Monday, April 21, 2008

Thank you

I just wanted to say Thank You for all the condolence emails and words written in journals... I am so blessed to have all of you in my lives!
You know I was just sitting outside in the backyard watching the dogs chasing birds and it reminded me of Grampa... He use to go outside in my backyard and sit for hours, soaking up sunshine, reading the paper, and just being...
I'd bring him his coffee
"Here you go Dad, just like you love it...'Steaming Hot just like your woman'" it was a running joke in the family... and no matter how many times I said it he always laughed!
As a matter of fact 2 days before he died, Sam and I went to Starbucks. We were sitting there at Dad's bed side and then Sam said "I'm sorry Dad, I'm teasing you with this coffee aren't I? Do you want some?" he shook his head yes!
So I poured some in a smaller cup and dipped a teaspoon in to feed it to him.
I was so worried I would burn him with it... Damn the spoon was hot to me!
Then Dad says "Hotter" I should have known! "Do you want it hotter Dad?" and he shook his head yes... We laughed... So I went to the microwave and heated it up.  "Here you go Dad, Steaming Hot just like your woman" and he smiled a little...
Lisa told a funny story to us while we were there... About 2 weeks ago, Lisa and her husband were visiting with Dad. Suddenly Grampa wanted a beer at 10am! So Lisa ran to the store at 10am and bought a couple of beers.  Then Lisa came back and said "Here ya go Dad, Jim is going to have a beer with you too" Jim shot her a look... as if to say I am not having a beer at 10 am!
She said "Yes, you are... your having a beer with Dad... be grateful he didn't want Scotch!"  and Jim drank the beer with Grampa!
I then told Lisa a story about me and Grandpa going to the high desert house one day to check on something... when we were returning home... Dad wanted me to stop at the 7-11,  he wanted a beer
[the beer thing is funny because Grampa has never been a beer drinker... its rare for him to drink one]
So I stopped and he bought 1 beer, wrapped it up in the brown paper bag and drank it in the car on the way home like a seasoned wine-o or something!
She cracked up...
Remember when he broke his hip a few months ago and after surgery he wanted a 'scotch sandwich'  "What is a scotch sandwich Dad?"  "Valentines Scotch between two ice cubes"  like we should have know that!
[Now... I'll have you know... in the 24 years Grampa has been in my life.. I have NEVER seen the man drink Scotch! 
Harvey Bristol Cream yes... Scotch No...]
I am so happy Monsignor has agreed to leave the flag on Dad's casket... Trust me... this is a huge deal... you have no idea...!
Right now we are waiting on March Air Force Base Cemetery, to tell us when we can bury Dad...
[they said it can take up to 5 days] then we can plan the rosary etc...
Meanwhile I have to get the boys suits out... and make sure they fit
[its been almost 3 years since they wore them to Grandma's funeral]
Pam [Sams cousin] and Candice this is not FOR SURE yet but it looks like the rosary will be 7pm on Thursday with a celebration of life dinner afterwards at the church and then funeral at 10am Friday with burial afterwards at March in Riverside... they are still waiting for confirmation from March and the Church so things could change...
Ill keep ya posted


lanurseprn said...

Ok...these stories brought tears to my eyes! The man had a great sense of humor!
I hope all of the funeral plans go well. Will they be doing a 21 gun salute? Or playing Taps? They did for my Dad 'cause he was in the Marines during WWII. Not sure if you'd want that....but never hurts to ask if you do.
Love you,

crayzawhitegirl said...

Yes I joked with my American Grandma about Margaritas all the time because they would only let her have crushed things ... no acual liquid ... easier for he r to swallow... so i told her don't worry I will go get us some slushy margaritas !!


imgr8phil said...

I'm glad you have so many good memories of him.  He left his mark that is for sure.  That cemetary is a nice place especially where the ducks congregate near the pond.  Take care.


nay0114 said...

Love your stories... Grampa had a full life.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

ktchu9 said...

So sorry Kendra, i'm so behind in the responces here..............i've had this rash since sunday and it really bothers me, its made me feel horrible and WE are blessed to have you, believe that!!!!!!!!!! Love you and we'll see you saturday! i'm so excited about it.........