Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 10 - Monday - Stories from Texas

We left Lake Whitney yesterday.  Kieffer took an 11th in his last main race.  One more place and he would have brought home another trophy!!  Anyway, right after we left Whitney, the bed in the back of our trailer fell and broke.  Just one more thing we had break in the trailer... the dinette bench came unbolted from the wall when the boys were playing guitar hero, the pole in the closet fell and broke... Its been one thing after another I swear...
So anyway 3 miles after we left Whitney we find our friends on the side of the road with a broken tire [actually the tire came off and flew across the road]  So we stopped to see if we could help.  So many other people stopped to help too.  I was amazed! Seriously, Texans are the BEST kind of people. That would NEVER happen in California!
After that we headed 3 hours north to the next Texas National at Oak Hill Raceway.  It was NOT easy to find.  Once we did find it at 7:30pm we had to wait in an RV line for 4 hours.  The kids got bored and started walking down the country road to see how much further we had to go.
Kameron [AKA the dog whisperer] found the biggest dog I have ever seen. He looked scary but he was the biggest slobbering baby I swear!
After they played with the dog, Kieffer and Kameron started playing Frisbee... Then we came across some good ole' boys smoking huge slabs of meat for the track... they even had the confederate flag flying...
Kieffer came back to the truck and says
"I've been invited to stay and eat with them but I need some gasoline..." 
"What do you need gasoline for?"
"For the cross burning tonight..." 
"OMG!!! Kieffer shut up and get in the truck"
Finally, at 1am we were in the gates and unhooking the trailer.  Sam, Kameron, Bolts and me went to a hotel [the bed was broken and we didn't feel like unloading 8 bikes at 1amKieffer stayed because his bunk was fine and he was tired.
When we came back to the trailer the next day, Kieffer had unloaded everything... It was SOOOOO nice... It was easy to fix all the broken stuff after that... Sam is my hero, My Mr. fix it man.  I went up to registration and checked them in for racing.  Then we started tarping everything for 3 inches of rain... but they kept down grading the storm.  80% chance, then 30% chance etc...  We thought it would pass us by... We couldn't have been more wrong!!!
That night it started pouring... One of the worst storms to hit Dallas in years!  the airport canceled flights.  We had to have our 4 wheel drive truck pulled out of the mud by the tractor because we got stuck outside our campsite... [we went to a hotel because the last place I wanted to be during tornado watches was a small trailer in the middle of a field]
We got 7 inches of rain... 7 inches...  I guess everything is bigger in Texas including storms!!!
We were joking with our friends saying things like...
"Well I guess we will swim laps across the track for a trophy"
Right now we are headed back to the track for practice...  Somehow they got the track cleaned up enough to race... its going to be another muddy messy day... and this time we don't have RV hook ups for the power washer...
Yesterday, Sam and I bought two big barrels from the feed store $10 each... we will fill them with water for the power washer and to refill the trailer water...


voliball4me said...

Aww... I love your pics mom!

queeniemart said...

i would never post that cross burning thing in anything public on AOL. They hatre me over a dumb email, imagine what they would say about that.
Those are good pics....i can not believe how big that dog is or how much rain you all got!
XO, lj