Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Grampa funny from the 1950's

 I just had to share this with you all... 
Grampa was the pilot for the U.S. Ambassador to India for 4 years after the Korean War...
I am going through some of Grampa's stuff to make a memory poster thing and I came across a cocktail party invitation that said this...
In the corner in handwriting by Grampa it says "We shook the Embassy up with this invitation. Another GREAT party! 
Then a letter attached to it says...
Thought Id send you a copy of party invitation that shook up the Charge de Affairs. [Asst. Ambassador Mr. Moffit] He called us before the carpet and proceeded to tell us that the diplomatic corps just don't send 'brash' invitations to diplomats.  He then told us that we should use more 'tact' in the future
So two years later we sent out another one... It couldn't be that bad, because the Ambassador and the Naval Attache extended me for a 2nd tour...
Incidentally, Mr. Moffit showed up for both parties!!
OK here is the invitation:
To Bid Farewell to our one and only gal
Miss Dorothy J. Allen
[secretary- the players club]
The Broken Hearted Bachelors
[she just wouldn't say yes]
Doc Ohara, Clancy Silva, Gunny Bird, Garry Garrison
request the pleasure of your company
on Saturday 28th of September 1957
Uniform for the evening
Ladies - Preferably Bikini's [Late Monsoon Expected]
Guys - Hells Bells, Anything
RSVP- Ain't necessary cuz we XPEKCHA
OK.. is that funny or what? 
Party Invitation #2
Hear Ye                     Hear Ye
He's off to the Dakota's
Among Tumbleweeds and Gophers
Where the jackrabbits Prowl
and Coyote Howl
to the departing Player of Playerettes
Place: Players Meeting Wigwam [Clancy's]
Date: Saturday, March 14, 1959
Commencing: 2031 [PCT]
Securing: Hells Bells, Sunrise Plus
Attire:  Suspenders and Garters
Ain't necessary XPEKCHA


ktchu9 said...

So many great memories!!!.................and to beable to share those memories with all of Kendra.............this family is so BLESSED!!!!.............. you are so good at the" moment"  kind of writing and the memories that you include are all so though out...............your amazing sista!! And he was a well balanced man, will leave lots a of great memories and stories for his family to read for years to come.............thanks to you, for writing all about it!!.......didn't know that he was such a party animal!!

Love you

eml625 said...

Wow. Very cool. Those must have been some great party's