Thursday, May 22, 2008

In never rains, hails and snows in California the boys only warn ya!

OMG you guys... you are never going to believe this... we are under a tornado watch! We came home from Glen Helen which normally takes 40 minutes!
It took 3 hours... why?  We had a HUGE hail storm... and then we had to drive through Cherry Valley... which had 2 inches of SNOW!!!
[see the snow on the left side of the freeway!
They had snow plows out on the freeway, in front of us!!! See the clock... 3 minutes later that tornado touched down 10 miles away]
Maybe normal for you Lisa Jo or Ellen but NOT in California and certainly NOT on May 22 After it was over 100 degrees in the same place 48 hours ago!!!
If you watch the news and they show the tornado and a train overturned...
That is where Grampa just got buried... we were 10 miles away from it...
We go back in the morning... unless a tornado touches down and then Kameron said "We are moving..."
Oh ya... and Kieffer took home a 1st place trophey... Whoo Hoo


eml625 said...

Holy CRAP Kendra !!!!
I cannot believe you got snow.
I am so jealous.

PS Why didnt you go to IDOL ?

frankandmary said...

Hurray on the trophy, but SNOW?  Heck, I felt stupid putting the heat on today, ....SNOW. ~Mary

ktchu9 said...

It never rains in cali, huh don't believe that......we got in it also going out to rained so hard between Temecula and Hemet, we had to slow down to 20 mph!! the rain came down so hard and heavy terential rains, thought we needed to build that ark........QUICK!!  So happyt to hear Keiffer took a first!!!!!!WOO HOO!!! CONGRATS KEIFFER!!  bE EVER SO CAREFULE YOU GUYS, IF YOU HAVE TO GET OUT AND DRIVE IN IT........

Love you,


nay0114 said...

Welcome to our weather. I'm over here still running the heat trying to keep the house at 70 degrees. According to the weatherman I will be running the air conditioning this weekend when it shoots up to 85. What the heck? I hate back and forth weather.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

imgr8phil said...

It was a little windy here today, but otherwise very nice weather.  Hope tomorrow isn't as eventful weather wise.  Take care Chickie.


candlejmr said...

THis weather is totally INSANE!!!  I heard there was alot of crazy stuff going on across the entire country....but I was NOT aware of tornados in CALIFORNIA????

Glad you are all OK....CONGRATS TO KIEFFER!!!!


queeniemart said...


SWEET JESUS, Kendra got snow. OMG.

i am damn speechless.

(giggling a bit too because i drove thru FEET AND FEET of the crap all winter while you sent me the "oh lisa jo, it is 120 degrees here today).


lanurseprn said...

Crazy weather here huh? It was raining all day yesterday off and on. Cool today, too!
Have a good weekend.