Saturday, April 5, 2008

Stories from Texas cont...

Tuesday - The first race day at Oak Hill...


The track had dried out enough to race, even the pits weren't bad... but by our campsite it was still a muddy icky mess... I had cleaned the trailer floor I don't know how many times... 
On Monday night our generator quit working! Just quit! Which meant - No electricity, no coffee, no microwave, no T.V, no nothing...  we were instantly transported back in time... Sam tried his best to fix it, my brother in law came by and tried to help too...
Nothing... we had to call in an RV repair guy. 
Which was not an easy task! They were booked solid from the 7 inches of rain we had over the last few days... However, we did find one who was willing to come but at the end of the day.  So we gave up on the generator problem and focused on racing. 
My Sister in law Tina [Sam's sister] had flown in to watch her son C.J race in his first National. CJ is 13 and races in the 80cc class. 
[My niece Michelle came with Tina also...
Michelle or Shell Belle as we called her when she was little was sooo close to Kieffer when they were growing up. 
They are a few months apart in age]
Anyway we hung out with Tina and Michelle all day.  We had the best time. Kieffer got a holeshot in one of his motos [first out of the gate, first into the turn, its a big deal to do that at a National]
[Kieffer #921 holeshot photo]
Kieffer took a 5th place in that moto!  We were going crazy watching him! At the finish line, Kieffer stopped to talk to us and Playground magazine was shooting pictures of him!  That was SO COOL!   Tina never did get to see her son CJ race.  He had a stomach thing going on... and she flew home the next morning.
Later we were bored and sitting around the trailer.
[we had NO electricity]
Kameron, Kieffer, me, their friend Dillon and his Mom Becky. 
For whatever reason Dillon dared Kameron to go ride his bicycle in his underwear with a helmet and boots on... I knew Kameron would do that in a minute... so he starts stripping off his clothes in front of me and Dillon's Mom... and he does it!  We were LAUGHING so hard! OMG... he went over to the jetting area and chasing a kid on a dirtbike... making sounds like he was on a motorcycle... Brrrrraaaaap, Braaap... 
My photos didnt come out too clear because I was laughing so much!
All these kids on bikes started staring and laughing too.  I do have video of it but I don't know how to post it!  The things you do when the TV isn't working is amazing...  Poor Sam only saw a portion of it because he was working on the generator with the repair guys!


lanurseprn said...

Congrats to Kieffer in his 5th place win! And LOL on Kameron riding his bike in his underwear! I'd have cracked up laughing with you all. Boys are so funny! They'll do anything if it's a dare!
Have a good weekend.

eml625 said...

Ok- Wait a minute, your BIL looks like Bruce Springsteen? And your just now telling me this??????????