Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kameron doing the wedding...

Okay I have to ask "Are we sure it's legal since Kam did it?" That threw me for a loop.

I love ya Chrissie... I knew someone was going to ask that question...
Yes, it was VERY LEGAL... Kameron had to go file papers at our courthouse and Candice and Mike had to also... Kameron was given the right to be a Deputy Chief Commissioner of Civil Ceremonies for a 24 hour period!
I am going to be honest with you... When Candice came to me and said she wanted that... I freaked...
Ellen that was the IM when I needed to talk... but Jeanne called me back and calmed me down...
Candice is probably reading this and had no idea I freaked... guess she knows now!
"Its going to look like a joke!" I thought but then after I read her vows... They were beautiful! I will ask her to send me a copy... anyway Kameron did an awesome job! It sounds so weird but it was PERFECT! Plus it had meaning for Candice, she is very very close to her brother...
At the wedding rehearsal I joked "If anyone asks, Kameron's in seminary school!" LOL before the actual ceremony I thought "OMG, this is going to be a train wreck, and I have a front row seat!"
After the ceremony, I was bursting with pride... It was very moving and beautiful... even my SIL a devout Catholic loved it...  plus it wasn't some strange preacher man we hardly knew yanno?
I still say Grampa sent the Nuns to give it some religion tho... LOL


ktchu9 said...

For all those who didn't know her FIL Clancy, well he was my Uncle, my fathers, brother............i think quite frankly that my Aunt, Kendra's MIL, who has since past also, had a hand in it also, they meaning both Inlaws, were devout Catholics!!...there were 4 nuns at first, then a 5th showed up after the rehearsal, she looked like Woopie Goldberg!!... thats no lie, but with a "habit" on!........the funnest wedding, we all had a great time! Kameron did a grea job on the "alter"!!

Gram Pam

nay0114 said...

I was wondering IF you had left something out. LOL. So is Kam taking wedding requests now maybe the planner girl can start using him too.
I didn't even know you could do that. Interesting is that a California thing or can you do that anywhere because I've never heard of that... leave it to Hollywood. You can do anything.
I'm glad he was able to do that since it meant so much to Candice. Then if the marriage goes bad she can blame her brother LOL. Naw I'm just kidding it's gonna last a long time.
Ask Candice if she feels pregnant yet? I'm sitting here jinxing her all the time. I wanna see PINK all over this journal in 9 months.
I just loved that about the nuns though. I mean come on now somebody sent them. ;-)
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

voliball4me said...

I know you and Dad were freaking out... lol I do talk to my brothers, I always know whats going on. ;)..... But I knew what I wanted. Why would I have a religious stranger marry me?? But just like when I was planning this everyone freaked  that the girls werent going to be wearing matching dresses and the guys werent in suits... and how Aunt Tina was freaked out when I had FAITH in Kristina doing the Bridal Shower, everything came together.... I wanted a ceremony that wasnt stuffy and showed Michael and I's personality and love for one another... and I feel that it was just that. It was  beautiful, intimate without being rigid and formal. Which is exactly what I wanted!! I looked at the wedding as a celebration of Michael and I's new life together verses conforming to a ceremony just for the sake of an outdated tradition. Kameron did an AMAZING JOB!!!!! And it was soo meaningful because of it. And you are GREAT for standing back and letting me have the wedding of my dreams even if during the process you wanted to question my judgement, you didnt. For that I am so grateful, because it was exactly what I wanted and not what I thought everyone else wanted for me. It was everything and more!!!!   I wouldnt have changed  any of it, because it was personal, meaningful, and everyone had fun!!!

Love you

eml625 said...

I just read your daughters comment, and I think it's great how she did just what she wanted...bravo !!! The pictures really show that it was just what she planned. A relaxed, casual , fun wedding.
Wish I was there : (


lanurseprn said...

I never even knew that anyone could do this. It made it even more special, that's for sure!

candlejmr said...

I like Chrissie's comment..."if the marriage goes bad she can blame her brother"...LOL!!  Yes, I remember that phone call and I gotta be honest, I thought the whole Kameron doing the wedding thing was a little "odd".....(sorry Candice!) but I had never heard of such a thing!  Seeing these pictures....reading the vows....all I can say is WOW.  Not only was it wonderful, it is just so amazing that your kids are so close.  Just a perfect way to show you and Sam what an awesome job you did raising those children of yours!!!