Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hello Happy Saturday...
I have a huge flat on my car... So I will be calling AAA to put my spare on... then I am heading to Glen Helen Raceway in Devore CA to go see the boys race on the REM track.  We hardly ever race REM races but it is good practice for endurance plus it will be 90 degrees .... currently at 7:58 am it is
Wind: NW at 10 mph
Humidity: 18%
101° | 76°
Yup summer is coming!   Anyway... I think it is stupid to race... after World Mini not much
has happened as far as training harder.  I wish Kameron would train hard and qualify for
Loretta Lynns in Tennessee - Then maybe I could make a day trip to see Chrissie :)
Today is going to be rough - 2 -30 minute motos!  I am sure some of you think it easy
because you are on a bike but that is not true... Did you know Motocross is the second most
physically demanding sport behind soccer? [I guess because you have to go 30 minutes at a time]
I read this long article on it - How they tested elite athletes from all sports. 
Motocross came in second!
Anyway I gotta get ready to play Motomom ;)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I am so pissed

OMG God I feel so sick over this and need your advice.  Tonight I am walking my dogs [down the middle of the street for 2 reasons-1 so my male dog doesn't piss on everyones yards and 2 for dogs not on leashes- remember the pit bull story a couple of months ago]
Suddenly, 2 small dogs come out of an open door of a house charging for the attack!
I squirt my water bottle at the first one and it retreats... well the second one was Cujo Small Dog and comes and attacks Gi Gi, Rider gets pissed and picks the little dog up by the scruff of the neck and starts rag dolling it! I freak and start screaming for the owners, I let go of Gi Gi to get the other dog away from Rider.  Which I do, and it starts running away, then Gi Gi goes after it nipping at his hind legs. [nothing major,
the dog would run, Gi Gi would nip, dog would run Gi Gi would nip] Meanwhile I am screaming at her to come, she will not come so I start taking Rider home knowing she would come when I walked away.  She did... but then the other dog got all pissy agian and started barking and charging us again, so she chased it and nipped it again, then came running to me...
I have been waiting for the neighbors or the cops to show up.  The dog had 2 puncture marks and was bleeding [not a lot but enough on white curly hair]  Watch us get sued over this...
I can't sleep for worrying if that dog is ok... but I am so angry I do not want to go down there till I cool off...
What do you think?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Remember I was telling you about my friend Tuesday?
Well her son Trustan was at World Mini racing too. She asked me to take pics so here they are. 

Friday, April 6, 2007

Kamerons profile on


Still here...

We have not left for Vegas yet as you can tell... We only slept 1 hour last night... uh huh... and we were wiped out!  We had to wait for some packages anyway...

I still haven't packed... I got the bags out... does that count?

Anyway...  I sure hope they allow Kieffer to race Beginner 125cc and 250cc classes.  We are going to post entry him...  I know your probably thinking he is not a beginner and your right he is not.  However on a big bike he is...  You see he raced 50cc and 65cc then he broke his femur.  Seemed like he was back on the mend and ready to race then he broke his leg, then broken arm and leg, and then broken leg in football in August.  He hasn't raced in 6 years!  So I really do not want to put him in the Novice class [we call it the Nervous class], Kameron will be racing Intermediate!  Ellen and Chrissie I'm calling during a race so you can baby-sit me!  If anyone else emails me their numbers Ill call you too!  We will be racing about 10 races...

Practice,Moto 1, Moto2, and then top racers transfer to the mains on Sunday...  I don't believe we will be doing that this year but you never know.

Kameron is racing 125 stock, 125 modified, 250 stock, 250 modified plus a 4 stroke class.

Kieffer will be racing 125 stock, 125 modified... I don't know if they have him racing 250 stock or 250 modified.

The rule usually states - 6 months racing - you are a Novice

I think that rule is stupid - so lets say little Johnny throws his leg over a bike for 1 race, gets hurt, then wants to race again he is a Novice - I don't think so... this rule is in place is for all the sandbaggers we call them.  Usually, an Intermediate rider might enter a Novice race so he can walk away with a trophy.  I do not believe Kieffer would win in beginner... he has a lot of things to work out in his head out there. He says he is not scared anymore what can possibly happen he hasn't gone through before.  I just wanna put bubble wrap on him and the field!

Well, I better get packed...  Remember Chrissie and Ellen if I call Tues. thru Sunday next week ANSWER I need ya!

I was going to tell you all a story about Sam's sisters but I'm taking Lisa Jo's advice and Just Ignoring It!

Hugs with Love




OMG I died and went to heaven

 Happy Good Friday! Hope you have a wonderful Easter also!!

