Saturday, November 3, 2007

Never fear Kendra's here...!

Even if here is in Phoenix Arizona ;)  LISA JO... guess what?  They have a Cracker Barrel here and my whole family is sick of hearing "We have to go to Cracker Barrel because my friend LJ goes every Sunday and I HAVE to go now too!!!!"  we passed it this morning again and I hear "We know Mom... Lisa Jo goes every Sunday"  so I am looking forward to the CB experience and I will be thinking of you the whole time!!!
I have to tell you about last weekend and the horrible 'no-tell motel' we stayed in in Gila Bend AZ...  The kids said it reminded them of the movie "Vacancy' but I have never seen that movie...
Let me put it this way... the shower nozzle was missing, the TV had a huge dent in the corner, and the picture was missing off the wall! 
I am not lying either!  Gila Bend is the kind of town you want to live in if you have 6 months to live because it would drag on forever!  Kameron said "If we have to spend 10 days in Gila Bend next week... I may kill myself Mom!" I said "Kameron I may join you!"
I dont know what you all do the minute you walk into a hotel room but in this family we immediately take off the bedspread! because by law they do not have to wash the bedspread everytime, only sheets and blankets! However in Gila Bend... there was no other blanket!!! So we slept under the sheet only!!!!
I am happy to report to you... I found a nice, clean, wonderful Residence Inn in the other direction!! Woo Hoo...  Can you say expensive... Can you say who cares after the no-tell-motel-hell of last weekend!!!
Anyway... boys practiced today... they practice Sunday too... they better hurry too so I can get back and watch the game of the year between my Colts and the Pat's.... GO COLTS!!! One of them will be the only undeafed team in the NFL tomorrow!!!
I dont know if you all are changing your clocks tonight?  Here in Arizona they do NOT change their clocks... will be weird not to...
One last thing... check this out... we are parked next to a guy who lives on the street I grew up on!  He has lived there for 45 years... Even when I was a little girl...  small world  huh!!!
My boys said "now you have something to blog about now" 
Until Sunday... try not to miss me too much okay...


queeniemart said...

oh i am tickled as hell.....write again and tell us what you all ate...i love it that you bored the boys to death with "lj goes to CB"....poor men! LOL
My mom lives in AZ....was the clerks name at that shitty motel named Norman Bates?
Yes, i already set my clocks back.
i love you, be SAFE!

imgr8phil said...

Have a good time and good luck to everyone.  Have a good week.


eml625 said...

I LOVE Cracker Barrel, but we dont have them here either......Whenever we go down south I do the same thing to my family. "we have to go , lj goes every Sunday"!!!!!
Next time i'm in a sleazy hotel, I'll remember the "no wash" rule and take the top quilt off.
Be safe !