Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I left early and went over to Candice's before Kieffer's appointment.  Just in case Kieffer didn't want to go.

JD and Koda met me at the door, jumping all over Glamma Kendra... They are my beautiful black grandchildren afterall...  It was so nice to see JD up and running around.  The vet told Candice it was a miracle he made it thru Parvo, most dogs don't!

Of course, we all know it was the prayers he got from all of you and a little bit of loving from Candice

[Just kidding about that last part Candice]

So anyway while I'm at her place I say "So? Where is your ring?"  [Right Chrissie!!!]

She says "At the jewelry store getting sized, its done, lets go get it"

So we jump in the car and head to the mall and pick it up... I should have brought my camera, darn it!!!

Its beautiful, two sapphire stones and diamonds in platinum... I love it... she really loves it... she kept looking at it, and looking at it...

I asked her if she wanted to go to the Dr.'s with me and Kieffer.  She said yes and off we went to get him from the Country Club where he is working.

She showed the ring to Kieffer and he kissed it and said he loved it... He gave her a big hug... "Awww I love my baby brother"  as he towers a good foot over her.

We then headed over to Dr. M's, where they took out his stitches... We go back in a month for a check up.  After leaving there I took them to lunch...

When I took Kieffer back to work... I had to tell the lady at the gate [to the country club] where I was taking him, what residence]

So I say "Frankinheim I believe..."

She says "Fankenberry? "

Kieffer says "No its Fetchenheir"

She says "Fetchmeyer"

Kieffer says "Fetchenheir"

She says "Feckheim"

By now Candice and Kieffer are laughing so hard.... the lady at the gate starts laughing too [thank god]

She finally puts 'electrical work' on the car tag and lets us in...  I drop Kieffer off and then take Candice home...

By the time I came home from her house... Kieffer was already home working on his Mustang again...  My little energizer bunny... 

When I got home, Sam said he didnt feel like cooking...

[Yes I am a lucky woman...Like Mother like Daughter - As Mike cooks too] 

so he sent me and Kieffer's friend up to Del Taco to get dinner...

Candice you are NEVER going to believe who I ran into... MARTA...

[Our old housekeeper for 10 years but she hasn't worked for us in years... When the kids grew up I didn't need her as much and she slowly drifted off to another home.....  Anyway she gave me a BIG HUG and asked about all the kids... I got her number... ]

So what do you think the chances are Dad will let me hire her again? 

Hhhhmmmm I gotta go and work on my strategy...  

 if all else fails I will dust off those thigh high red boots in my closet... 

all's fair in love, war, and getting a housekeeper back right?



nay0114 said...

LOL... yes it is. You go girl. Darnit you forgot the camera. I wanna see the rock too!!! Sounds absolutely gorgeous. So glad everything is going good with JD. Wow Kieffer is such a sweetie. I can't believe he was already out there at it again. Stitches out must have been a breeze, but compared to what he's been through I sure it was like taking a bandaid off. Glad none of you all could get that persons name right. Now that's the way to have privacy keepem guessing what the heck your name even is. Ask GiGi how to get the housekeeper back.
Hugs, Chrissie

imgr8phil said...

I'm glad that dog made it through.  It is obviously a fighter.  Have a happy hump/no panty day Kendra baby!


eml625 said...

I want to see THAT RING !!!
Glad the stitches are out and that JD is feeling better. (cyber hug to JD from NY)

If the boots dont work, try installing a pole in your bedroom, that could work wonders!!!) (NO clue where that suggestion came from, I just woke up !)

queeniemart said...

you had a housekeeper? WOW.
If you put any thigh high boots on, I WANT A PIC OF THAT.

LOVE, lisa

PS-i wanna see that ring too.