Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"What the hell dont you have eyes"

Grampa visit...
We drove down to Grampa's yesterday.  [Kameron, Kieffer, Sam and myself] 
Kameron went in the back and laid down [I have an excursion and the 3rd seat is out right now], Kieffer laid down in the back seat and started snoring away...
Stop the story for a moment...
As I was typing the story above, Kieffer calls me
"Mom, I've been in an accident and you need to come up here!"
"Ok, where are you?"
 "By Wal-Greens"
"Are you ok?"
"What happened?"
"This guy cut in front of me, didnt use a blinker and then starts yelling at me, just come up here please!"
So I get there and Kieffer is sitting in the beast waiting for the police to show up... I am talking to him and guess who happens to drive down the street... my husband... I was happy for that because I sure didnt want to make the call or tell him later... then the police officer shows up and I got to be honest I was a little worried my 6'4 mohawked baby might not get a fair deal [you know, looking like a troubled teen with that hair!]
Anyway there were 3 other people in a 2007 Camry - [from Arizona] the driver [about 50], his daughter about 22, and her husband I guess... Right after it happened the driver gets out and startsyelling at Kieffer "What the hell! Don't you have eyes?"   so Kieffer says "Ya I have eyes but I guess you don't know how to use a blinker!" then the daughter gets out and YELLS "I hope you have insurance because Owww my back is starting to hurt!" this chick was something else... finally the cop says "Do you want me to call you an ambulance to take you to the hospital?"  She says "No" and shuts up...
At first it looks like its Kieffer's fault but when you saw both cars and heard both stories... it was obvious it was the other guys fault!
Here is what happened - Kieffer is in the lane closest to the curb, the light is red so he starts to brake before the intersection, then the light turns green so Kieffer took his foot off the brake and starts going again... When he is almost through the intersection, this guy in the lane next to him on his left, sees Wal-greens and drives infront of Kieffer trying to go into what he thought was the Walgreens driveway to the parking lot but it wasnt - he cut in front of Kieffer into a bus area  [you know so buses can pull up to bus stops without blocking traffic in that lane...]
So the guy got an unsafe lane change ticket... I wanted to say "What the hell, don't you have eyes!!!" but I didn't
Kieffer's car the beast - broke the glass in an off-roading spot light - on the off roading brush grill in front of his beast - the 2007 Camry had about $4,000 worth of damage because the passenger side of the trunk was now smashed up to the back seat and rear window...
I was SO happy I didnt have to explain it to Sam later... The policeman was so cool to Kieffer... I was proud when Kieffer reached out and shook the policeman's hand before he interviewed him...  later the policeman took him aside and said "It wasn't your fault, don't worry, there was nothing you could do" Kieffer teared up a little after that... personally, I was just glad my hubby was there to hear it... but if he wasn't their violation code was on the accident report...
WHAT A DAY... Calgon take me away...


imgr8phil said...

People need to pay more attention when they are driving a motor vehicle.  I'm glad it wasn't your Mowhawk boy's fault.  LOL


nay0114 said...

Oh Kendra I'm so happy that Kief was okay. I'm also glad he didn't get blamed because of him just being a TEEN. Cops always have an attitude right off the bat with them. Thanks for the phone call I was fighting frosting when you called. So happy everything was good.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

eml625 said...

Oh man. I'm sure glad it wasnt his fault and that he's ok.
Poor thing.

queeniemart said...

dear Lord. Cars sure aren't made the way they used to be.....i am SO glad he is ok and was not hurt or at fault.
Love you

queeniemart said...

dear Lord. Cars sure aren't made the way they used to be.....i am SO glad he is ok and was not hurt or at fault.
Love you