Thursday, November 29, 2007

I hafta bitch...

Remember how that company brought over the ice machine thing the Dr. ordered?

Before they came over I asked him to check on my insurance and make sure it is covered... He says "I called them and they are getting back to me but I don't see a problem with it... If there is a problem we will comp you the cost... I will make sure it won't cost you a dime"

I said "Ok great"

Well guess what... the company calls me a few hours later and says we have a 70/30 plan and the cost will be about $270 or something like that...

I said "No the rep promised me it wouldnt cost me a dime, insurance would cover it"

Surgery day I get another call... "Ok well we will only charge you 15% for $130 something"

Uh... No I dont think so... I have an ice maker...

So they picked up the machine today...

WTH?  Give me a break!  The rep said "It won't cost me a dime" and he's right...

Get your machine outta here...

What a waste of my time... Grrrrr....

Comment from Candice

ACHEM.... There better not be skanky girls visiting my little brother, I will so be there to regulate, whether people like it or not. IM the BIG sister and I expect them to have HIGH standards!!!!!! HMMM, I was worried about Kieffer's surgery, now I hafta to worry bout lil girlies trying to be his private nurse=  UGH~ The work of a BIG sister never ENDS!

Warning: My babies boo boo photos

Owwwweeee.... but he says it doesn't hurt... his leg hurts tho...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Calgon take me away

We did it... I couldn't wait for it to be over... I was a nervous wreck but I couldn't let on and get Kieffer all nervous... he was as cool as a cucumber...
He said "It's pretty weird to walk into the hospital for surgery, I usually come in by ambulance and stretcher"
The hospital was great, the staff was wonderful and the people inside were nice... So JFK Hospital gets 5 stars from me...
The funniest thing was when we left... Kieffer had to do the obligatory wheelchair thing but he is SO damn tall... its was hilarious... imagine a monkey on a football... I tried to take a pic but it was too dark outside...
He feels great... I am so thankful because usually he is so out of it after surgery...
The girls will be coming over to check up on him [He is such a little player he better space them out, so they don't run into each other!] 
I said "Kieffer are you gonna play up your boo boo's in front of the girls?" 
 "Ohhh yaaa!  Owww it really hurts, and there is only one thing that takes my pain away" 
"Nevermind, I dont want to know what that is..."
Must be a penis thing...  
"Just use a rubber, Kieffer"
"Don't worry Mom... No glove... No Love"
Uh ya... he's feeling fine...
Calgon take me away...

Heading for surgery...

I swear the last two days I have been a slug... Someone stole my Mojo... I think Sam has it because he is running circles around me... Grrr... I hate that... I think I am just exhausted from last week or I am mentally drained about this surgery...

Whatever it is... send me some Mojo energy...

We are leaving in an hour and a half for JFK hospital... I have NEVER been to JFK... its on the poor side of town... I always go to Eisenhower Hospital [very very nice hospital], Kieffer was born at Desert Hospital but now a days Desert has become like a County Hospital... ICKY...  with personel that have major attitudes...

So if you come to the Coachella Valley or Palm Springs area... go to Eisenhower...

We are going to JFK because Dr. McClennin's office is in that area... and he is a great Dr.... I really like him... he use to have a practice in Mammoth, Ca to treat all the skiing and snowboarding accidents... So he's seen it all...

Anyway... I am babbling on nervously... next time I am on here it will be all over... woo hoo...

Send prayers for Kieffer and MoJo for me ;)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chrissie's questions


1. If your doctor told you TODAY that you were pregnant, what would you say?
Great... Sam and were considering making our own grandchildren ;)

2. Do you trust all of your friends?
I don't consider many people a true Friend.. so the ones I consider to be one..Yes.

3. Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love?

4. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

5. Can you make a dollar in change right now?

6. Which one of your friends do you think would make the best doctor?
Anybody that is a MOM that's just another word for MD without a license.

7. Are you afraid of falling in love?

9. Is there someone who pops into your mind at random times?

10. Whats your most favorite scar?
A scar on my leg... one of the kids broke a cereal bowl and when I took the trash out it broke thru the bag and slashed my leg open... layers of stitches...