Ok... yesterday was crazy around here packing up everything... we are not done yet but who cares...

You are not going to believe this...  My hubby is like most... you know we have been together 23 years ok... so we know when to pick battles by now... and the fights are few and far between but when we do fight

The neighbors get out the lawn chairs and sell tickets.. ;)

Anyway... no we didn't fight last night.. the opposite... after working all day we got in the pool and then he tells me "I just wanted to say sometimes I dont always do the little stuff and I am going to try to be better, your a great Mom and wife and I am the luckiest man in the world, sometimes I forget to say that... I'm sorry" 

Whoa! I started crying.... EVERY WOMAN needs to hear that once in a while!  My honey is from the no compliment school - because if you do they will slack off - or some stupid reason like that... so it was extra special...

We were in the pool till 11pm and when we went in I jumped in the shower - chlorine + blonde hair = green hair...  Then he comes in holds my towel out for me and says....

Are you ready ....  "Do you want me to blow dry your hair"  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oops gotta go here he comes

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Campin' on the sidewalk

I got us a great hotel... 3 stars for $30 a night.
but only until next Thursday and then we will be homeless ;)
Oooooo camping on the sidewalk or hanging out with the "Grapes of Wrath"... Thursday till Monday next week...
I am not worried there are a MILLION Hotels in Vegas! Anyway these rates below is why I believe we should meet up next year for St. Patricks Day weekend... C'mon whattta say?
Hotel Rating Excitement
Hotel Rating Luxury
Las Vegas Luxury Vacations
Hotel Rating Great Values
Great Values Las Vegas

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Vegas or bust

We are leaving Friday morning for Las Vegas.  Its about a 5 hour drive from here... Sam and Kam will be in the truck with MX trailer. Kieffer and I will be in the Excursion following them.  When we pull into Vegas we head over to the Speedway by Nellis Air Force base and drop off the truck and trailer. You have to get in line for the gates to open on Monday morning... We are usually about #150 out of about 900!  I feel sorry for the ones who stay there in their motorhome... It is nothing but a dry, sandy, parking lot! Reminds me of "The Grapes of Wrath"... Anyway after that we will check into our hotel and have fun for Saturday and Sunday.  Kameron and Kieffer want to go to the Sky Diving Las Vegas again... They don't go up in a plane, they actually go over a jet motor that blasts so much air it simulates jumping and sky diving...  and I guess they want to do the go carts again... Sam said "those carts haul ass" ... Hhhhmmmmm..... ok....  adreline junkies...   Must be a penis thing... I don't know... I just live here...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I guess we'll never know

Sorry Kendra
                       I haven't replied was pondering the sizes but they are too small for what I was going to use them for.  Thank you for your time.  If anyone needs them I will ask around for you.  Have a great trip!  Are you doing the rosarito mexico ride?  My sister is thinking about participating in the 50 mile bike run.
                                     Safe travels,

Eeeeewwwwwwwwwwww I hate doing paperwork like that!


Ick Ick Ick....

20 years ago if you would have told me we would have such a great credit score we would qualify for a no documentation loan I never would have believed you...

[The name should not be 'no documentation' loan it should be 'less documentation' - as in, you will not have to buy a xerox machine and copy every piece of paper in your home]

Anyway... 20 years ago we had such bad credit OMG!... plus we had to file BK!... At the time it was a nightmare... 7 years actually! As I look back now... it was a blessing because now we have great credit and we understand how important credit can be. 

This is why I am happy I'm finished writing to the big three [experian, equifax,and trans union] and proving we were NEVER 30 days late on a mortgage!

Eeeeeewwwww I hate doing that kind of stuff....

Its so....


Grown up.... Ick

Monday, April 2, 2007

brain cramp

Kris washing bikes a couple years ago...

I have to go wash bikes in a minute so I only have a few minutes...

Oh that reminds me... a friend who has boys that race too... her name is Tuesday btw... once said to me "Wow, I never thought you were the kind of Mom that would wash bikes at the races!" whatever that means?

I love washing bikes and cars ... I love taking a dirty car or bike and making it all nice and shiny when I am done!  Bikes are harder than cars because of all the little nooks and crannies the mud gets in. Plus you have to know how to use the power washer or you'll take the graphics off ;)

Anyway... now I forgot what I came here to tell you... ugh brain cramp...

Oh nevermind then... LOL

Do you guys think this is Keanu Reeves?

Hi, Kendra
     Did you ever get those measurements for the glass.  I am really interested in the tallest one but can take all if the tallest one is the right dimensions. Thanks so much for your reply.
I am selling a few pieces of glass at Candice's apartment for her... I want to give it to him just to find out... LOL