...

The short condensed Readers Digest Version LOL...
All in all, On a scale of 1-10, 10 being everything was perfect...
I'd give the 2 day funeral an 8 to 9... 
The only thing I would have changed is... we had the celebration of life after his funeral mass... I would have changed it to after the rosary the night before...  there just wasn't enough time after the funeral mass because we had to drive an hour to Riverside for the burial [which we never got to see!]
Ill tell ya about that later...
March Air Force Cemetery was like a twillight zone episode... either that or I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell us we had been 'punked'...  We'll get there in a minute...
The rosary... I have to be honest with you, we were not looking forward to the rosary... [if you are Catholic you understand what I mean]
Hail Mary's and Our Father's that usually seem to go on forever...  I brought my Grandmothers rosary to use for the first time and I was happy I did, Tina gave Sam one of Grampa's rosary's which was so nice of her! I also took a rosary and necklace Grampa had sent to Candice many years ago out of our safe.  It was from the Vatican Collection, he sent them with that letter he wrote her years ago... [She was too young at the time, so I tucked them away for safe storage till she was old enough... and she is old enough now!]
Anyway, the best thing happened... a priest by the name of Father Richard came and didthe rosary... I swear if we had Father Richard at our parish I would go to church more often!  He was so good!  The kind of Priest, that makes you laugh, and feel totally comfortable in church!
[Its a rare thing... some priest's scare me half to death...] 
Anyway, I guess Grampa recruited Father Richard into the Knights of Columbus when he was in seminary school.
All the priests knew Grampa really well, which was totally cool... The one that did the funeral Mass, watched Grampa coach Sam's baseball team!
Tina's priest came and helped with Mass also and he is so good looking!  [Imagine Brad Pitt as a priest!] I should have taken a picture of him! Darn it!
Lisa loves going to Tina's church... she said "Do you think I am going to hell for having nasty thoughts about the priest during Mass"  LOL
I forget his name but he surfs too!  If your ever in San Pedro... head over to the Catholic Church for Mass on Sunday... he he  [I forget the name of the church, I only remember its not Mary Star, its the other one]
Ok wait I am getting ahead of myself...
The rosary was really good and Father Richard was one of those priest who didn't talk slow... so we got through the rosary quickly!  The bible stories he told between saying the rosary were really interesting too!  Then he asked if anyone wanted to say anything about Grampa... so my nephew Nicholas
[the one who was born, when Tina was 6 months along, he was 1lb,8 oz and I have a photo of him, his head is on Tina's fingertips and his butt is on her palm, and her wedding ring is around his thigh]
Here is one of the photos I have of Nicholas when he was a baby... see her hand, then look at him
Nicholas today - in the jacket on the right
Nicholas who is now, 22 I believe stood to tell a story about Grampa teaching him to drive a stick shift but two words into it he broke down sobbing! 
[my worst fear about talking about grampa!]
So, I didnt stand up and talk then... I regret it now... maybe if I had I wouldnt have shaken so bad when I spoke at the Funeral Mass!
Anyway, everyone was so understanding and hugged Nicholas for the rest of the night!
Grampa looked pretty good at the viewing before the Rosary... He had a LOT of make up on... its pretty hard to make a guy who looked like a skeleton with skin on... look good... [I don't mean to be graphic but Grampa was thin to begin with... he seriously was bone and skin at the end]
Ok, the reason I am telling you this... is to say... Thank God he was buried in his Knights of Columbus outfit... It really filled Grampa out in the casket...
His KC outfit has a cape... so you can imagine how that truly helped... he had white gloves on with a rosary wrapped around them... [that helped too]