11. When was the last time you flew in a plane?
Feb. before 9/11 ... I went to Hawaii with the kids

12. What did the last text message you sent say?
[Shut up...] it was to Kameron at the Charger football game, his team beat my team

14. Fill in the blank. I love:
My family...

17. How many kids do you want to have?
Uh... kinda late for that question... but I do run a home for wayward neighborhood children

18. Would you make a good parent?
I AM a good parent ;)

19. On your Myspace, where was your default picture taken?
My house

20. Whats your middle name?

21. Honestly, whats on your mind right now?
Worry about Kieffer's surgery

22. If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?
Gosh... too many things I wish I could do over...

23. Who was or will be the maid of honor/ best man in your wedding?
Been there done that already!

24. What are you wearing right now?
Levi's, white collared shirt and a green long sleeve shirt over it

25. Righty or Lefty?
Righty but Sam is a Lefty... Always wanted a lefty kid but never got one

26. Best place to eat?
MiMi's Cafe... Yummy

27. Favorite jeans?

28. Favorite animal?
My Whiner-riners

29. Favorite juice?

30. Have you had the chicken pox?
Yes, twice

31. Have you had a sore throat?
Uh... ya...

32. Ever had a bar fight?
No, I'm a lover not a fighter ;)

33. Who knows you the best?
My husband, kids and other than that people in Jland.

34. Shoe size?

35. Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?
Nope, neither

36. Ever been in a fight with your pet?
No, not unless it was bathtime.

37. Been to Mexico?

38. Did you buy something today?

39. Did you get sick today?
Not yet, knock on wood

40. Do you miss someone today?
Always my dad.

41. Did you get in a fight with someone today?
Nope guess I'm doing good

42. When is the last time you had a massage?
Well, Sam's cousin walked by me this Thanksgiving and started to give me a neck massage but then started helping in the kitchen... Grrrr...

43. Last person to lay in your bed?
Me, Sam and the Whiner-riners

44. Last person to see you cry?
OMG... I dont know... Wow its been awhile... I am sure it was Sam

45. Who made you cry?
Probably, Sam

46. What was the last TV show you watched?

47. What are your plans for the weekend?
Taking care of Kieffer after surgery

48. Who do you think will play along?
Who ever wants too.

49. Who was the last person you hung out with?
 family at Thanksgiving

50. If your "significant other" asked you to marry them TODAY what would you say?
Hell yes... is he going to dress up like a knight and shining armor again?


Did I ever tell you I have a friend named Tuesday? About 7 years ago, we went to the high desert house and the boys wanted to take some school friends... they were brothers... the same ages as my boys... Kameron was in 8th grade and Kieffer was in 5th...  The boys names are Wes and Nevin...
That is how I met Tuesday...  a couple years later when Kieffer broke his arm and leg... Nevin came over everyday after school and visited with Kieffer... he would give me a break and keep an eye on him... he even emptied Kieffer's pee jug... I will never forget that... he will always have a special place in my heart for that...
anyway... they have 2 younger brothers also... Island and Trustan...
Trustan races MX on 60cc and 80cc bikes, Kam and Kieff race on 250cc and 450cc...  We see them at races all the time...  They were at the Arizona race...
Anyway... when we were at the high desert house with Sam's cousins... one of them went to high school with Tuesday!!!   Small world...!!!
I took Kieffer for his MRI yesterday... MAN is that thing LOUD!!!  I sat in the room with him while they did it... They gave me ear plugs and that thing was still SO LOUD!!! 
I also talked to the hospital outpatient admitting...  she said things like "Only a parent can pick him up... no friends or relatives"  - I wanted to say "Oh well I thought Id do some Christmas shopping while he is in surgery, are you sure a friend can't just pick him up"  give me a break... Sam and I will be in the waiting room.
A year ago when Kieffer broke his leg, we were waiting for him to go into surgery and a handyman walked by with his tool belt... Sam says "Look Kieffer its your Dr." we laughed...  Sam can always find something to make us all laugh.
A company just called to deliver a machine for post surgery for Kieffer...
He had it last time for his leg too... Imagine an inflatable heating pad connected to a machine you put ice and water into.. then the machine circulates the ice water through the pad to keep swelling down...
So I better get dressed... I am still in my robe... Yikes... its 11am... what a lazy bones jones I am!!!
Anyway his surgery is at 12:30pm my time so say a prayer for my baby please...

