Sunday, April 13, 2008

My adventures with Sam on a Sunday!

Its HOT too... over 100 degrees today...

Here ya go Lisa Jo... my coffee mugs and the gas prices in town... I also want you to know that was the CHEAP gas station in town...

Some of you were wondering how Kieffer took his staples out... he did not use a staple remover...

he used a wire cutter to snip the staple in half and then he pulled the rest out with needle nose pliers...

I need to get a pair of those hospital staple removers tho... its a 3 prong tool that bends the middle down which pops the ends out...

Anyway this morning Sam says "Honey, I need to go to the office again... Go with me... it will be an adventure" 

I said "Ok" 

I always say to him "Honey I have the best adventures with you no matter what we do!"

So he hooked me in with the adventure part... See Pam HE knows how to get me to leave the compound... [just use the word adventure] LOL

So off we went... boy of boy I have to say its very hot here in Palm Springs... about 10 degrees hotter than Disneyland [Nurse Pam] LOL

We got to the office and I had to go through all these plans to find the high desert house plans, so we can add on to the garage... So I am going through all these old job site names... and I am thinking stuff like "OMG they were the worst! Changing everything all the time and then getting upset when the bill is high from all the changes!"  the next set "Oh... these were the best clients, wish we had more of these kind of clients" Some of the plans were for Bruce Lee's widow [I also went to school with Brandon Lee [son of Bruce Lee] at Chadwick... he passed away during a freak accident shooting a film... someone had put real bullets in the gun on the day they were supposed to be using blanks] 

We also did Hal Linden's house and Ched McQueen's house [son of Steve McQueen]

Anyway it was a trip going through all those plans... I threw a huge pile of plans away too!

Then I gave Girl [the black lab] a bath, she loved it because it was so warm...

[Even tho they have a big dog house with a swamp cooler in it! It gets hot here... very hot... in the summer it can get up to 123 degrees!]

After we locked up the office we headed over to the new Home Depot here in town... I told Sam, its not officially a Home Depot till they sell hot dogs in the front like the other ones in town! :)  So we finished shopping and went over to Lowe's across the street to get a hot dog! You can't go to Home Depot and not have a hot dog... its a ritual... well it is for us anyway...

Of course I got mustard all over the front of my shirt and Sam cracked up...  [I am such a messy girl! I always get stuff on me? Why is that...? Sam says its because I am a wee-tard]

Then we drove home... lit up the citronella candles in the backyard and Sam said I could turn the heater on the pool on low!  I love that...  Then we can skinny dip at night when the kids are gone...

Hows that for something to think of for the next two days Lisa Jo! LOL

She teased me about the lounge chair thing!



lanurseprn said...

I LOVED seeing your pictures! Hugo is very scary looking. I'd have to think twice before petting him! LOL!
UGH it's HOT here, too....but not like your area. I know how hot you guys get. At least you have a pool. Loved the picture of the street with the mountains in the background. It brings back memories. I've been to Palm Springs many many times. I got married there, too! Love it there.

The prom picture of Candace is beautiful even though it's blurry. She's a doll!

If I worked in the hospital I'd snag ya a staple remover...but I don't at the moment. What he did was pretty creative though. But, man...that took nerve! LOL!
Hope you have a good day...and go jump in that pool!!

eml625 said...

Those mountains are gorgeous !! holy crap I love that.
I thought our gas was getting's like 3.41 here. Unreal.  Why did you throw away the plans for famous people, sell them on EBay !!!
love ya
ok- I know the skinny dipping make lj laugh !

nay0114 said...

WOW I've never seen a place like where you live. Palm trees and mountains everywhere. 100 DEGREES! I'm over here with the heat on under a blanket because it's 41, rainy and cold and you're over there naked in the pool. I'm to big to be naked so good thing I live somewhere you gotta wear clothes LOL.
100 buck to fill it up half way OMGosh but I believe it I was putting 80 in mine back when to fill it up and the gas prices where no where this high.
Take care, Chrissie

candlejmr said...

OK, that Hugo is SCARY.....I wouldn't take anything from your place, I think he would bite my leg off....(lol)

You are skinny dipping in a pool and sweating and it was 38 degrees here this morning.  SIGH.  They say it's going to be 75 on Thurs & Fri though...when I am in Boston, where, with my luck, it will probably be 40.  (lol)

I wanna see pictures of your whole house...backyard and all...cause the little bits I have seen look REALLY nice!  I'll show pictures of mine if you show pictures of yours but I'm telling you right now....mine aint nothing special! (ROFL)

And the coffee?  My favorite mug is one from the College that Kate withdrew from...cause it can go in the microwave and I have to reheat my coffee about 10 times in the morning.  And I am a French Vanilla creamer girl...with hazelnut coffee! (lol)


PS....I think I might call you this week before I leave on my trip!

queeniemart said...

Wow, you should dish on the famous people you have met or did their homes.....did they live like normal folks?
Love the LLynn are so crazy, i love you. Candice looks like a princess in that pic..that dog IS scary looking. Jesus, quite honestly, i could never afford to spend $100 in ONE week on gas, i am so damn poor.
I love Lowe's hot dogs. 99 cents!

imgr8phil said...

Just got back from AZ for the Nascar race.  Prices for gas are cheaper there of course.  The weather has been warm everywhere.  BTW  Your gas prices are cheap compared to the $3.93 I paid the other day up here.  Have a good week.