His sword was across his chest and his KC hat was on his shoulder...
I thought he looked pretty nice in his outfit!  Imagine if he was in a regular suit... Oh my... that would have looked horrible!
After the viewing a bunch of us [18] family members went to PF Changs for dinner... we had a lot of fun... I made sure I wasnt sitting next to the wicked witch of the west... [Sam's sister Becky] I do have to say, she was behaving herself... she had to... EVERYONE was ignoring her... Her own kids wouldn't talk to her or look at her! 
[Sam and I were worried about after the funeral... they had a limo for immediate family members and spouses for the drive to Riverside which is about an hour... We hadn't told anyone but we seriously thought about not going with them if the wicked witch was going in it... trapped in a limo with her for an hour would have been shear hell... but we were thinking of just doing it out of respect for Grampa!  Thank God we didnt have to... she came up to me and said "I am not going in the limo do you think Dad would care if I didnt go" "No, he wouldnt care Becky" and a sigh of relief went through me!  She didnt go in the limo because Sam, Tina and Lisa were ignoring her so bad she was scared to be trapped with them for an hour I am sure! After everything she did to me at Sam's Mom's funeral I felt like she FINALLY got hers! 
[In case you don't know... she took roses and handed everyone a rose to place on her coffin except me... then she stood in front of me at the burial and said "Get up I want to sit next to my sister... so I stood up, Sam's sister Tina grabbed my hand and said "No, Kendra stay here next to me!" "No Tina, its ok..." and I walked away... as if I am going to make a scene at my MIL's funeral]
The best part of it was, it didnt come from me... I tried to be polite out of respect for Dad... I had to sit next to her during the funeral mass, rosary and burial ceremony... I kinda felt sorry for her... but then I realized Karma is a bitch and so is she!  How funny... I am the one she turned to in the end to say something about the limo!  She is lucky she didnt say anything to Pam [Sam's cousin or my daughter Candice because she was gonna get it if she had... They have speeches for her sorry ass, they have been dying to deliver]
Anyway... where was I...
The funeral Mass was very nice... My nieces Kristina and Michelle did the readings, Kameron and Kieffer brought the gifts to the altar, they all did a really good job! I was very proud of them...
Sam's ex wife was there for the funeral but she left afterwards... God she looks like crap... obviously drinks way too much... her face was so swollen and her nose was huge! Maybe she had been crying I dont know... I am just glad she left so quickly... Maybe Kris told her to go... I dont know.. I am happy she did tho...  At my MIL's funeral she was hanging out with Becky [wicked witch of the west] if looks could kill I would have been dead on the spot at that funeral...  Whatever... again... they got theirs at Grampa's funeral and I didnt do a thing ;)
Whoa... so much for the condensed version LOL... I have a bunch more to tell you... but we have a dumpster being dropped off at the high desert house [a 30 yard one] so I have to go through a bunch of stuff here at the house to take up there for the dumpster... Fun...  I just love cleaning out cupboards don't you... Ewwwww.... Sam is at the office with the boys getting stuff from there to throw away...
So I will save the twilight zone burial for next time...
Jim, Lisa, Ciro, Tina and Sam... [Tina and Lisa are Sam's normal sisters]
Tina, Sam and the Limo driver  
Kieffer after PF Changs... showing how tall he is at 6'4
everyone at PF Changs
My family after the viewing... going to PF Changs
Boys wore their suits the next day
Kameron taking fortune cookies home LOL
The hotel on the beach we stayed at
Kameron sleeping
During the Funeral Mass  [wicked witch is next to me on the right]
In the limo on the way to the burial...
Too bad you can't see Bruce Springstein better LOL