Monday, November 26, 2007


I swear I had the best Thanksgiving of my life this year...  We had 19 people up at our high desert house and it was a blast!

We laughed so much...

We drank WAY to much... check out the pictures!

We ate ALOT...

I wish it was last week this time so I could do it all over again!

Everyone is coming back up for New Years...

I can't wait...

Kieffer has an MRI today at 12:45 and surgery on Wednesday...

Big sigh...

Lisa Jo... I hope Buddy is feeling better

Missed you guys... wanna come up for New Years?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Checkmate... I won

A quick entry before we leave for the high desert house... 
Happy Thanksgiving everybody ;)
Yesterday Candice and I drove to Redondo Beach to meet the guy hauling all the old decking away and the painter...
When we pulled up to the property I parked in the front house tenants parking space... it was empty, I was thinking they were at work... next thing I know I hear this knock on my window...
"This is my parking space" she says irritated but smug in her ownership of the parking space...
"This is MY property" and I smiled [Checkmate]
"Oh! Uh... Oh! Hi, you must be Kendra" she is laughing
"I'll only be here about 20 minutes, will that be ok?"
"Oh ya, no problem... I have to run to the Dr.... its just people park here all the time and ..."
"Oh... I understand... I know.... I used to live here..."

Monday, November 19, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

Newport before and after photos

Click the view larger

Candice call your brother...

Kris drove by a few minutes ago... Sam was working in the garage getting the bikes ready for racing Saturday... 

After driving by... Kris squealed his tires after the stop sign...

WTH is that? 

Candice you better talk to your brother he's acting stupid...

And that is all I have to say about that!

Movie Review, Blonde Math

Last night Sam and I went to the movies... We watched "The Bee Movie" its cute for kids but I have to say I thought it would be a lot funnier... 
I was however excited to be going to the Mary Pickford Theater because they have really good popcorn... I am obssessed with popcorn... I love movie popcorn...  I am also the one in the theater who loves to give reviews after the trailers... "Ohh that movie looks good, we'll have to see it!"  "Oh HELL No, I'm not seeing that!" etc... but I am not allowed to do it anymore, because Sam says I have a knack of saying it too loud when the trailer is over... 
Now after a trailer, Sam looks at me as if to say 'Dont you dare, say a word'...
I have a weird thing going on with ketchup too... A restaurant is good if they use Heinz ketchup... its more expensive... if they are cheaping out on the ketchup... what else are they cheaping out on? Right?
Anyway, I had a major blonde moment yesterday... I swear... what is wrong with me!
Sam, Kieffer and I are in the family room... somehow the subject of Thanksgiving came up...
I said "24 people are going to be up there"
Kieffer says "WHAT? are you kidding me? where are they all going to sleep?"
I said "Pam's family is bringing 2 motorhomes"
Kieffer said "Ok but who all is coming Mom?"
I said "Pam's family is 8, and then all of us"
Kieffer says "Who is all of us Mom?"
I said "Well, Dad,you, me, Kameron, Candice, Mike, Joe, Lance and maybe Kris but I dont know"
Kieffer says "Mom!   8+8=16 not 24, who is the other 8 people"
I said "Huh... uh...OMG... " and I started laughing
Sam says "and she's licensed to sell Real Estate, how scary is that"
I threw a pillow at him "Shut up"
WTH? Where did I come up with that number? What math was I using? What was I thinking? Was I drunk or something?
Wait... Wait... Grampa I forgot Grampa... that makes 17... I am not that far off of 24 now...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sometimes you just have to let your kids go...

