Monday, September 8, 2008

Gram Pam's surgery... coming up

I am going to Gram Pam's Wednesday and spending the night... then we are heading to the hospital for surgery at 7am Thursday...

I told her not to worry because when she wakes up I will be standing over her pushing her morphine button and saying "Hey Sexy Woman without a uterus"  LOL

meanwhile... let her know she is in your thoughts and prayers at

Thanks Guys...


ktchu9 said...

Yes thank you all for your continued prayers and thoughts.........I will be ok.......and yes i welcome all your emails with open arms..........thanks again Kendra for all your support, i love you all

Gram Pam

nay0114 said...

You better watch her Gram Pam.. she'll be the little kid saying I wanna push the button, I wanna push the button. I wish they'd take my uterus and anything else they wanted. I'm done having babies. I'm so happy that you're gonna be with her. I'll be thinking and praying for Gram Pam to have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

frankandmary said...

Kendra in charge of the morphine button, look out :-). I'm sure you will be of great comfort to her when you are not driving her crazy.
We are all wishing her well. ~Mary

candlejmr said...

I will send her a cheery little ecard....and make sure you don't dip into any of that morphine, ya hear??? (lol)


imgr8phil said...

Sending thoughts, prayers and well wishes.


lanurseprn said...

I'll send her an email. Seems like that took a long time to get it scheduled! I'm sure she'll be so glad it's done!  You are such a good friend to her....AND to me!
Tell her to expect an email tonight. ok?
Hugs and love to you,
Pam xoxox

eml625 said...

I WANT Morphine!!!
Best of luck to Pam, I hope the procedure goes well.
PS I sent an email.