Sunday, April 27, 2008

Memory Boards from Grampa's funeral


I wanted to tell you about the quote I put up on Grampa's Memory Board... I got it from Candice's letter grampa sent her years ago...

"As they say in the Canoe Club [Navy] it's time to drop anchor and bail out"     

                         Clancy Silva


Everybody loved it...

Below are the Memory boards Sam's sister Tina made... they were perfect! She did a great job!



Below are Grampa's medal from WWII and Korea



lanurseprn said...

I wish I had done memory boards at my Mom's funeral in 1994. It never occurred to me. What a great idea! The flowers are beautiful!

candlejmr said...

I think the memory boards are such a wonderful idea and she did a fabulous job.


queeniemart said...

the memory boards are awesome!!! I love them, we had one at Megan's graduation.
It is always good to look at a persons life in pictures as the years go by.
i love you

eml625 said...

They are awesome. What a great life this man had lead God Bless him.

hope your well, and Sam..... I know that NOW is the hard part to deal with.
love ya

ktchu9 said...

i loved them all we have to do is break out the scanner and share them all!!!