Before we left for Arizona we had some problems with Kris our oldest... [26 and works for our company, had the DUI last year, sent him to 12 weeks of anger management classes after he got into it with another employee in our company]
Anyway... long story short...  Kris got snotty with another guy in our company and left a jobsite in a huff... 
So Sam asked me to go along and meet with Kris at the office.  The last time he had a meeting with Kris about his anger he stormed out slammed the door and peeled out in his car - ofcourse Kris denied he did any of this - so Sam wanted me to be there too. We decided on the way there we were going to let him go... If any other employee had done a 10th of the crap Kris has pulled they would have been fired long ago...  The other employees were finally getting so tired of Kris not pulling his own weight they were starting to complain to our office manager...  [she has a way of saying there is a problem even when there isn't so Sam asked a few subcontractors who said "Kris really doesn't do anything"]
The final straw came when Sam had been trying to reach Kris to tell him what material and tools he needed to bring to the jobsite that morning... but Kris was talking to his girlfriend for a half an hour on his cell phone...
When he got to the jobsite and found out he was digging a ditch that day and Doug our other employee was pissed because he didn't bring the materials he needed... Kris got pissed and stormed off the jobsite... Sam found out, and said "Kris meet me at the office in half an hour"
Sam said to me "I am tired of being angry with Kris... He is my son, I just want to love him, give him a hug when he comes over, I am 50 years old, my life is supposed to be getting easier, I just cant do this anymore..."
Anyway... we walked into the office and Sam said very calmly "Kris, we are going to have to let you go" he never got a chance to say "but we are going to give you a weeks pay and Ill set you up with some extra tools so you can find another job" because Kris threw his bag of chips in the air, took the company credit card he had and threw it on the ground, slammed the front door, and peeled out of the parking spot in the driveway and then peeled out down the street!
Of course he told Candice he never did any of that! She tried to tell him its a blessing because now you can have a relationship with Dad, as Dad, not your employer... [she used to work for the company too] I guess Kris doesn't want to hear that... he feels he was wrongfully terminated...
So I have no idea if Kris will be coming for Thanksgiving or not... I told Candice to tell him he is welcome...
Sometimes you just have to let your kids go...  they have to sink or swim on their own...
Parenting ain't for sissies...

Have some compassion people...

Its Wednesday...  Worked out with my trainer Eric... He will be gone on Friday for some bodybuilding competition in LA...   Woo Hoo... Thank you for the day off!!!  I will need it too with 24 people coming up to the High Desert house for Thanksgiving... Yikes!
Here is my schedule...
Thursday - Go to Cost Co with Sam and boys are going to practice at Milestone MX Park
Friday - Nothing scheduled
Saturday and Sunday - racing at Glen Helen Raceway
Monday - pouring concrete steps at High Desert House and clean it up for company
Tuesday of next week I have to drive to the Redondo property and meet the guy who is going to haul all the old deck material away and then drive to Carson and pick up Grampa.
On Wednesday we will drive up to the High Desert for Thanksgiving.
Come home on Sunday -
Grampa goes home Monday [Sam's sister will pick him up and drive him - woo hoo]
Tuesday - MRI for Kieffer
Wednesday - Surgery on Kieffer's arm
Not too bad right? 
I think I need a nap just thinking about all of that.... but I have to clean out my fridge first since we are going to Cost Co in the morning... Phooey
Candice bought me a magnet for my birthday that says
 "I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning... Just not as it applies to me"
Hey its not my fault I grew up with a maid who lived with us... sheesh... have some compassion people!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

