Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Snuzzling DOG I am soooo happy!!!!

MY DOG SNUZZLES TOOOOOO!!!!  Jazz does it I SWEAR!!!  Sucks/chews on the pillow or the blanket and actually kneads he's nursing!!!!!!

Strange dogs....(lol)

Pam, Candice look I found another snuzzler...

Seriously I have been asking other dog owners about this for years... I just thought my dog was neurotic!

I thought she had been taken away from her Mom too soon or something... and Jeanne's dog is a Vizla... same dog family as Weimeriners!!!

Jeanne you don't even know how happy this makes me!!!

Ahhhh a fellow snuzzler!!! 

What have you been calling it all these years?

I just started calling it Snuzzling because it looked like Snuzzling...  Like a self soothing thing... What did you call it... Didn't you think it was strange?

When she gets nervous I say things in her voice like

"I feel a SNUZZLE coming on...."

What did you think it was? Did you have a name for it at all?  Have you EVER seen another dog doing it?



candlejmr said...

I didn't have a name for it, but I thought he was still missing his mom too....4 years later....(lol)...then I thought it was because I gave him a stuffed animal (with a heartbeat I might add) when he first came to us so he wouldn't miss his mom.  Then I thought I MADE him miss his mom cause when the stuffed animal fell apart (or was chewn that SNUZZLING way...) I stopped replacing it...after 3-4 chewn stuffed animals.

I thought it was my fault or he had 4 year old separation anxiety!!!!

But I am SOOOOO glad he doesn't....

Or if he does, I am not the only one with a traumatized dog!!!! (LOL)


queeniemart said...

YOU are one strange chick.
Go buy a baby bottle and see if the dog will suck the milk out of it. If so, post it on Youtube. You'll be famous.

ktchu9 said...

i love to snuzzle too!! but not on a pillow or stuffed animal!!

love you,