Saturday, April 12, 2008

I have an image to uphold

OK ... let's see... what is going on here at the compound on this beautiful Saturday morning you ask?
Well, first of all I slept 12 hours... wow... rare for me... from 10pm to 10am this morning... I am usually the first one up so that has me kind of feeling out of sorts... yanno...
Well actually, I was up first at 7am.   I took the dogs outside, started a pot of coffee and then went back to bed! 
I don't have any coffee cream so I didnt have a cup of coffee and that is NOT helping... You see... I like a splash of coffee with my cream in the morning LOL
I saw a picture of Lisa Jo's favorite coffee mug and it got me thinking... I think we should all post a pic of our favorite coffee mug... and post it in your journal! It would be interesting I bet...
OK... what else? Hhhhmmm... After I woke up... Kameron asked me to watch Bolts while he went to Amber's house to feed her dogs [I guess she is gone for the weekend]
So I sat outside in a chair watching the dogs... they are a trip... I wish I had a swing chair for the backyard... I would love that! It was already really warm outside...  It is going to be about 95 degrees today...
Sam came out and sat with me for a little while... He was working on his new baby... the Camaro...
Suddenly Kieffer appeared "Hey check out my leg, I just took my staples out because they have been bugging me"  we looked... it looked pretty good... no infection, no redness...
"I don't think I will blog about you taking your staples out... " I said outloud
Kieffer said "Oh you have to... I have an image to uphold Mom!"
An image to uphold where does he gets this stuff?
Yesterday, after we came home from the tax thing at the office... I am on my computer and I get an IM from Kieffer
[who is in his room on the computer]
Hi Mom
Hi Kieffer wassup?
Am I still your baby?
Yes, what do you want?
A glass of water, next time you go downstairs
OK, give me a minute
OK Thanks Mom
Kieffer actually did 4 miles on the bike at the gym yesterday! He is no longer on crutches either!  Not to bad for a broken leg 3 weeks ago, and surgery 2 weeks ago huh!
Well, that is all I have to say for now... I have to go to the grocery store and then start cooking... we are going to the hi desert house in the morning to start building a bigger garage area... lumber is there and waiting...


candlejmr said...

Kelly didn't have to have any stitches or staples removed...THIS time...but she has had both in the past...and she was always snipping and pulling and.....well, living up to that image that Kiefer has!!! (ROFL!!)

Maybe we need to set these two up....she IS looking for a Prom date and loves dare devil guys!! (LOL!!)  They can compare scars!!! (ROFL!!)


lanurseprn said...

OMG he took his staples out by himself?? He's so brave!! I've had to take staples out of surgery patients and they get scared to death! LOL! I'm so glad he's doing so well with his leg. That's great news!
Good for you on getting so much sleep! I think I will sleep about 12 hours tonight. Work was tiring today in the heat. It was over 90 here with a heat index of 2!! That's HOT! UGH!
Have a good Sunday!
Hugs..Pam xoxox

queeniemart said...

Where is the damn coffee cup pic?
Why is it for 2 days now all i can think about is your naked white ass and Sam's and doing the dirty in the backyard.
Ask Kieffer if he knows mom and dad had SEX in the backyard. The mental pic may cause him to flee, screaming from the room..



eml625 said...

Did he use a staple remover, or his hands?
After all the drama I was having while on the phone with you , we have no kids come over and we ended up at Checkers (do you have those?) yuk, fast food for dinner, but we went to see my neice dance, she's awesome.
love ya
dont forget the Bada Bing!

ktchu9 said...

you slept in?  OMG thats a first..........good for you!!  Keiffer are you still mommies baby?? will you be mine too? i'll bring you more then just the water to you, i'll cook you anything you want............that boy never seems to amaze me!! love you all more then you that a guest house your building the extension for?? just kidding i know its bed is the bigger of the 2 in the spare