Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hope everyone is having a nice weekend... I tried to talk my honey into a repeat of last Sunday... [movie, lunch and a new book] but he wasn't going for it... Darn it!

He is working on the motorcycles... We have a race coming up the next two weekends and then we are done for a little while... Yesterday, Kieffer wanted to paint some parts on his motorcycle [spray paint] and he tried to buy it at Home Depot... [I don't know if you have to be 18 to buy spray paint in your town but you do here] So I drove back with him to get it... I have to say it looks pretty good! Ill take a photo and show you later!

Remember our friend Jeff who was in Texas trying to get enough AMA points to make it to 'the big show' with the pros!  We watched him race last night on TV from Colorado... He made the main and raced with the big boys! You would have thought it was Superbowl Sunday the way we were crowded around the TV cheering! It was so exciting! Only 3 weeks ago he was racing at the Dealer Series with the boys!!!

Not much else going on... so I'll be back later with Kieffer's photo of his bike he is so proud of it ;}


candlejmr said...

Those shirts came out really good!   Too bad you don't live closer...we need someone to make our Marching Band shirts for us!!!

I owe you a phone call....but I have a splitting headache right now.  I think the rain is headed this least that is what my head is telling me!


ktchu9 said...

Well i'm so glad everyone is having a great weekend!! We are!! Just got back from my grandsons races................He took a 2nd in his Novice class!! Woo Hoo yey for Corey!! hes doing so good..........and Blake says he needs  a yay too, so he got it! Im so happy to hear about that 50  t-shirt order Kam got..........good for him too!!! Corey wants to see pics of the paint!!

Love you all,

Glam Pam

lanurseprn said...

Hey girl...those T-shirts look GREAT! He does a great job! What a cool business to have. It was GREAT talking to you again. Thanks for calling. You are great! Oh...BTW...did you realize how LONG we talked?? LOL!
Love ya, Pam xoxox

eml625 said...

Is it a prerequisite (sp) to work with your shirt off???? LOL
You need to ship a shirt over to your NY sista !!
Thanks for the chat this weekend, love to hear your voice !

queeniemart said...

now i don't feel so bad about all of Chad's half naked pics i show...tell Sam i want to see HIM with the shirt off. Huge congrats to Jeff WOW!