Friday, March 7, 2008

Last night... Loading up and Kris's birthday

I don't have time to edit photos and make them smaller so... you will have to deal with it ;)  We had Kris's birthday dinner outside on the Veranda Dahling!  [Kris is in the red shirt, Kameron is next to him and Amber is next to Kameron, Kieffer is the one in white sitting down!]  Awww look all 3 boys in a row... It was yummy... then we had cake and ice cream... Then Sam and his cousin Pam took a Jacuzzi...

[Pam was impressed with her air bubble inside her suit... who needs a boob job when you have an air bubble!]

[Ahhh only in Palm Springs... March 6... eating outside!]



Here is a picture of the toyhauler last night

The inside of the trailer with 8 bikes...

Is it a toyhauler or Yamaha Dealership?

Kameron made the bar [welding and fabricating it] so that all 8 bikes could fit into the toyhauler... pretty good huh!  [Not bad for a kid who has only learned from his father how to do stuff!]

Kameron starts classes at a fabricating/welding school in July... Then he will be certified and school learned ;)

Its 8:53am and we are not gone yet... soon!  I dont know what I am going to do without you guys... Pam will Post results and entries for me... So be very nice to her and read ALL her entries...

CIAO KIDS... until next time... Be good while Mother Kendra is gone...

You'all come back now hear!!!!



imgr8phil said...

Looks like you all were having fun.  Take care and enjoy yourself.


candlejmr said...

That's ALOTTA BIKES!!!!!  

I'm goNna miss Mommy Kendra....but thanks for having Pam give us updates!!

Good luck, happy racing and HAVE A BLAST!


queeniemart said...

all the pics are awesome.....the bikes are very impressive too. Love you

eml625 said...

Holy crap that's a lot of bikes. Also a lot of entries in the last three days chicklette.

Love ya, have a safe trip, sending good vibes baby