Friday, September 26, 2008

Hangtown National Race

Ok, I am taking a break from loading the trailer for this race... Shhhh don't tell Sam LOL... he is in the garage doing fork seals...
I wanted to take a minute and tell ya all about this race... Its at a track called Hangtown in Dodge City near Sacramento... There will be thousands of race families there... We leave in the morning and practice starts on Sunday... Actual Race schedule begins on Tuesday and ends on Sunday...  Kieffer has 3 chances in each race to bring home a trophy or class championship... He is racing in 5 classes which equals 15 races [are you following me?]
250 stock novice
250 mod novice
450 stock novice
450 mod novice
450 college boy [17-24 years]
We are taking a pro racer Jeff "too tall" Loop.  He is 6'8 and makes Kieffer look short at 6'3.  He is such a good kid and will really make Kieffer do better... Kieffer has been training with him and hauling ass! Kieffer really wants a top 3 at this race and has been working his ass off in training...
The other day we couldnt get ahold of him on his cell phone, the car was here but no Kieffer and we were taking off to the Hi D house... We were getting pissed! As we drove away from the house, there was Kieffer on his mountain bike with a backpack...
"Oh... where ya been... working out at the gym?"
"Nah, I rode over to the office, picked up the dog doo and rode back"
[Its 7 miles to the office and 7 miles back! Plus he picked up dog doo without being asked... We weren't pissed after that...]
I hope he top 5's that would be sweet and I really want Jeff to do well also... this will be his first race without his Dad coming... Jeff is 20 and his Dad is an ex- pro too... they were in Texas racing too remember? It was really sad because Jeff's Dad got super drunk and told Jeff he wasnt going to do well and then got physical with Jeff... Jeff finally had enough of his Dad pushing him around and punched him... So his Dad walked around the rest of the week with sunglasses and a black eye! [he fell he said later] Anyway... I think Jeff will do better with his Dad not being there telling him he's a loser for not doing well...
Jeff asked Kieffer "Is your Dad going to yell at me if I dont do well"
Kieffer said "No, he'll just point out what your doing right and say "You'll do better in the next race Jeff"
Jeff said "Really? Wow..."
I think Jeff's Dad messes with his bike too much also... His bike is ALWAYS breaking... So much so... when he was riding in the BIG SHOW with the BIG Pro's his bike broke in practice [as usual] but he had qualified for the main race... and would you believe a flagger let him use his stock bike and Jeff holeshot the moto and then took a 14th... which is AMAZING on a bone stock bike...
Kind of like racing NASCAR with a car off the lot and taking a 14th place... yanno!


ktchu9 said...

Well we all know that our Keiffer will bring home some trophies!! There is no doubt in my mind he will do great............I don't now Jeff, but i wish him all the best as well........You all have a great trip.....wish i was going too, but i'll do some journaling for you, if you want me to......

Love you and be safe!

Gram Pam

queeniemart said...

I am sending hugs and good luck for Kieffer this weekend! XO

nay0114 said...

Good Luck !! and be careful.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie