Saturday, March 1, 2008

Random pictures from my Saturday at Perris Raceway

end of the day... sleeping in the back of the truck... Kameron and
Betty Bolts...

Kieffer's had 39 other racers in his class today


Sam's cousin Pam [My Ommm Dome partner in crime on the right and her daughter Christy on the left]



 Kieffer and Mackenzie

 Kieffer and his g/f


We had a terrible day at the track... we need some good luck wishes for Sunday


You'all come back now here


candlejmr said...

You take the most AMAZING action shots....I love how you always get the bikes in the air like that!!!  And that little doggie is SO cute!!!

Sorry you had a bad day at the track....praying for better news!!


nay0114 said...

LOVE THE GRANDOGGY. Great pictures.
Take care, Chrissie

eml625 said...

What great pictures.

Sending good vibes for today !!!
Hugs and love

frankandmary said...

The action shots are good, but my favorite is the first slumbering picture. ~Mary

queeniemart said...

he is so cute with the dog!!
Awesome pics of the race ought to be a professional magazine photographer.
LOVE, lisa