Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grampa update... its going to be soon

Sam and I just checked into a hotel [10pm].  Its been a long day.  We woke up at the High Desert House and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day. 70 degrees, sunny, no wind! Why does that happen when you have to leave?
[we got a call last night from Sam's sisters telling us Grampa is pretty bad and he is asking for Sam]
So we finished cleaning up the construction mess we had going and headed down the hill 40 minutes to home. We dropped the dogs off with the boys, showered quickly, grabbed some clothes and drove 2 hours into Los Angeles to Grampa's house.
When we arrived we were greeted outside by our nephew Nicholas. We gave him a big hug and headed inside to see Dad.  It was not good.  Grampa is fighting every step of the way. The hospice people are truly amazed at his will to live. They say he won't make it through the weekend and I have to agree with them.  He can barely speak. The only things he said all day was Water and Momma.
"Can you see your Momma, Dad?" and he shook his head yes. Later he said "Where is Grampa, Momma?" he is obviously getting very close to death.  He is not eating at all but he does say "Water" I gave him about 20 teaspoons of water today and swabbed his mouth for him. He is SO dehydrated... you can feel it when you hold his hand.
I told him "Dad, we love you... we are here by your side... we will be fine Dad. Don't worry about us" that seemed to calm him and he fell asleep for a about 2 hours.
Oh! The best news of all... you won't believe it!  Monsignor came by to give Dad last rites and he said "I have to go to Ireland to also be with a dying relative but I have instructed all the priests that we will NOT take the flag off the coffin for Clancy's funeral! The reason I have changed my mind on this is because I know Clancy will haunt me for the rest ofmy life if I do not grant him this wish"
We all would have...  Besides Dad made us promise to hold the funeral on the steps of the church if it wasn't allowed... Especially for a past Grand Knight in the Knights of Columbus...
Speaking of the KC... having the Pope here visiting the
U.S. reminds me of many years ago when Pope John Paul II came to Los Angeles.  Grampa being a Grand Knight was an usher during the Mass with the Pope.
So anyway that is the update on Grampa... I'll keep ya posted on any changes in his condition but just understand his time here on earth is coming to a close.
I am trying to remember his last day here on Earth is also his first day in Heaven... and that makes it a little easier... 


ktchu9 said...

OMG Kendra what a concept!! you know my sista that comforted me so much when i read that............your ending girl was know its not easy for me at all to see him that way.................i just appreciated the fact that he was my dad's brother and i lived my dad through him, these last couple of years..............and i have you and Sam to thank for that............its not going to be easy but we can't argue with the Lord...........we know he is going to a place we all wish we could go.............and we will all be together again.........remember we never say good bye...................just say we'll see you later.................those were the MOST comforting words at my dads funeral, i will never forget them.........loving all of you.............


nay0114 said...

I know this is hard for you all, but you are right he will be in a better place we all believe and you will see him again. Thank the Lord they're gonna leave his flag alone. It's good that you tell him everyone is okay, but you realize he is hanging on to see everyone one last time. They all need to tell him it's okay. So that he can stop fighting and have peace.
Hugs, Chrissie

eml625 said...

Sending prayers for you all. God Bless.

I will call you later on today.


frankandmary said...

I am being practical here, but damn, can they give the guy some iv fluids? He doesn't have to be dehydrated & that uncomfortable. Please call them & ask them to do so. I am so sorry because I know he has been such a vibrant man.... ~Mary

queeniemart said...

i love you......tell Sam i am praying in Ohio....i am so sorry for this sadness and pray there is no pain. HUGS!

lanurseprn said...

I pray that he is comfortable and will make the transition peacefully. He's very blessed to have you all by his side.
Love to you,

imgr8phil said...

I'm glad he is surrounded by the people that care about him most.  It is very sad to watch someone die.  Take care.