Friday, August 1, 2008

Greetings from the Toothless Wonder,

[It sounds like Toofess Wonder when I say it LOL]
I have to say it isn't much different than having those 11 teeth in... I don't know why the dental assistant was so freaked out about me wanting my 2nd surgery earlier than planned! I wanted more time to heal after it hurt so much for that fitting last Tuesday... When I told her that it hurt and I wanted more time to heal before getting my teeth she kept saying "but you won't have any teeth!" and I said "but look at me I barely have any teeth NOW, how much different could it be? So can you call and get me a 2nd surgery appointment ASAP?"
"Ok as long as you understand you won't have any teeth"
"I understand I won't have any teeth... but I don't have to go to a job... and I want extra time to heal" finally she agreed and picked up the phone...
Uh do you guys find that kind of weird too? 
Try to understand... the only teeth I had at that point was 5 lower front teeth, and 3 molars up top in the back... I couldn't eat with the 11 teeth I had anyway so what the hell?
As a matter of fact, I thought I would be able to eat better with no teeth at all... I could just gum my food [I love you guys, I can't believe I am telling you this but I am grateful I have you to vent to] Anyway, I thought I could gum food with no teeth at all better!  However I can't... because its really hard to get my gums to touch each other... My jaw is saying 'Sorry, I have never gone that far that way' and it won't let me... I am sure it would after time... but I will have teeth in 4 days and don't plan on finding out... LOL
Since I am in a tell all mood... I have to vent about something else... 
ANTIBIOTICS, I HATE them... why do I hate them?  Two words... Yeast Infection... OMG... they are the worst!!! I never get one unless I am taking antibiotics!  I have already gone through one script of them and now with the second surgery, I am back on them again... SHIT SHIT SHIT.... or I should say Itch Itch Itch... I am seriously thinking of stopping them after today...
[I won't... so don't lecture me about finishing them] Grrrrr......
Since I feel like bitching... I have one more issue... my weight... wouldn't you think the pounds would be flying off my body on a soft diet? It did at first but now its not... I have lost 6 pounds in 10 days... I know what your thinking... "What are you eating Kendra? Ice cream?"  No... your probably also thinking 6lbs in 10 days is a healthy loss right... Well, not if you saw what I eat... If you were eating the small bird like amounts I have to eat... you'd be thinking "Damn I should have lost 15 lbs by now!"  Maybe you weight watcher people can tell me why I haven't lost more...
My diet:
Juice [Apple, pineapple, guava whatever instead of Dr. Pepper my favorite
which I have given up]
Water [of course]
Tomato soup mixed with milk [sometimes Ritz crackers about 4]
yogurt [about 4 a day]
applesauce [maybe 1 a day]
Broccoli Cheese soup [lot of calories in that I know, I ate that 2 times]
Chili [I had 2 bowls the other day]
Rice a Roni [I had 2 helpings of that the other day but none since]
If Sam makes chicken I will cut up tiny little pieces and eat them about the size of two quarters...
Mashed potatoes [1 night]
Baked potato [1 night]
Rice Bowl from Panda Express [Which I could only eat the chicken, 2 pieces cut up small and that was it from the whole bowl]
 a few fruit smoothies 
2 Carmel Frappuccino's from Starbucks [I know a ton of calories in that]
1 vanilla shake from Carl's Jr.
Maybe its because I haven't been doing anything except reading 2 books, sleeping and watching T.V. Hhhhmmm? Maybe that is it...
Anyway, what else has been going on? 
Kameron left for Lake Havasu last night with his g/f Amber and some friends.  They rented a house, and Kameron took our old boat... I hope it doesn't give them any problems...
Stop the presses...
Kieffer has a GIRLFRIEND!
Her name is Sarah and she use to live next door to us. 8 years ago they moved to the next town over.  Her older sister Jackie is the same age as Kieffer... Sarah is 15 and Kieffer will be 17 in September.  Anyway, Kieffer had a harem going [not girlfriends] since he started seeing Sarah, he told the harem not to come over anymore...
Well this is turning into a book and I need a nap...


voliball4me said...

I lOVE YOU!!! Hope your doing better!!!! MISS YA!
LOVE CANDICE... and your not weird, the lady's job is to do as you ask not question your decisions!!!

lanurseprn said...

Hey sweetie, it was GREAT to talk to you today! You didn't sound "toofess" at all! LOL!
I know what you mean about the antibiotics. Go get some Monostat cream at the drug store. You'll be all fixed up in no time....and you won't have to quit taking the antibiotics (that was NOT a lecture! LOL).
6lbs is a good loss. Just don't lose too much. Can't have you sick with me coming to visit on the 13th!! Don't forget!! I can't WAIT to meet you! My favorite TOOFESS wondergirl! I'm really looking forward to meeting you.
Have a great weekend. Thanks for calling. You really cheered me up Kendra.
Hugs Pam

ktchu9 said...

Well hell girl 6 lbs sounds good to me, especially now that i've read what your eating!! And that Keiffer, what a Casinova!! and no more harem, thats seeing to believe! lol and Kameron well he'll be a good boy, im sure!

Love ya,


candlejmr said...

6 lbs????  Sounds great to me girlfriend!!!  Takes me 6 WEEKS to lose 6 lbs...(lol)  And you cannot analyze WHAT you are have to EAT!  So eat whatever you can and stop getting on the scale!!!  Next thing you know you'll be sick because you haven't eaten enough!!!

And yes, alerts are down and it's pissing me off....I just got home from vacation and I have no alerts and the only way I can read people's journals is to click on the alerts...the ones I do not have....(sigh)

And I agree with Candice....the lady is supposed to do what you ask not give you grief!  

And you are meeting Pam?  Now I am jealous!!!  I want to meet BOTH of you!!!!!!! (lol)

And where's the pictures???>? (yeah, right, I know, no pictures coming this


nay0114 said...

I'm catching up with you. Glad to hear you're getting more time to heal now.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie