Thursday, June 26, 2008

The gene pool, needs some chlorine

 I have a porch swing at the high desert now and I LOVE it!  I have wanted one for so long... I think America would be a better place if every home had a porch swing!
So last night Sam and I are swinging in our porch swing and just talking about nothing in particular... The weather was PERFECT... The sun was setting, the tiki torches were lit and Gi Gi and Rider were swinging on it
with us!
I was in heaven... 
So I said "Sam, if I was marooned on an island... I would want to be with you"
He thought about it for a minute and then said "I would want to be with you too... BUT can I have a Home Depot and a Napa Auto parts store on the island too?"
I laughed "A Napa auto parts store? Why do we need that?"
"So when the truck breaks down I can fix it"
"Ok... but why do we need a truck on the island?"
"So I can run to Home Depot!"
 Duh, I should have known that...
On Wednesday, Sam and I ran to town... to go... where else?  HOME DEPOT!
Sam was working on getting two commercial size swamp coolers running [ one for the garage at the high desert and one for the open breeze way area]  We also bought some new shades for the house... then we ran to the local Walmart in Yucca Valley... Sam and I counted 21 security camera's facing the parking lot... YIKES!  I could understand why when we were shopping...  Have you ever been somewhere and thought... "The gene pool, needs some chlorine"  I started telling Sam some of the stories Lisa Jo tells about customers in her Walmart... I think the same people migrated to the Yucca Valley store! One family was standing in front of the toys screaming at their kids... Both Mom and Dad yelling at 4 kids who were yelling right back at them...  It was a family meltdown moment... Sam and I looked at each other like "Uh Oh, who is in charge in this family?" 
A few minutes later I said "Sam, have you noticed all the men with LONG beards?" [like ZZ top long] It was weird!
We were looking for a blue kiddie pool for the dogs... they were out... so we got out of there quickly... 
We got back in the car... and busted out laughing!  I said "Was that like a twighlight zone episode or what?"  he said "It looked like the lunatics, had a field day from the asylum"
21 security cameras facing the parking lot... they need more at the Yucca Valley store...


candlejmr said...

Makes you many security cameras are in the parking lot of Lisa Jo's store?  I bet you the number of security cameras will tell us which Walmart is better....or worse, however you look at it.  

From some of the stories Lisa Jo tells, I'm willing to bet someone has STOLEN her security cameras.  Maybe it was the guys with the ZZ Top beards.....(lol)


queeniemart said...

Gee, was OSM at that WM? You have seen his beard. I don't know how many cameras we have in my parking SC is on the good side of town and that makes NO difference at all.....insane people EVERYWHERE.
My brother and Chopper bought us a front porch swing for a housewarming gift and we rarely sit on it. Next thing we know, you'll be writing about the hot sex you two had on the new swing....

ktchu9 said...

Hey can i come visit you on the island? are there any cabana boys there too? we'll need one of those and a few cases of Deserrano and gallons of our favorite juice.........oh lets not forget the suncreen, and whos going to cook?? on an open fire?? and there are no reservations..............OH NO!....................i want to go to Wal-mart and see the freaks w/beards in 100 plus temps.............OMG, the stank, pew, yuk...........we never go Kendra, it sounds like we need to soon........then maybe we could have another story!

Love you,

Glam Pam

eml625 said...

You want some Home Depot stories??> Remember where my hubby works !
Thanks for the B'day call, I was napping ! LOL
later chickie

lanurseprn said...

I've wanted a porch swing for a long time now. Maybe I'll wait till end of summer sales to buy one now!
LOL on  the island. The man knows his priorities, doesn't he? LOL!
Pam xoxox