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Memory Boards from Grampa's funeral


I wanted to tell you about the quote I put up on Grampa's Memory Board... I got it from Candice's letter grampa sent her years ago...

"As they say in the Canoe Club [Navy] it's time to drop anchor and bail out"     

                         Clancy Silva


Everybody loved it...

Below are the Memory boards Sam's sister Tina made... they were perfect! She did a great job!



Below are Grampa's medal from WWII and Korea


Its storytime

Its Sunday and I am still pretty tired from the two day funeral...  Catholics sure know how to make a funeral seem like a week long event!

I have a bunch of stories to tell about the two days but I am still kinda tired... My house is starting to get empty again... Collin just left to go back to Arizona to school, Pam [Sam's Cousin and her grandson Corey] just left also...

So I think I will tell you a story and then take a nap...
After we had the Rosary at the church, we were visiting with friends... One of them was a school friend of Sam's Dennis McCormick  [they attended the catholic school together... and Sam made altar boy of the year at this same church]  so anyway... I asked Dennis "when did they put the baptism bath up by the altar?" 
[Its was a baptism bath made for adults! The thing must have been 5ft by 4 ft... marble and filled with water]
So he explained the story behind it... etc... See the baptism bath use to be a small round tub used for both adults and babies... and it was never on the altar it was in the back of church, and brought up to the altar during ceremonies...
Anyway, it was a trip to see this huge marble bath up by the altar...
The next day after giving my speech for Dad... we were having food at the celebration of life for Clancy in the reception hall at the church when my son Kameron came up to me and hugged me
"Mom you did a really great job up there saying that speech for Grampa"
"Awww Kameron thank you, I was so nervous... did you seemy legs shaking?"
"No, but I could tell you were nervous...
I was saying a prayer you didn't fall into the Jesus Jacuzzi!"

Friday, April 25, 2008

Grampa's funeral

 Ok... only a moment to say we are leaving for Los Angeles... Today is the viewing and Rosary... After the viewing we are all going to PF Changs for some dinner...
Pam [Sam's cousin] came down last night to stay with us, then go to L.A. with us... I am so happy she is here... it helps...
I wrote that before we left however I never had a chance to post it... it was crazy trying to get outta here and get to the beach...
I will tell you all about it in the next few days...
But I just wanted to say... I DID IT... I stood up and talked at the funeral and I wish to God I could remember it! All I remember is my legs shaking so bad, all I wanted was for them to stop!
I am happy to tell you...about 20 people came up to me afterwards and said they LOVED my story about Grampa! I started to cry at the beginning but I stopped delivered the speech
and cried during the last few lines...

"I just wanted to say he was the best Grandfather any kid could ask for... he rode motorcycles with them until he was 82, skied Big Bear with them, took them hiking down the Grand Canyon, and never missed a birthday, 1st Holy Communion, Confirmation or any other important occasion...
and he was the best father in law I ever could have asked for...
I am gonna miss you Dad..."
I remember Pam [sam's cousin clapping and my hubby hugging me saying he was so proud of me]
I have to go now because I am SO tired... exhausted...
Thanks Guys... You were there with me... I felt it... Thank you for giving me the courage to do it!
Thank you for being the best cheering section this girl could ever ask for... I love you guys!!!
The memory board I made
The Viewing before Mass - See the two flower arrangements I ordered... one said Grampa and the other said Dad...
they did a great job on flowers huh?
Me saying my speech today during his funeral Mass

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Help... tell me what you think?

Ok... Pam [Sam's cousin] and I were talking yesterday and her brother is going to talk at Grampa's funeral [I swear he is so good a public speaking and telling stories] and Pam said "Kendra you should too... you could print any one of your Grampa stories and it would be great"  "I want to... I just dont know if I will get up there, get nervous and start crying my head off... If I knew I wasn't going to cry through the whole damn thing I would do it in a minute!"

So, I need extra special prayers from you guys... not to cry while giving the following speech...

Tell me what you think of it?  What should I change?


My name is Kendra Silva. I am Sam Silva's wife and Clancy's daughter in law. I came into the Silva Family 24 years ago and over the course of that time I had many nicknames for Clancy...

The first one was 'Dad' because he opened his arms up wide and accepted me into the family.
The second nickname I had for Clancy came on a skiing trip we took to Mountain High... Sam, Lisa, Dad and I had a great day skiing and were heading home.  Lisa and I were in the back of Dad's camper at the dinette table. Sam and Clancy were in the truck... Suddenly the next thing I knew the camper tipped sideways, Lisa and I were looking out the window at asphalt... The camper righted itself, came to a stop... and Clancy opened the back door "Come on kids we are Denny's"  like nothing ever happened and he toddled off toward the  front door... then we saw Sam who's eyes were as big as saucers "Sam WHAT Happened"   "I told Dad he missed the offramp for Denny's and he made a hard right, down the embankment, and into the parking lot of Denny's" then we heard Clancy's voice "C'mon kids what are you doing over there?"
That day Dad earned the nickname Mr. Magoo!
The best memories and nickname I have for Clancy was Santa Claus.  Every Christmas Eve he would attend Midnight Mass here at American Martyrs, afterwards he would drive to Tina's house and play Santa, then  he drove 2 hours to our house in Palm Springs.  I would welcome him at 4 am, and then start duct taping pillows, glueing eye brows and getting him in his Santa suit... He would wake our kids up using the loudest jingle bells, and Ho Ho Ho's... Our kids would come running down the stairs, where Santa personally handed them their presents...   He was so good at being Santa Claus, we had to sit Kristofer down at 13 years old and tell him who it was because he was about to get into a fist fight with a neighbor boy... there was too a Santa and he saw him every year!
I could go on and on with Clancy stories and Nicknames... but I know we do not have the time... I just wanted to say he was the best Grandfather any kid could ask for... he rode motorcycles with them until he was 82, skied Big Bear with them, took them hiking down the Grand Canyon, and never missed a birthday, 1st Holy Communion, Confirmation or any other important occasion...
and he was the best father in law I ever could have asked for...
I am gonna miss you Dad...
Does it flow? What should I change?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Grampa funny from the 1950's

