Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Redondo Beach Remodel




What do you think?  I dont believe this is the one you wanted to move into Ellen is it?  I thought you called Newport your house... Silly goose


frankandmary said...

I'll take it :-). My kitchen is OLD, but I am sort of glad I didn't fix this 100+ yr old house up much because the kitten is ruining anything she can get her paws on.
You guys did a great job. ~Mary

voliball4me said...

This is my favorite HOUSE in the WHOLE WIDED WORLD!!!!! I love it, always have. HMMM, maybe that tattoo wasnt a good idea. ~ Interesting, nope doesnt matter, still gunna buy ONE day is there a 80 year payment plan????

imgr8phil said...

Looks like a nice place.  When you get a place on Balboa island let me know!


eml625 said...

Your right, this wasnt the place, it's the other one.
Love the palm trees over the deck. Nice.

nay0114 said...

I love that ceiling cane you come put me one in? Very pretty.
Take care, Chrissie