Friday, December 21, 2007

Wow, Sam will be 50! You gonna wear that maid outfit?

Wow, Sam will be 50! You gonna wear that maid outfit?
As I was writing an email back to Lisa Jo about her comment....
Kieffer comes in and starts reading the comment...
he says "Maid Outfit huh?" 
I start laughing wondering if I should explain that...
"Uh.... I dont have a maid outfit... its a joke" 
he looks at me without batting an eyelash
"I have one in my room... Do you want it" he says seriously 
"Uh.... Um... no... because... 1st off I don't want to know why you have one and secondly I have seen your tiny little girlfriends and it wouldn't fit... but thank you anyway..."
he turns and starts to leave
"Ok... but it was Lexi's... and she is 5'10...its a french maid outfit in case you change your mind"  
I am speechless... 
[why in the hell dont we have our own show on MTV... ]


nay0114 said...

OKAY... what did I say I'm keeping my daughter several states away. LOL. So I hope Lexi is just hiding the outfit at your house and no other reason. I would have thought that he would be hiding nurses outfits because he's wounded. Yes, I would vote for you to have a show on MTV. Now Kendra do you really believe he thinks its a joke LOL moms.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

eml625 said...

Oh boy !! TMI (to much information!) from your boy !

Sooooo, did you borrow it ? HAHAHAHA - KIDDING !


queeniemart said...

Photos...a video.....come on, damnit.
Give us something.....

XO lj