Friday, August 22, 2008

Hi Everybody...

Been missing me? Of course you have... I know that... Sheesh... duh!  I have been battling allergies or something... My head has been so clogged up! My ears have been plugged... Anyway,  I have been wiped out recently... so please forgive me...
I have had so much going on... besides remodeling the Hi Des kitchen, having a WONDERFUL play date with Nurse Pam,
Getting my teeth finished, Going to Candice's Bridal shower, Spending a girl day with Gram Pam [shopping for new clothes, getting nails done and eyebrows waxed] and finally today putting on my Real Estate Salesperson outfit and hanging my lic with a Broker... Yaaaaaa or as my friend Amber from High School would say weeeeeeeeeee, I am a grown up!
Since getting my Real Estate Lic. I haven't activated it [you have to hang it under a Broker for 2 years and then you can take the test to become a Broker yourself] My only problem is... I am not your average real estate salesperson... I do NOT want to be under a high pressured Broker, demanding I make sales... I needed to find a Broker who would let me do my own thing... I only got the lic to be able to sell and buy our own properties and not have to pay 6% to someone else... Anyway, finding someone like that has been next to impossible but I finally did... Weeeeeee, Yippeeeeeee, Yahooooo...  So I signed the papers and sent them to the DRE today [Department of Real Estate]  Its such a nice arrangement too... I don't have to pay a bunch of fees that Brokers usually charge to do it either! I only have to pay her half of my commission for the next 2 years... SWEET!!! 
Remember my old friend Artie who passed away almost 3 years ago? Well, his wife Dolores is hanging her lic. under the same Broker's lic. also!
So, Ruth [the Broker], Dolores and I went out to lunch afterwards. I had the best time... Then Dolores and I started looking up properties near our Hi Desert house...  Sam and I want to pick up foreclosures or tax lien auction properties and Sam can fix them up and we will flip them... If we can't flip them for the amount we want then we will hang on to the property and rent them out... We can get fixer upper's on 2 to 5 acres up there for $30,000 to $60,000...  People would be crazy not to buy them at $90,000 to $120,000 because rent would be more expensive than owning a home there... and if we have to hold on to the properties that is ok because in 15 years they will be worth triple the amount, meanwhile renters will be paying off the mortgage for us!  I would even consider being the lender on the properties! If they default on the loan we get the property back anyway! Where else could we get 6 to 7% interest on our money anyway?  Its something Sam and I want to do in the near future... So Monday, Dolores and I are going to go look at a bunch of properties up there...
So anyway... that is what has been going on here... send some get better vibes for my allergies or summer head cold or whatever the hell it is that won't go away!!!!


candlejmr said...

OK, first of all, GET THE POT!! (refer to my last entry!)  It might really help your allergies.

I am STILL jealous of you and Nurse Pam's far are you from Phoenix??  Can you come and kidnap me at Christmas time for a few days????

You and Sam can go on that "Flip This House" show!!  OH MY GOSH I love that show!!  I am so thrilled that you are hanging up that license girlfriend!!!  Find me a gorgeous (cheap) house on the beach somewhere, OK??? (lol)  (EMPHASIS ON CHEAP!! lol)

I am SOOOO in love with those teeth!  Do you talk the same?  I HAVE to call you next week and check in.  I have been MIA here, feeling like CRAP.  Be prepared for a frantic BAND CAMP phone call sometime next week!!!

COUNTDOWN TO THE WEDDING BEGINS SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!  What's the "Mother of the Bride" wearing?  Besides her teeth, I mean!


crayzawhitegirl said...

Who was I suppose to be missing ???

Ohhhhhhhh.... Hi Kendra !!


frankandmary said...

I was thinking about how when you called me without teeth, the message sounded like the normal "you."  I don't think most people without teeth sound so good lol.

Hey, I thought you guys were retiring?  This sounds like a very busy retirement. ~Mary

lanurseprn said...

My Dad made his millions doing that....flipping homes and carrying the loans. Very lucrative! I hope it all works out for you guys.
Hope you feel better soon! My son has been having allergy issues this weekend. Something is hanging over our area.
Hope you have a good weekend. It was GREAT to talk to you yesterday. I always enjoy our talks.
Looking forward to seeing you next week!
Hugs and love,
Pam xoxox

ktchu9 said...

You knolw i'm so proud of you!! I can't wait to see you (us) in action!! I'm sure positive on that one Kendra. Great pic of you and nurse Pam..................and no i'm not a bit jealous either.............i can't wait to meet her too!

Love you,


eml625 said...

Kendra, that's awesome your involved with real estate now. Did you know I tell Barry to get his license and do it too. Mainly for the same reason your doing it. To flip them.
Right now, he's just into land, but I think, he'd be perfect to get into houses like you guys.
Love ya