Sunday, November 11, 2007

Look for Kameron today on TV

You'll have to watch the Colts vs Chargers game in San Diego at 5pm pacific time...  Kameron's friend Jared is taking him... I said "Jared, you need to give me your ticket because it's MY Colts playing Kameron's Charger's" he wasn't going for it...  I said "No problem, I have a LONG memory Jared and Supercross is coming up in January and I have tickets... Gosh wish I had one for you this year..." 

[He knows I am just kidding...

I would not want to drive 3 hours to San Diego after 4 hours coming home yesterday anyway... I just wanna, sleep, eat, watch football, and wrestle with Sam... not necessarily in that order!

Speaking of driving... Kieffer and his friend Joe drove an hour away to get their friend Lance

[Kameron calls him Sir Lance a Little - I call him Barbarino from Welcome Back Kotter!]

I like Lance a lot but that kid is a few sandwiches short of a picnic... not the sharpest knife in the drawer!  Kieffer's other friend Joe is Mr. I know 99% of any topic you can bring up and I will correct you on it... [Sam has almost broken him of the correct an adult thing! Drives Sam crazy when Joe corrects him!

Anyway, I was a little nervous letting him drive that far away to get Lance but they did it... Whew! All of them chipped in for gas - at 3.69 a gallon they better... Lisa Jo I have pics in my camera of how bad the gas prices are here, so you are NOT allowed to bitch about those cheap prices in Ohio!  Every time you fill up... you need to chant "I could be paying California prices, I am very very lucky to have such cheap gas!"  :)  oh also chant "I am very very lucky to have cracker barrel" I'm still bumming about that!

My Hunk a Hunk o burning love keeps calling me...  "Are you done flogging and blogging yet? Come back to bed!"

Gotta go for now...  Look for Kameron if you watch the game!!!


queeniemart said...

I made an entry today about CB AND gas prices!!! LOL
$3.19 a gallon in shitville Ohio ain't cheap darling. Who the hell can even afford to go to the store after filling up?! I hope Kameron had a good time at the game.....its so cold here, who even wants to go outside.
LOVE YOU gorgeous lady.

eml625 said...

I want MY name metioned more in your journal, got that lady? You better or, or, well, i'm italian and I know where you live.

Gas is 3.19 here in NY in case ANYONE cares!!!!!!!  And damn it, I want a CB here too....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa