Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Help... tell me what you think?

Ok... Pam [Sam's cousin] and I were talking yesterday and her brother is going to talk at Grampa's funeral [I swear he is so good a public speaking and telling stories] and Pam said "Kendra you should too... you could print any one of your Grampa stories and it would be great"  "I want to... I just dont know if I will get up there, get nervous and start crying my head off... If I knew I wasn't going to cry through the whole damn thing I would do it in a minute!"

So, I need extra special prayers from you guys... not to cry while giving the following speech...

Tell me what you think of it?  What should I change?


My name is Kendra Silva. I am Sam Silva's wife and Clancy's daughter in law. I came into the Silva Family 24 years ago and over the course of that time I had many nicknames for Clancy...

The first one was 'Dad' because he opened his arms up wide and accepted me into the family.
The second nickname I had for Clancy came on a skiing trip we took to Mountain High... Sam, Lisa, Dad and I had a great day skiing and were heading home.  Lisa and I were in the back of Dad's camper at the dinette table. Sam and Clancy were in the truck... Suddenly the next thing I knew the camper tipped sideways, Lisa and I were looking out the window at asphalt... The camper righted itself, came to a stop... and Clancy opened the back door "Come on kids we are Denny's"  like nothing ever happened and he toddled off toward the  front door... then we saw Sam who's eyes were as big as saucers "Sam WHAT Happened"   "I told Dad he missed the offramp for Denny's and he made a hard right, down the embankment, and into the parking lot of Denny's" then we heard Clancy's voice "C'mon kids what are you doing over there?"
That day Dad earned the nickname Mr. Magoo!
The best memories and nickname I have for Clancy was Santa Claus.  Every Christmas Eve he would attend Midnight Mass here at American Martyrs, afterwards he would drive to Tina's house and play Santa, then  he drove 2 hours to our house in Palm Springs.  I would welcome him at 4 am, and then start duct taping pillows, glueing eye brows and getting him in his Santa suit... He would wake our kids up using the loudest jingle bells, and Ho Ho Ho's... Our kids would come running down the stairs, where Santa personally handed them their presents...   He was so good at being Santa Claus, we had to sit Kristofer down at 13 years old and tell him who it was because he was about to get into a fist fight with a neighbor boy... there was too a Santa and he saw him every year!
I could go on and on with Clancy stories and Nicknames... but I know we do not have the time... I just wanted to say he was the best Grandfather any kid could ask for... he rode motorcycles with them until he was 82, skied Big Bear with them, took them hiking down the Grand Canyon, and never missed a birthday, 1st Holy Communion, Confirmation or any other important occasion...
and he was the best father in law I ever could have asked for...
I am gonna miss you Dad...
Does it flow? What should I change?


lanurseprn said...

It's absolutely PERFECT!!
I spoke at my Mom's funeral. I know how hard it can be...but once you get going you'll be ok.
I'm still laughing at the expression he used that he "XPEKCHA" at his could somehow incorporate that into seeing him again someday...'cause Grampa XPEKCHA. Just an idea.
But, your Eulogy is absolutely wonderful! I hope you keep it forever and take some pictures. I wish I had taken pics at my Mom's funeral. Some people said it was morbid and we didn't. But, now 14 years later, I wish I had.
I think you will be wonderful. But, make sure to have a tissue in your hand while you are talking, ok?
Hugs..and love...Pam

frankandmary said...

I love it but even if you stray from it, you have a predilection for winging things anyway!  

Maybe one of your kids could stand up there with you while you speak.  I gave a eulogy for a little girl I knew thru a charity & my cousin stood with me, just in case I lost it, he was going to take over.  Just his being there helped me keep it together. ~Mary

candlejmr said...

I spoke at my dad's funeral.  Yeah, it was hard....but keep reading it over and over and over again.  It becomes familiar.  And find someone to look at while you are speaking....preferably not someone who will make you cry!  Find someone who will make you SMILE and look at them...or the back of the room....(lol)

And by the is TOTALLY, COMPLETELY PERFECT.  And no one is a better person to tell "grandpa" stories than you are!!

You will do a wonderful job....I have no doubt.

And Clancy will be SO PROUD!!!

((hugs)) and love and support my friend,

crayzawhitegirl said...

Sounds great won't have the chance to do it again .... so go for it ... we are behind you 100%


imgr8phil said...

I say whatever you think is right for you is what you should say.  Do it from the heart and you can't go wrong.  Take care beautiful.


eml625 said...

Sorry, i'm here late, It's perfect and Grandpa will be smiling down on you when he hears it.
Good luck , your in my thoughts sweety.
love you

queeniemart said...

Yes, it flows and you should not change anything. You'll do perfectly, i know it.
LOVE to You

nay0114 said...

Awwww that is sooo sweet I love it because it came from your heart. BTW, I love Grampa's name Clancy I wanted to use that for a girl at one time. Never heard anybody with that name before.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie