Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My cameos of memory

I feel like crap... my throat is killing me... I am not a good sick person... I want cuddles and attention ... my hubby wants to run and get away from me because he doesn't want it... Phooey
 "My sore throat sucks!" I said after wincing as I swallowed
My Hubby said "I wish it did!" 
He can make me laugh even when I feel like crap... 
Anyway... what else do I have to tell you...
I sent Kelly a poem yesterday [Her sister Kim wrote a journal called
"I shaved my legs for this" in case you don't know who I am talking about... Kim died of breast cancer December 26... for those of us who read Kim's journal... it was devastating] 
So anyway I thought I would share the poem with all of you too...  Today is also the 28th anniversary of my father passing away...
My cameos of memory :

These are my treasures kept apart,

Cradled in velvet in my heart,

Graven profiles, picture clear,

Perfect moments, priceless-dear,      

The hours I have spent with you,

The tender times, the fun times too,

The summer roses and the rain,

 The laughter and the precious pain

 Of loving you- your loving me-      

My cameos of memory

These are my wealth, my warmth, my light,

I keep them dream- close every night.

 With finger-tips of heart and mind

 I trace each profile there defined-

 These treasures none can take from me      

My cameos of memory.


I am going back to bed... don't send me emails telling me to go the Dr. because I am not going and you can't make me...

Just send get better prayers ok ;) 


voliball4me said...

Awww... feel better MOM! LOVE YOU!

queeniemart said...

that poem is will stick with is very powerful. I hope you get better you stubborn pain in the ....

i love it that you wrote the word phooey.

i love you Sunshine.


eml625 said...

I still think about Kim everyday...very sad.
Great Poem.
Dont' go to the doctor, ok? He would only make you feel better, so please, Don't go!
love ya

nay0114 said...

AWWW... I'm late, but I hope you're way better now. Tell Sam you're gonna remember that the next time he's sick.
Beautiful poem. Kim is missed in Jland.
I'm not telling you to go to the doctor, because I refuse to go. I just start drinking lots of juice, water etc and flush it out myself. Get a vaporizer and turn it on at least the air will be moist then might help. Steam your face a few minutes every day too to get rid of it. I'll send you a bill because I probably told you more than the doctor would... lol.
Take care, Chrissie