 I just had to share this with you all... 
Grampa was the pilot for the U.S. Ambassador to India for 4 years after the Korean War...
I am going through some of Grampa's stuff to make a memory poster thing and I came across a cocktail party invitation that said this...
In the corner in handwriting by Grampa it says "We shook the Embassy up with this invitation. Another GREAT party! 
Then a letter attached to it says...
Thought Id send you a copy of party invitation that shook up the Charge de Affairs. [Asst. Ambassador Mr. Moffit] He called us before the carpet and proceeded to tell us that the diplomatic corps just don't send 'brash' invitations to diplomats.  He then told us that we should use more 'tact' in the future
So two years later we sent out another one... It couldn't be that bad, because the Ambassador and the Naval Attache extended me for a 2nd tour...
Incidentally, Mr. Moffit showed up for both parties!!
OK here is the invitation:
To Bid Farewell to our one and only gal
Miss Dorothy J. Allen
[secretary- the players club]
The Broken Hearted Bachelors
[she just wouldn't say yes]
Doc Ohara, Clancy Silva, Gunny Bird, Garry Garrison
request the pleasure of your company
on Saturday 28th of September 1957
Uniform for the evening
Ladies - Preferably Bikini's [Late Monsoon Expected]
Guys - Hells Bells, Anything
RSVP- Ain't necessary cuz we XPEKCHA
OK.. is that funny or what? 
Party Invitation #2
Hear Ye                     Hear Ye
He's off to the Dakota's
Among Tumbleweeds and Gophers
Where the jackrabbits Prowl
and Coyote Howl
to the departing Player of Playerettes
Place: Players Meeting Wigwam [Clancy's]
Date: Saturday, March 14, 1959
Commencing: 2031 [PCT]
Securing: Hells Bells, Sunrise Plus
Attire:  Suspenders and Garters
Ain't necessary XPEKCHA

This and That...

 OK, I am feeling much better now after 9 hours of sleep...
Kameron started his Welding Fabrication School classes today... I hope he likes it... he has to drive an hour into Riverside for them... 2 days a week, four hours, for 6 months...  He really does have a talent for welding...
On to some stories about yesterday...
I am shopping with Kieffer and Kris in Epidemic Skate Shop [a popular local store for teenagers] and we run into Trustan and Island [my friend Tuesday's kids] 
SO Trustan asks Kieffer
"How did you do at World Mini, I didn't even make it to the mains this year"
Kieffer says "We didn't go because I broke my leg"
Trustan looks down at Kieffer and he is wearing jeans, shoes, and looks fine...
"Shut up, no you didn't"
"Ya I did! I broke it in Texas"
"Dude I was at Texas, and you didnt have a broken leg"
"I broke it at Oak Hill, you only went to Whitney"
"I had to fly home and have surgery"
"Oh wow..."
I think that conversation really made us realize how quickly he healed because if Trustan was standing there saying he had a broken leg and surgery from Texas I would have been amazed too...
Then Kieffer said "You know Mom I believe this was my fastest recovery"  I agree with him...
Well, I have to head to the dry cleaners... then get the car washed... then make a photo memory board for Grampa...
Grandpa before stomach cancer and after in his KC outfit
The latest news on the funeral... for Pam [Sam's cousin and Candice]
Thursday - 11am to 4pm viewing at Rice Mortuary in Manhattan Beach
Rosary 7:30pm
Friday- Funeral Mass 10am to 11am
Celebration of Life 11am to 1 pm
Burial at March 2:30pm

