Sunday, August 31, 2008

Before I go... I want to be...


A braggadocios Mother if you don't mind LOL

My son Kameron made this trash can in his welding fabrication school this week...

He had to take a sheet of  aluminum, cut it and then tig weld 5 pieces and make a trash can... I am pretty impressed with the final product! Don't you think its pretty? This week he has to fabricate and weld up a vase!  Using Tig or Mig or Aluminum welding something or other...

Anyway, just like a Mom who shows off finger-painting, I had to share my son's latest accomplishment LOL!

I am secure in the knowledge, that if he needs a job in the future... he can make trash cans for a living... j/k



frankandmary said...

Where is the top part you weld over the body before you dump it in the ocean?

ktchu9 said...

Hey i would use that in a heart beat!! Good work Kami!!

Love you,


candlejmr said...

OK, Mary had me CRACKING UP!!!!

But it IS a nice trash can I must say!  Is it heavy??? It looks like a 50 lb trash can....would make taking out the trash a REAL chore!


crayzawhitegirl said...

that is the bestest trash can I have ever seen ... where do I order ??



queeniemart said...

Actually, yes, that is a nice trash can. Rick could probably get $8 out of it at the junk yard. Not that it is junky. It is nice. Rick is junky.

eml625 said...

LMAO AT LJ's Comment !!
Great looking trash can.

nay0114 said...

LOL you're silly. That was like me telling Kaitlin the other day that Kyan can work in an office he has works for me as a paper shredder and he loves his job and I even pay him so he's bring in bank for his fam at 3yo.
I never knew so many welders before in my life. I told Nonna's daughter, Megan, that I'm gonna buy a steel house kit and let her and her boyfriend weld it for me. I'm trying to talk them into building one on the farm they just bought. They're beautiful homes.
Take care, Chrissie