Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kieffer says its a Hot Wheel's Car

Sam and I went down to Palm Springs Ford today and bought a car...

A Ford Focus... it gets 33 mpg!!!! Can you say YIPPEE!!!! We are drowning in diesel gasoline costs... We bought Sam's truck 6 years ago and my Excursion 4 years ago, when Diesel was cheaper than regular gas... Not anymore... Diesel cost 60 cents more PER GALLON here... and both big cars get about 11 miles to a gallon... it has been KILLING us!  Especially all the driving we have been doing lately yanno... Hi Desert, Los Angeles, Coronado, San Diego, and Kameron driving to Riverside 2 times a week... hour there, hour back... Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was costing us over $150 just to fill up the tank on the Excursion...  The car will pay for itself by not taking the gas guzzling, oops I mean diesel guzzling, large cars!  I will rediscover the 'small car' parking places all over again... I am so happy!

I'll show you pics, when we pick her up later...
[She is getting detailed, before coming to her new home]
As I am typing this Kieffer comes in and starts reading it...
"got any stories about me lately?"
"Ummm, I don't know... you want me to look?"
So I did... I showed him the wedding photos of him...
"Are you ever going to read my blog Kieffer... you know... one day... share the stories with your kids, and of course realize what a GREAT MOM I am!"
[I was just kidding, sometimes I get the feeling at 16, Kieffer thinks I am the biggest Nerd who was put on the face of this Earth to embarrass him]
So I was expecting a funny come back from him... but instead I got a serious...
"Mom, I don't need to read your blog to know your a GREAT Mom"
I said "Awww"
then he said "Ya, I'll read it one day but for now I'm living it"
Uh Oh....
I just showed him the picture of him and Koda in the pool in my last entry and he freaked
"OMG MOM! Take that picture OFF your blog"
"Why I like it!"
"Oh... no... off... it's terrible... it's like 3 years old! Ewwww take it OFF!"
"No I like it"
"Dad, look at that picture... and tell Mom to take it off"
Sam said "Why its a good photo, you look like David Archuletta in it"
then he just walked away...  oh well... we had a 'moment'... then poof it was gone LOL
Oh I have to tell you a funny from yesterday... well I thought it was funny... when I told Sam the story he just looked at me and blinked... like I was a weirdo or something...
Yesterday, after Sam and I went to Cost Co, we came home and unloaded everything... then Kameron decided to make himself a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich...
"Hey Mom, did you buy more peanut butter at Cost Co?"
"Yes, its in the pantry but finish that jar first"
"Ok, but what brand of peanut butter did you buy"
"Uh... Skippy... why?"
"I thought choosy Mom's like you, choose JIFF"
I started laughing... I thought that was funny!
I didn't think he was old enough to remember that slogan...


voliball4me said...

AWWW... my little brothers are SILLY WILLYs or is it Willies?? Uh I dont know.. I have to go to bed, hafta be at work at 5am which means I have to wake up at 3:30. LOVE YOU !!!

lanurseprn said...

Your sons crack me up!! LMAO!
Pam xoxox

crayzawhitegirl said...

Hee Hee.... What color did you get ?

A forddddddddddd UGG!!


candlejmr said...

I keep missing your calls!!! I NEED TO CALL YOU BACK and I will do so today!!!  I LOVE all your pics...and talk about kids pictures...if Kelly knew that I posted the latest shot of her leaning over her friends...I think she might kill me too!! (LOL)


PS....Love you, you CHOOSY MOM!!! (LOL)

queeniemart said...

Congrats on your new car. Cant wait to see it.
Your sons are hilarious and i think they get their humor from you and Sam. You are naturally funny.
Naturally beautiful too.
Much Love

ktchu9 said...

Kendra, little do they know just how picky us moms are..................YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! TO THE NEW CAR!!!..................can't wait to see it and take a drive in it...........and with the money you save, omg thats alone is worth  every penny............maybe we can drive it to th hi-d house!!

Love you,


imgr8phil said...

Enjoy your new car.  Hope the gas mileage will keep that fuel bill lower.


eml625 said...

Your raising comedians over there!!!
EVERY time I take a photo the question arises if it will appear in my blog !
Enjoy driving your new car. Pretty soon we will all ride horses cause the gas prices are so bad!
Love ya