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kendra party of one

First of all I want to say thank you to Jeanne and Ellen for calling to check up on me, that was very nice and I really appriciated it!  Please say a prayer for Ellen she was very sick with a fever and I am worried about her... It just hit her very quickly...
Okay I am a kinda loopy tired so put your seat belts on... LOL
What else... hhmmm, well I got the boys to stand still long enough to see if their suits still fit and fiqure out what I needed to buy at the mall...  I had to take Kieffer with me [he has grown quite a bit] and Kris tagged along with us... his suit fit fine...  I got my eyebrows waxed and talked the boys into it too... Shhhh that is between you and me... LOL... Kris about had a unibrow going!  Did I say that? I'm not one to gossip so you didnt hear that from me... wink
You know... I have been thinking about my funeral... so when I die, I told Sam to bury me in a g-string and titty tassles even if I am 80 years old... I just wanna give em something to talk about!  Oh and air brush my casket to look like my blog... then give everyone a marker... my last chance to get comments yanno?
What do you think?
Ya I know...
Its time to go to bed...
Its 11pm...
WAY past my bedtime... and I am losing it...
Goodnight Johnboy, Goodnight Mary Ellen...
Kendra party of one, Kendra party of one

Thank you

I just wanted to say Thank You for all the condolence emails and words written in journals... I am so blessed to have all of you in my lives!
You know I was just sitting outside in the backyard watching the dogs chasing birds and it reminded me of Grampa... He use to go outside in my backyard and sit for hours, soaking up sunshine, reading the paper, and just being...
I'd bring him his coffee
"Here you go Dad, just like you love it...'Steaming Hot just like your woman'" it was a running joke in the family... and no matter how many times I said it he always laughed!
As a matter of fact 2 days before he died, Sam and I went to Starbucks. We were sitting there at Dad's bed side and then Sam said "I'm sorry Dad, I'm teasing you with this coffee aren't I? Do you want some?" he shook his head yes!
So I poured some in a smaller cup and dipped a teaspoon in to feed it to him.
I was so worried I would burn him with it... Damn the spoon was hot to me!
Then Dad says "Hotter" I should have known! "Do you want it hotter Dad?" and he shook his head yes... We laughed... So I went to the microwave and heated it up.  "Here you go Dad, Steaming Hot just like your woman" and he smiled a little...
Lisa told a funny story to us while we were there... About 2 weeks ago, Lisa and her husband were visiting with Dad. Suddenly Grampa wanted a beer at 10am! So Lisa ran to the store at 10am and bought a couple of beers.  Then Lisa came back and said "Here ya go Dad, Jim is going to have a beer with you too" Jim shot her a look... as if to say I am not having a beer at 10 am!
She said "Yes, you are... your having a beer with Dad... be grateful he didn't want Scotch!"  and Jim drank the beer with Grampa!
I then told Lisa a story about me and Grandpa going to the high desert house one day to check on something... when we were returning home... Dad wanted me to stop at the 7-11,  he wanted a beer
[the beer thing is funny because Grampa has never been a beer drinker... its rare for him to drink one]
So I stopped and he bought 1 beer, wrapped it up in the brown paper bag and drank it in the car on the way home like a seasoned wine-o or something!
She cracked up...
Remember when he broke his hip a few months ago and after surgery he wanted a 'scotch sandwich'  "What is a scotch sandwich Dad?"  "Valentines Scotch between two ice cubes"  like we should have know that!
[Now... I'll have you know... in the 24 years Grampa has been in my life.. I have NEVER seen the man drink Scotch! 
Harvey Bristol Cream yes... Scotch No...]
I am so happy Monsignor has agreed to leave the flag on Dad's casket... Trust me... this is a huge deal... you have no idea...!
Right now we are waiting on March Air Force Base Cemetery, to tell us when we can bury Dad...
[they said it can take up to 5 days] then we can plan the rosary etc...
Meanwhile I have to get the boys suits out... and make sure they fit
[its been almost 3 years since they wore them to Grandma's funeral]
Pam [Sams cousin] and Candice this is not FOR SURE yet but it looks like the rosary will be 7pm on Thursday with a celebration of life dinner afterwards at the church and then funeral at 10am Friday with burial afterwards at March in Riverside... they are still waiting for confirmation from March and the Church so things could change...
Ill keep ya posted