some pics of the last two weeks

Hope you enjoy my pictures

Good Monday Morning,

It looked like rain yesterday... rained in San Diego during that crazy football game... never rained here... damn it!  2 years and counting...
If you didnt watch the game it was unbelievable... Chargers 23 - Colts 6 going into half-time... My quarterback threw 6 interceptions! However he made 2 touchdowns and a 2 point conversion in 23 seconds in the 4th quarter to make it 23-21 with seconds left in the fourth quarter!  A kicker missed an easy field goal to win the game... Ahhhh I am never going to hear the end of it from Kameron... His Chargers won... Damn it!
Oh well they are still going to the Superbowl... and that is all I have to say about that!"
Mob Threat I have to take care of....
I want MY name mentioned more in your journal, got that lady? You better or, or, well, I'm Italian and I know where you live.
Ellen says I have to mention her name more in my journal so here it goes... Ellen Ellen fo Felon, Fee Fi Fo Ellen,
Ellen... Hmmm okay Ellen.... Tag your it... Lets see my name in yours now...
Well, I have to take a shower and then unload everything from our MX trailer... Phooey, I hate that.. but the good news is I can get to my battery charger for my camera and show you some awesome pictures from last week... So you'all come back now hear!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kieffer's sign ;)

My sport...


Look for Kameron today on TV

You'll have to watch the Colts vs Chargers game in San Diego at 5pm pacific time...  Kameron's friend Jared is taking him... I said "Jared, you need to give me your ticket because it's MY Colts playing Kameron's Charger's" he wasn't going for it...  I said "No problem, I have a LONG memory Jared and Supercross is coming up in January and I have tickets... Gosh wish I had one for you this year..." 

[He knows I am just kidding...

I would not want to drive 3 hours to San Diego after 4 hours coming home yesterday anyway... I just wanna, sleep, eat, watch football, and wrestle with Sam... not necessarily in that order!

Speaking of driving... Kieffer and his friend Joe drove an hour away to get their friend Lance

[Kameron calls him Sir Lance a Little - I call him Barbarino from Welcome Back Kotter!]

I like Lance a lot but that kid is a few sandwiches short of a picnic... not the sharpest knife in the drawer!  Kieffer's other friend Joe is Mr. I know 99% of any topic you can bring up and I will correct you on it... [Sam has almost broken him of the correct an adult thing! Drives Sam crazy when Joe corrects him!

Anyway, I was a little nervous letting him drive that far away to get Lance but they did it... Whew! All of them chipped in for gas - at 3.69 a gallon they better... Lisa Jo I have pics in my camera of how bad the gas prices are here, so you are NOT allowed to bitch about those cheap prices in Ohio!  Every time you fill up... you need to chant "I could be paying California prices, I am very very lucky to have such cheap gas!"  :)  oh also chant "I am very very lucky to have cracker barrel" I'm still bumming about that!

My Hunk a Hunk o burning love keeps calling me...  "Are you done flogging and blogging yet? Come back to bed!"

Gotta go for now...  Look for Kameron if you watch the game!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Home, Sweet, Home, Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

We are back home everyone is safe and sound... Sam is all better...  Yah! I was missing my play pal! When he gets sick... he gets raging temp 104 degrees sick... If I get a fever of 101 its amazing... I have never had a temp of 104 that I know of!  Oh wait...except once... when I was 2 months old I got the Hong Kong flu and was in the hospital for a month! I almost died but I don't remember any of that!

Anyway!!! I wanted to show you all some pics but my camera battery died and the charger is locked up in the MX trailer! Dang it! Oh well...

Kieffer raced in his mains today and did ok... 20th to 23rd place in all of them... His said his arm was killing him and on the last main he just gave up and came off the track... It amazes me he can even race with that arm anyway!  He is asking to have his surgery bumped up to before Thanksgiving so he can heal before the next big race... Sigh....

I know some people will never understand allowing your kid to race MX but until you have been to the races and see what its all about its hard to explain...

Its about spending every weekend as a family. Its about being a team and everyone supporting each other.  Its about fun times and laughing. Its about meeting other families and looking forward to seeing them at the next BIG race...  I dont know how to explain it except to say its gets into your blood... if motocross racing was a disease... then you could say this family is infected!

Anyway... its good to be home!  Thanks for supporting me every day of my long trip!  You all were with me every step of the way, I couldn't wait to fight for time on the laptop to tell you stuff!!!  The boys kept saying "Hey Mom... its a blog moment"

Lisa Jo... I NEVER got to go to Cracker Barrel :(   Everyday, when we were heading back to the hotel we were filthy, dusty and dirty... by the time everyone showered, we ate the food for free at the Residence Inn dinner and went to bed!  I realized when we left today I never got to go... Whaaaaaaa sniff sniff

I even looked at the menu and it looked SO good too... gosh darn it... Guess Ill just have to come to Ohio and go with you all ;)  When you least expect me... expect me!

