Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh Mon Cheri, give it to me....

 Im a sitting here with Betty Baby Bolts on my lap so she will take a nigh-night;) 
I swear having a puppy in the house is like a having a baby in the house only worse... baby's don't run around eating everything they can at 6 weeks old!!!
Glamma Kendra has learned she falls asleep fairly quickly watching the letters on the screen getting typed and she loves the pillow I have her on LOL...
What am I going to do when she gets older and still thinks she is a lap dog?
GiGi is getting use to her, which is a miracle... huh Candice?
I should have a t-shirt made for GiGi "Does not play well with others
I could NEVER take her to a dog park... Sadly that is my own damn fault for not letting her get use to other dogs growing up....
She did get use to Koda [Candice's chihuahua] but that was because he was in LOVE/LUST with her...  He would wait till she laid down and hump her leg like crazy... she just looked at him like "ya whatever, as if"
I gave him a Pepe le Pew voice tho... and then said
"Ohhhh Mon Cheri, I love you, you are my big black bitch, c'mon give it to me, I know you have it with you!"
I don't really have a voice for GiGi...  I do however feel if she was a person she would be Venus Williams the tennis player because she is so buff,  graceful, and fast!
Rider I do have a voice for... He has an East Coast upper crust voice and he says
"Oh Really Mother, must you call for me like that? You know I simply will not listen when you do..." 
big sigh... from being bored with me!
I swear he acts like a cat... he is too cool and will not listen...
He is NOT into Baby Bolts at all and barks at her every chance he gets... I think he knows if he is nice to her, he will be all chewed up from her baby teeth... so he keeps her at a distance...
Gi Gi is getting much better and her hacklesdon't go up anymore thank goodness... the puppy can walk through her legs and follow her around... but when she needs to be put in her place... Gi Gi simply puts her paw out and pins her to the ground like saying "enough already"...
Anyway, this has been a nice break but I gotta go get us ready... besides Pam is going to be here any minute...  [My partner in crime woo hoo]
Ya'all come back now hear


nay0114 said...

Glad some of the dogs are getting along better. She is a doll baby.
Take care, Chrissie

queeniemart said...

you are totally crazy. No one else i know would give certain voices to the dogs. LOL
You tickle me.