Monday, April 28, 2008

a comment from my daughter about the burial

You forgot to mention about the lecture about "our own impending deaths" and how there was a man who thought he would conquer death and the priest read about him in the obituary??? (really that kinda joke at a funeral?) Then about how our own deaths are as certain as breathing and eating.... and how it is normal to think about how we will die... and then repeat the top of this paragraph again - and start going on and on about how we will all will die over and over and over again... forgetting all about Granpa... for a good fifteen minutes. Aunt Tina said that it was the oddest thing ever - and he probably had issues about how he was old and going to pass soon and was projecting it onto us??? I dunno - He was a monk back in the day and you could tell he for sure did NOT have people skills.
Love YOU
OMG...  your right! I guess I was so distracted by the black lady... and
Becky telling me the coffin was open and the flowers hitting the ground I forgot the actual words... the way he talked was so distracting... I just kept thinking this poor priest has been banished to the cemetery because his reading is so aweful...


nay0114 said...

LOL maybe he partied when he was young and thats your punishment later on.
All I know is Grampa was having a helluva show from Heaven and loving every minute of it.
Glad you guys made it through.
Take care and thanks for sharing such a personal moment in your lives with us on the serious side.
Hugs, Chrissie

queeniemart said...

goodness.....he needed to stay on topic and not do a full tilt sermon or lecture on death!

voliball4me said...

haha... I dont think I wrote it quite right..... The part about our own death is like eating.... eating and sleeping...... eating.... eating and sleeping and thinking.... eating and sleeping..... eating and sleeping and thinking and breathing.... like breathing and sleeping.... like breathing sleeping... eating and thinking..... and on and on and on...  (at this point cue raised eyebrow look at mom like WHAT is going on???)   You know it would not have been bad if he was smart and then said something about how you dont die.... how you go into heaven... and you know moved from there... but he didnt instead he  just read the first part all over again.... Im glad you caught that too cuz I thought It was like ground hog day and the moments were just being repeated... lol but hey I stopped crying when all the weird things were going on... so yeah!

ktchu9 said...

I guess i was paying more attention to that black woman who was in such a hurry and getting on peoples LAST NERVE!!!!!!!!!!!