Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pam and GiGi and Rider

Gram Pam LOVES Rider... when she watched them and we went to Texas for 3 weeks... For the first time in my life, my dogs could have cared less I was home! They even slept with Pam the night we came home! I couldnt believe it... They weren't upset with us, just happy with Pam...

I think its funny that both Pam and Sam never noticed Rider's cauliflower ears... 

Sam said to me this morning "So, Rider has cauliflower ears? where?" 

"Honey just look at his ears and then look at GiGi's see the difference?" 

"Oh... ya... wow... never noticed that! What causes it?" 

"That year long ear infection problem with him!" 

We use to take Rider to the lake and he LOVED to dive for fish in the water... Well, he got a double ear infection from HELL that took over a year to get rid... you know off and on... ugh it was nasty... and he would shake his head from it so hard... anyway the cartilage gets damaged and they get hard lumps in their ears that do not go away... its not something you would not notice unless I showed you and then showed you GiGi's ears...

You also wouldn't notice he is almost bald, hardly has any hair... unless I pointed it out... See the freckles and sun spots on his skin in the photo?



lanurseprn said...

They are such pretty dogs! You can tell they love Pam, too!
Hugs Pam

frankandmary said...

Pam and GiGi and Rider sounds like a porno flick. My best to Pam. ~Mary

eml625 said...

Mary has a Threesome planned out here?
I don't see anything on the dog... they both (oops all three) are gorgeous !
Good Luck today.

nay0114 said...

Awww.. that is great that she loves your dogs just like you guys do and they know it and return the love.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie