Saturday, May 3, 2008

A parents worst nighmare phone call at 10pm

"I have been in an accident, I have been in the hospital since 7pm"
At first we thought it was Kieffer who left a message... my kids sound a lot alike...
So Sam called Kieffer
"Are you Okay?"
"Ya I'm okay why?"
"Then Kris is in Desert Regional Hospital in Palm Springs, he has been in an accident!" 
"Dad I am close by... Kevin and I will run over there" 
"Ok, Mom and I are our way, Kameron has already left to go" 
"Ok, I'll let you know how bad it is when I get there"
Kieffer calls us back "Ok, I'm not going to lie to you, he is pretty jacked up, there is blood all over his face, huge gash on his head, road rash across his back and his leg isn't broken but it looks like it is... his ankle is as big as a grapefruit
 I guess Kris and this girl Crystal were in her new car [Mazda something or other]  she was showing off, blew a stop sign, hit a bump, they went up in the air, came down and started fishtailing, they started rolling, both were ejected from the car...
When we arrived at the hospital, Sam and I went to see Kris expecting a totally mangled face... but the nurse had cleaned Kris up... his face was fine... all the blood Kieffer must have seen was from his head injury... which took 7 staples to close up... His ankle is a mess... he won't be able to walk for weeks...
He is on my couch right now... The girl he was with is still in the hospital with head injuries...
Last night Kris said something to me I will never forget...
I said "Kris, have you called Loni?" 
[his bio Mom who acts like a drunken college student or thinks she is anyway, who drains his bank account to go to the casino...  trust me on this statement... the word Mom should never be used in conjuction with Loni... because she doesnt know what the word means... a Mother wants what is best for her child and Loni only wants what is best for Loni...
"No I am gonna wait for a few days"
[because she is a drama Momma]
"Ok... I hate to say this... but I don't want her in my house Kris... I'm sorry"
"Mom...don't even worry about it... I understand..."
"I know but I feel bad saying that Kris, I really do"
 "Mom, what you want is more important to me, YOU are more important... and you always will be"
Whoa.... blow me over with a feather...
If I hadnt been so tired at 1am in the morning I would have started crying...  I have raised this child as my own since he was two years old!  The teenage years were NOT fun... If I had a dollar for everytime I heard "I hate you" well you know!  Loni fought me every step of the way... 
Example:  I spent $5000 on Krisorthodontics, the most out of all my kids...  He had to wear neckgear 8 hours a day... she took him for the weekend [after being an hour and a half late at the meeting area... if I had a dollar for everytime she did that I'd be rich too] She didnt make him wear it so I sent her an email
Dear Loni,
I just wanted to let you know how Kris not wearing his headgear affected my end.  He had to make up extra hours and I became the bad guy. That is not fair. Please make sure he wears it in the future when he is with you. This is in his best interest.
Dear Kendra,
I'm sorry but I forgot. I think it is more important to have a little bit of fun than get all stressed out on whether the kid wears headgear or not. He didnt choose not to wear it we just forgot. [there was a bunch more snotty stuff but I forgot most of it now... I actually still have the emails because I was floored]
Dear Loni,
In the future, I am not going to 'stress out' about him not wearing his headgear when he is with you... I'll be secure in the knowledge that when the ortho tacks on extra time Kris will know its not because of me.
She fought me on everything every step of the way... anyway how did this become about her... Eeewwww...
I gotta go now...
Send prayers Kris' way, he is going to be hurting quite a while...
Whoa ouch.... and someone get me a brush...
And the police said they didnt think Kris was ejected from the car... uh ok... where did the road rash come from?
He is lucky to be alive... Thank you Grampa!


ktchu9 said...

Oh Kris were so sorry to hear about this and we wish you a very rapid recovery, love you


lanurseprn said...

Sorry to hear about this. I am glad the injuries weren't worse. Head injuries can be BAD....!!
Take care of yourselves..

xxroxymamaxx said...

Omygosh, I am so glad he is ok.  It could have been so much worse.  Big prayers and hugs for you all.  Love, Shelly

candlejmr said...

OK, now we are sharing WAY too many similar stories here and it's freaking me out.  Kelly + Keifer and their surgeries.....and now Kris + Kaitlin and their car accidents.  (Notice all the K's in the above sentence....LOL)  I think we are SOUL SISTERS my dear Kendra!

Thank the good Lord he is OK.  And it's awesome to see that he realizes how lucky he is to have YOU for a mom....a soft and safe place to land when he falls.   You're in my prayers girlfriend.  I know your nerves are still raw from Grandpa...and I know how those phone calls rattle those nerves even more!

You need a vacation.....

You need a spa.....

A massage.....



imgr8phil said...

OK, I could have gone all lifetime without seeing those pictures.  Glad he is going to be ok and I hope the girl will be too.


queeniemart said...

I am SO sorry about this wreck...he needs to wear his seatbelt....he is lucky to be alive.....i hate it you have to deal with the whacko mom...i hope she does not cause any problems and i hope he is feeling much better.

eml625 said...

Wow. Thank God he's ok. Banged up but ok.
I know being with you is all he wants to make things better.
Call if you need.
love ya

nay0114 said...

OH MY GOSH... I'm gone and look what's going on. LORDY thank goodness he's alive. YES he's lucky and you're right his guardian angel was there.
Awww... that made me get teary eyed his telling you that. It's been a long haul, but I'm so happy that he realizes how much you love him and care about him and he is your son, birth mother or not. You were there daily.
Hugs, Chrissie