Oh and just so you all know... MR. Phil the Thrill was in the same town as me and never came to watch my boys race... tsk tsk Mr. Phil... 30 lashings with a wet noodle for you... All my girls woulda came huh Ellen, Lisa Jo, Mary, & Roxymama!!!! 

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hangman, Bitch, and Moto Scars...

Hello its me again...
Day 4 - started with us leaving Sam at the Hotel...  too sick
So the boys and I drive to the track for a big day of racing...
Long Story short - Kieffer made it to the main races on Saturday in 4 out of 5 classes
Kameron top 12'd in his races but he is done racing... there are no mains in Intermediate
We had so much fun hanging out with our neighbors... The kids were SO cute!  6 teenagers playing hangman on the pitboard laughing and having fun...  One of them said "Kameron during your next race, if you dont pass other racers we are going to put a hangman part on the pitboard every lap when you come around"
At the end of the day, they had a 'best Moto scar" competition... Guess who won?  Yup Kieffer...  This one guy showed up with the most mutilated lower leg I have ever seen... but he was in a golf cart accident [or a mule he called it] because it wasn't a motocross scar he didnt qualify...
One kid showed up with his Mom and showed a wrist scar and it was gnarly but Kieffer's was worse... The Mom got all pissy because her son wasn't going to win and says in a real snotty tone  "You need to see a Dr. for that!" to Kieffer... I wanted to say "He's scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks... Bitch" but I held my tongue and never said a word... sore loser
Then they had some lawnmower races... but we left and came home to check on Sam
Tomorrow is Kieffer's Main's... wish him some luck please :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It was 94 degrees too!!!

We FINALLY started racing today... there will be a total of 58 races... 1500 racers are here... This is actually a small National!  Only started 4 years ago...
What a small world tho... I already told you of the guy who lives on the street I grew up on... in the same pit camp is a family who owns property around the corner from our Landers, CA house up in the high desert! Wow!
We have some really cool families around us which makes the racing even better... Nothing is worse than having the "super competitive, winning is EVERYTHING, everyone is negative and pissy" camp next to you because the negativity tends to permeate into your camp... ICK
The three families around us are so supportive, with great attitudes! LOVE that!!!  Believe it or not all the boys are racing each other in one race or another...
One of the Mom's came up to Sam and I and said "I know you probably know this already but your sons are great kids!"
Whoa... that was amazing... I think she said that because the Mom fell on her moped today and Kameron ran over and helped her get up...
Oh and another cool thing happened yesterday... A Dad said to Sam "You have a great wife!" Sam looked at him and then it hit him "Oh! because she washes bikes?" "Ya and she's pretty good lookin too!"  Sam laughed and said "Thanks" 
Now for the results...
Kieffer was the first race [I hate it when that happens...freshly watered track = mud on everything] anyway Kieffer took an 11th in his first moto, he has one more chance... the top 10 move on to the main race...
Kieffer's 2nd race - he took another 11trh [bad start was run off the track by another racer]
Kieffer's 3rd race he took a 12th...
Kameron took a 15th
the dirt starts are hard for them to get use to... usually its concrete... but as long as they keep it up on two wheels and do their best we are happy :)
Every race they looked smoother and faster...
I need some well wishes for Sam.. he is SO SICK... has what I had... fever, sore throat, coughing, cant sleep... he should not have gone with us today!
Laid on a cot in the trailer... so please send some prayers for my hunk a hunk o burning love... Literally

Monday, November 5, 2007

day 3...

Today was our day off so we all slept in till 11am... woo hoo...
Sam wasn't feeling good so he went to bed early last night...  leaving us to find something to entertain ourselves at the hotel...  Kameron, Kieffer and I were bored and went for a walk around the hotel at 10pm last night... We somehow ended up in the laundry room down the hall and there was one dryer running...  we were feeling mischievous...  we took the guys clothes out of the dryer and put them in a dryer across the room, put 2 quarters in the machine, put them on the same setting and left...
I know... we are weird and easily amused...
Not much else happened today...
Up at 6am tomorrow tho! 

