Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday photos

This weekend just wasn't a good race weekend for us... It happens...
[stickers on our old MX trailer]
Two weeks ago it was a good one.... Kameron and Kieffer took 1st place and Kameron won a new helmet in a raffle!
Everything was an uphill battle at the track... including sign ups... after sign ups we hear Kameron's name over the loud speaker to come to registration...
First they tell us there is another #491, so Kameron has to drop the 1 and become 49... we say okay and do it... [it happens sometimes]
Then they post the races and Kameron's name is not on it?
So we go back to registration and they say...
Oh we're sorry, we were wrong he can use his number #491... Ok so we put the 1 back on... then we find out they are calling him [Gus Butters] during the race? WTH?  We get that straightened out and the next day... they sign him up as Kanernon Silva [age 28] WTH?
I should have told Sam its a sign let's go home...
I'm big on signs in life or listening to your inner voice... How many times have you been to the store to buy something and your inner voice says 'get butter' or whatever and you think 'Oh I have plenty' and you get home and its all gone and you need some...  
Like I said I should have listened to my inner voice this weekend... What else happened?
Kieffer was in 5th on Saturday and him and another kid banged bars and Kieffer ended up going down and came in 26th I believe... Something like that also happened to Kameron... plus he snapped a foot peg in half [on a bike Kieffer had to use in his next race so they had to hurry up and change it from another bike... 
[above Kameron and Corey changing numbers
below Kevin and Joe helping too]
Kieffer's first race on Sunday he dipped his foot and then came of the track saying I think I broke 'my 5th metatorsal in my foot' but when he got off the bike and walked I knew he was going to be okay... 
[spoken like a kid who has broken a few bones 'my 5th metatorsal'] - rolling my eyes
It was a crazy day we were race 2,4,6,8, and 10...
[you race each race two times and then combine the score]
Sam stayed at the starting line all day
[he sweeps their gates and helps them pick a gate]
Sam's cousin Pam and her family came to the races again on Sunday... [we sold a bike to Pam's grandson Corey who is 13]  they came to pick it up at Perris Raceway which was closer than driving here to get it...
Note to Pam - you all are welcome anytime we race... we had a lot of fun hanging with all of you... you guys made a horrible weekend of racing much more fun...  Kept us from thinking about it... ;)
[Pam's daughter Christy, her hubby Troy and their youngest Blake]
[Kameron gave Blake his sunglasses to wear, see Blake looking up at Kameron]
[Below is Pam -my partner in crime ;) ]
[Pam's daughter Christy and Pam's grandson Blake below]
Pam is going to be staying here for the 3 weeks we are gone to take care of Gi Gi and Rider... They are going to think we are never coming back... Poor goggie doggies! 
[Kameron and Miss Betty Bolts]
Miss Betty Bolts will be attending the races with us... Rolling my eyes! 
[Kameron's white puppy] 
[her name is actually Bolts because he is a Charger fan but when I tell people that at the track they say...
"Is there a Nuts at home too?" 
[Nuts and Bolts] 
I am not allowed to think that is a stupid name for a dog because my dog's name is GiGi for Girlie Girl...
I can't help it, the name just stuck...
"You are such a cutie, girlie girl"
Anyway... have you ever heard of the way of learning your supposed porn name?
Here is how you do it... Take the name of the first pet you ever had and the name of the first street you lived on...
Mine is Boots Neece,
Kameron's is Czar Largo,
Candice's is Czar Prospect
Kieffer's is Domino Raposa
Get it?  What is your porn name then?
Today is Monday... we leave Friday morning
[ya right... how much you wanna bet we don't leave till Saturday morning]
because we are so not ready...
I have been plugging away at getting ready... you guys would be so proud of me...
Two days ago, when I was home alone [remember] I made a huge pot of Spagetti with Italian sausage, Huge pot of Chili, Big Cooker full of what I call gravy chicken, [I put it over rice] mmmmm mmmm good, made a bunch of burrito or taco meat, 
Then I put it all in freezer bags laid flat in the freezer for easy storage... that made about10 dinners... then I will take a crock pot and line it with a turkey bag and heat up my meals... that way when we are finished with dinner I remove the turkey bag from the crock pot and throw it away... crock pot is clean and ready for the next night... ta da...  I learned to do that little trick while working at Sacred Heart Catholic School Hot Lunch Program... on the day we had Nacho's [and burritos] it was so nice not to have to clean off that Nacho sauce out of a crock pot!
Okay well I better back to getting ready to go... 
Don't forget to give your porno name...
[pet and name of street you grew up on] 
[below is the old trailer we used... see no toilet!!]
PS: I am wondering if putting my pictures in the story makes it not flow as well?  what do you think?


candlejmr said...

Mittens Oxford?  Doesn't sound very pornographic to me!!!!!!

Sorry you had such a bad week race-wise.  You got some great pictures though!!!


queeniemart said...

my awful porn name is Pitiful Catherine. LMAO

i love the pics even if you all had a bad weekend. At least it was warm!!
love you


eml625 said...

I am Ginger Diamond THAT's a porn name !!!

Great photos. I'm coming to hang with Pam while your gone. I  have a feeling we'd get along great.
Love ya

xxroxymamaxx said...

No we like the pictures. lol  Leave them in.  Sorry you guys didn't have a good race day.  The next one is yours though!!  My porn name is Red98. hahaha.  Sounds more like a ghetto beer. lmao!  Love ya, Shelly

imgr8phil said...

Good pics as usual.  Tell Gus Butters, I' mean Kameron to keep on keepin' on.  LOL  Have a good Tuesday.


ktchu9 said...

well my porn name sucks damn it..............that would be chiquita hemlock, WTF!! no way.......hey Kendra whos E thats going to come see me when you all are gone? Is he a male and single?? damn i hope so!! anyway i love being with my family, we do spend some great quality time together and LOVE every moment with them.........and wouldn't change it for the world, as you know my sista, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH KENDRA, I CAN'T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITH OUT YOU GIRL..

ktchu9 said...

Oh and by the way...................i love the pics and the stories together..........Kendra thanks for your journal, i love it