Thursday, January 10, 2008

because Lisa Jo dared me too


This photo below makes me laugh... Why in the world do we have the same stupid look on our face? Kiefffer and Me... I guess I also needed to teach him to tie his shoes!!!

Someone got into the bubble bath... [below]



voliball4me said...

Im gunna guess that Grandma Bisson is on the left.... ?? And IKES to the you bieng 24 pic... Ikes to the kids part not on how you looked... Cuz Damn you are a HOT little MOMMA!

queeniemart said...

OMG, i didnt even know that was Sam in those early pics...your dad looks like a movie star...your kids are gorgeous.....really. I want some of your genes in my body so i can be blonde and tall and BEAUTIFUL!!
Love you Sunshine.


eml625 said...

Is everyone in California blond? LOL.
I must agree Sam has aged very aint so bad yourself baby!

nay0114 said...

I wanna be tall too. That did not look like Sam.. I agree he has aged well, but so have you. I've never seen so many blondes in my life I guess they are all in California. You either got brown or red hair over here that's what I'm use to.
Those are some memories. Your dad's 007 picture very sharp dressed man. Your grandmother was beautiful and you can tell she was a lady.
Thanks for sharing. This is nice.
Take care, Chrissie