Saturday, March 29, 2008

Comments from family on Kieff's Harem

Comments from Kieffer's other Mother's
I found funny....
well if i was there..........and believe me that is my second home,  Kendra just put some more chairs out in the ping pong room and tell them to take a number!!!  and please no balloons,  just bcuz the real bitch of the house hates them!! thats our GG!

Love to you my family, i love you dearly, Pam
Oh HELL no, My little baby does NOT have a harem...(I may be in denile- but im just happier that way) and those girls visiting better be the good wholesome kind. Otherwise I will sit outside his room and regulate!!!!  No SLUTTY McWhores talking to my little baby brother!! UGH~


queeniemart said...

Candice-- YOU GO, GIRL.

XO lj

candlejmr said...

YAY CANDICE!!!!  Knock em dead girl!!!!