Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Have some compassion people...

Its Wednesday...  Worked out with my trainer Eric... He will be gone on Friday for some bodybuilding competition in LA...   Woo Hoo... Thank you for the day off!!!  I will need it too with 24 people coming up to the High Desert house for Thanksgiving... Yikes!
Here is my schedule...
Thursday - Go to Cost Co with Sam and boys are going to practice at Milestone MX Park
Friday - Nothing scheduled
Saturday and Sunday - racing at Glen Helen Raceway
Monday - pouring concrete steps at High Desert House and clean it up for company
Tuesday of next week I have to drive to the Redondo property and meet the guy who is going to haul all the old deck material away and then drive to Carson and pick up Grampa.
On Wednesday we will drive up to the High Desert for Thanksgiving.
Come home on Sunday -
Grampa goes home Monday [Sam's sister will pick him up and drive him - woo hoo]
Tuesday - MRI for Kieffer
Wednesday - Surgery on Kieffer's arm
Not too bad right? 
I think I need a nap just thinking about all of that.... but I have to clean out my fridge first since we are going to Cost Co in the morning... Phooey
Candice bought me a magnet for my birthday that says
 "I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning... Just not as it applies to me"
Hey its not my fault I grew up with a maid who lived with us... sheesh... have some compassion people!!!


imgr8phil said...

I wish I could have actually heard you on your call but I guess it was not to be.  Have fun with all the fun you have planned Chickie. LOL


queeniemart said...

you had a maid growing up? WOW, cool.
sounds like you are gonna be busy but think about that awesome Thanksgiving dinner and family love you'll have next Thurs!
love ya

voliball4me said...

So when is my new kid meeting Girlie Girl and Rider??? Will it be a lets see how it goes on Thanksgiving???  Anywho.. welltalk to you soon LOVE YA!

nay0114 said...

That's crazy that you had a maid, we grew up with a live in Nanny because everyone worked so someone had to watch me and my nieces and nephews. She lived in the house all week and went home on weekends. She was like another grandma it was an older lady.
Take care, Chrissie