Sunday, April 6, 2008

I just want ya'all to know

I am making Kieffer eat his "I am not your baby anymore"  words
"Mom will bring me a glass of OJ upstairs next time you come up, please?"
As I stand there with the glass just out of his reach...
"Kieffer... are you my BABY?"
he laughs
"Yes, Mom" and reaches for the glass
I pull it back away
"Will you ALWAYS be my BABY Kieffer?"
"Yes, Mom I will ALWAYS be your baby"
"Ok here is your glass of orange juice"
My baby actually walked with no crutches today! He broke his leg 2 weeks ago! Not bad huh! He is still using the crutches more than not because he says it feels like the staples are going to bust open on his knee.  He gets them  out in 2 weeks!
Funny Photos:
Times when its ok to use the 'F' word!
and my personal favorite...


candlejmr said...

LOL...."KIEFFER IS A BABY....." nah, nah.....(LOL!!!)

Does he have to have his stitches removed?  Does he have a walking boot, or is he just walking on his cast??  Does he even HAVE a cast?  

Modern technology.....(lol)


PS....I LOVE those photos....and I put your phone number in my cell phone.... so be never know when you will hear my New Jersey accent!!! (Which, by the way, is really a New York accent because I can apparently not get rid of it even though I have lived in NJ for close to 20 years!!!! LOL)

ktchu9 said...

you know me Kendra, I would be saying "who's your momma?" Keiffer lmao, I love you


imgr8phil said...

You are funny, keeping that baby stuff up like that. Have a good week ahead beautiful.


lanurseprn said...

I do that to my son, too. I always TELL him he will always be my baby no matter how OLD he is! He just rolls his eyes and says "Yeah...I know mom!" LOL

eml625 said...

Nothing like a little teasing to keep him in line!
love those pictures....the two kids with paint all over, jeez......
love ya

queeniemart said...

YEAH, no mattter how big they get, we think they are our babies. I hope his knee is not hurting him too much.