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 2... Boop Boop B Do

Arizona not changing their clocks worked in my favor today... I was stessing about missing the game at the MX track because the game started at 1:15pm and it was almost 2pm after we came back to the hotel...  Then I found out... woo hoo the game hadn't started yet... I was thinking Arizona time... nope Pacific time which was an hour behind me... YAHHHHHH
My Colts lost... its okay... we will get them when it counts... the playoffs!!!
Currently at 5pm it is 91 degrees here in Arizona...  Someone tell Mother Nature its November...
Boys are looking really good on the MX track today... practicing here last weekend really made a difference... The track is a little different than we are use to... dirt wise... it has cotton mixed into the soil...
We ran into an old sponsor today... I call him Spode Steve because he is the person who taught me the word spode... [kid who kicks up dust in the pits etc]  We hadn't seen him since 2001! Wow!  He is helping run the t-shirts sales at this event...
Here are some t-shirts I like:
"Girls are like motorcycles, its best to have two"
"Scars are like tattoo's with better stories"
"CHEAT, if you get caught, start a fight"
Anyway... all is well... day off tomorrow... then fasten your seat belts its gonna get crazy!!
No Cracker Barrel yet... Monday...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Never fear Kendra's here...!

Even if here is in Phoenix Arizona ;)  LISA JO... guess what?  They have a Cracker Barrel here and my whole family is sick of hearing "We have to go to Cracker Barrel because my friend LJ goes every Sunday and I HAVE to go now too!!!!"  we passed it this morning again and I hear "We know Mom... Lisa Jo goes every Sunday"  so I am looking forward to the CB experience and I will be thinking of you the whole time!!!
I have to tell you about last weekend and the horrible 'no-tell motel' we stayed in in Gila Bend AZ...  The kids said it reminded them of the movie "Vacancy' but I have never seen that movie...
Let me put it this way... the shower nozzle was missing, the TV had a huge dent in the corner, and the picture was missing off the wall! 
I am not lying either!  Gila Bend is the kind of town you want to live in if you have 6 months to live because it would drag on forever!  Kameron said "If we have to spend 10 days in Gila Bend next week... I may kill myself Mom!" I said "Kameron I may join you!"
I dont know what you all do the minute you walk into a hotel room but in this family we immediately take off the bedspread! because by law they do not have to wash the bedspread everytime, only sheets and blankets! However in Gila Bend... there was no other blanket!!! So we slept under the sheet only!!!!
I am happy to report to you... I found a nice, clean, wonderful Residence Inn in the other direction!! Woo Hoo...  Can you say expensive... Can you say who cares after the no-tell-motel-hell of last weekend!!!
Anyway... boys practiced today... they practice Sunday too... they better hurry too so I can get back and watch the game of the year between my Colts and the Pat's.... GO COLTS!!! One of them will be the only undeafed team in the NFL tomorrow!!!
I dont know if you all are changing your clocks tonight?  Here in Arizona they do NOT change their clocks... will be weird not to...
One last thing... check this out... we are parked next to a guy who lives on the street I grew up on!  He has lived there for 45 years... Even when I was a little girl...  small world  huh!!!
My boys said "now you have something to blog about now" 
Until Sunday... try not to miss me too much okay...

Friday, November 2, 2007


Hey Everybody...
Takin off for the National in Arizona... my butt is dragging! I have been sick since Halloween night... UGH... 101 fever last night but it has gone down now... [couldn't keep anything down] Oh well atleast I lost 10 pounds :)
Ill miss you guys... be back soon... hopefully with some trophies ;) Kieffer is racing in 5 classes and Kameron is racing in 4...
Sam just yelled at me... "Quit flogging and blogging and lets go"
Whenever I journal, he calls it flogging and blogging...
Send some get better wishes my way ok... I still feel terrible...
Love you guys... be good while I am gone...  back Nov 13...