Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kieffer update


candlejmr said...

OK that is some BIG ASS rod in his leg!!!  OUCH!!!!

Is the pain pump out?  Kelly said that thing was really annoying...and everytime she moved it felt like it was moving in her leg.  She said it felt MUCH better when it came out...but she had it for more days than Kieffer.  She was in the most pain on he may get a little worse before he starts to feel better.

OH, and did they tell you not to cover up that little tab on the pain pump or it won't work???????


eml625 said...

Hey girl, glad to see all the pictures, you sure got alot of rain, damn.
I love the family comments...cute.
love ye

queeniemart said...

he is much braver than me.....i liked seeing the pics but hated to see him in pain.
XO lj

imgr8phil said...

I know he has to be in tremendous pain from that.  Here's hopin' he makes a speedy recovery.  Have a good week ahead.