Saturday, December 1, 2007

I Dont know... I just live here

Hello from soggy Palm Springs, CA
Woo Hoo... it rained all day yesterday and into the night! It was perfect! 
A constant light to heavy drizzle... Sam and I went to Cost Co while it rained and they had to hand us paper towels to wipe our cart handle off... Sweet!
I didnt take any photos... kinda burned out after Kieffer's arm... which is doing well... He has not taken one Advil, can you believe that!  Wow... tough kid!  Kieffer is over at his friend Aggie's house right now... He has a thing for girls who's first names start with A... Aggie [Augustina], Audra, Ashley... maybe he is starting with the A's then heading to the B's... IDK?
My favorite saying right now is "I don't know... I just live here"
Kameron and his friend Jared took off at 7am this morning to go snowboarding in Big Bear!  They called and said it was snowing... Big Bear is about an hour from our High Desert house... 2 hours from here... 
If we were racing this weekend... they would be with me... and I wouldn't have to worry so much! 
Well, a little during the races... but not all day!
Well... that is all for now...  I want to go watch UCLA beat the University of Spoiled Children... so I can give Phil a hard time about it... I don't think it will happen but you never know... Never say Never...


imgr8phil said...

It's halftime Chickie.  17-7.  The University of Cowards and Lousy Athletes are going to lose!  LOL


eml625 said...

No pictures? I'm bummed...oh well.  It's so strange you haved had rain for 2 years ! I cannot even imagine that.
Have a great night AUNT KENDRA !


imgr8phil said...

24-7  USC is going to the Rose Bowl!!!!!  Yeah baby!


nay0114 said...

University of Spoiled Children... ROFLMAO !! I can always count on your for a laugh. Hey I use to say that NOW I'm almost the only one that lives here which means NOW I really know and I live here too. Glad you're enjoying your rain. Kyan would be right out there with you guys having a blast. He LOVES rain and puddles are high up on the list too. He likes to spash you.. not splash you. WELL thank God Kieffer's not dating Ks or Cs that sound like Ks.... that is like Js in our family. Glad he's feeling better it's all that girlie lovin.
Take care, Chrissie